Enochian Invocation of Aosoth

{While I am a staunch critic of the Order of the Nine Angles, their teachings are a legitimate repository for real Greek and Druidic magickal knowledge, regardless of how much of their teachings was stolen from Kenneth Grant. It was originally an archdemon of the Tunnels of Set who told me the O9A’s deities were worth working with, and I have found this to be true. Working with these deities is different from working with most other pantheons, so seek guidance before endeavor. It is up to the celebrant to decide what, if any, equipment and materials she will employ in the performance of this ritual. While the witch will most likely be able to discern this, not all of the voces magicae (linguistic sorcery) in this rite is Enochian. Other chants to Aosoth, some designed by me and others designed by Anton Long/David Myatt are employed within the ritual}

Ol Um A Aosoth A Gah Teloch Sa Ananael
[I Call to Aosoth, the Spirit of Death and Wisdom]

Solpeth Bien Aosoth Nonci Hami O Graa A De Ors
[Hearken to My Voice, Aosoth, Oh You Creature of Darkness]

Zacare Od Niiso Aosoth C Micalzo Aosoth
[Move and Come Ye, Aosoth, Oh Mighty Aosoth]

Ol Oecremi Isli Od Ol Zodameta Aosoth
[I Praise You and I Conjure You, Aosoth]

Aosoth Ils Micalzo Gah Arphe Sa Zamran Pambt
[Aosoth, Oh You Mighty Spirit, Descend and Appear Unto Me]

Ar Ol Trian Torzu Aziazor A Aosoth
[So that I Shall Arise in the Likeness of Aosoth]

Zacam Od Um Isli C Gohed Aosoth
[I Move You and I Call You, Oh Everlasting Aosoth]

Aosoth Ol Zodameta Nonci Drilpi Pasbs C A Dosig
[Aosoth, I Conjure You, Oh You Great Daughter of the Night]

Bagle Zirdo A Hoath C Aosoth O Zomdv Lonsa A Ananael
[Because I am the Worshipper, Oh Aosoth, of Your Power and Wisdom]

Zirdo Aosoth A Gohed Gah O Graa Od A Aoiveae
[I am Aosoth, the Everlasting Spirit of Moon and the Stars]

Ich Bin Ama Aosoth
[I am Mother Aosoth]

Ich Bin Ama Aosoth
[I am Mother Aosoth]

Ich Bin Ama Aosoth
[I am Mother Aosoth]

Ya Namosh Aosoth Exat
[In the Name of Aosoth, Let it Be Thus]


12 thoughts on “Enochian Invocation of Aosoth

  1. QUOTE

    “Working with these deities is different from working with most other pantheons, so seek guidance before endeavor”

    My PERSONAL experience describes the Nekalahs as very confident regarding Their capability of keeping you on the right path for a perfect integration of your Wyrd into your Pathei Matos, relinquishing childish corners of your personality. They do not like when people work conteporarely with other entities, though They are intelligent, respectful and quite mercyful compared to what most of us would deserve and therefore usually accept mixed paths: in the end, why lose a potential mortal ally in the Great War for just being too strict?

    If you relinquish every other path and focus on Them entirely, They can show Themselves to be utterly perfect for every need. If one of your need is not supported by Them, probably is from your lower/mundane self and what people should do is simply abandon it to come back getting Their help/obeying Them, instead of looking for a more “fitting” entity…

    This never failed with me in the last ten years 😀

    Nekalahs and Enochian? Very interesting mix!


    1. It’s hardly an “interesting mix.” Enochian vibration is used by some of the Sinister magickians depicted in the Deofel Quartet and has been adduced by Anton Long as an example of effective sound magick. Hence why several nexions use Enochian script.

      That’s the only part of your comment I’m going to address. You’re on some Mormon shit.


      1. Mormon?
        NOOO 😀
        if you mean the part when I describe some kind of RHP obeisance, well I did not mean enslavement. It’s only that I came up, during all these years, to the conclusion that They know what’s better for us more than we know in first person, therefore I use skrying extensively as a lifestyle. Though I believe Them to be actual eentities, my approach to Them is very similar to a concept like ASAR-UN-NEFER, Myself Made Perfect, some kind of Higher Self. They want control and cleansing for the Planet, They want a world where people live free from EGO-derived bias, intelligent like man but wild/pure like animals. In practice, like every supernatural being on this Earth, human souls excepted (at now). AND, that’s exactly what all of us should want, ’cause we do not need anything else, and whatever we come up to desire beside that, it’s from our EGO.

        Or at least, that’s my opinion! I am absolutely sure that we all paint some kind of multidimensional picture, therefore I would never tell somebody else he is wrong, because for what I believe, everybody (as long as he/she is a Pratictioner) has something to say, his own corner to start with, to master, to bring forth into the picture. I have no problem at all if you think I got things wrong, because people interpreting things differently from me are, in my opinion, simply other colours on the canvas.

        Anyway, I just wanted to explain that I did not talked about mind slavery, not at all! Just faith and, how can I say that? Some kind of military hierarchical submission. From my seances, They came up to be Kings and Queens with the Masters being Generals, and we mortals ally are their soldiers and lieutenant. But I would never propose mindless obeisance! I live to explore and question things.

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        1. I strongly disagree with the idea that worship is inherently RHP and unfit for the LHP. In fact, I think the RHP-LHP dichotomy truly has no place in Western magick and only use the term LHP as something of an occasionally convenient slang word.

          When I compared you to a Mormon, I was referring to what I perceived to border on proselytizing.


      2. For what concern the Enochian, I did not want to be insolent, I respect how hardly you train and I would never be rude to another pratictioner. Furthermore, I already read your writings about the ONA using Enochian, it’s just that sounds strange to my ears. I never loved that Language, never knew why, probably because it has being invented, I know it holds powers but bah, never got in touch with it.

        I prefer

        Fall to trance >>> contact the Entity >>> give it Astral through sincere worship >>> bring it in manifestation; no sigils, no words, no rituals at all, Only candles and selected incenses. It’s like call a friend or a lover on their phone. I know the Sinster Chant to be absurdly powerful and sometimes perform it, but I never got in touch with formulas, I’m more into shamanistic approach with shouts, drums, sex and alchool

        again, excuse if I appeared insolent

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        1. You were actually pretty polite. While some Niners can be SUPER polite, most are quite dickish in their reactions to my material, and I misjudged you because of the past input I’ve been given by Niners. I owe you the apology, not the other way around. My bad.


  2. A little extra: They appeared in my personal experience to be quite opened to Quimbanda, adfirming that Exus and Pombagiras are indeed the Ascended Masters described in this blog as the Crallathorra…

    And they seem to be also quite intrigued by some aspects of the 218 current: though They told me that the True Divinities of Chaos do not HATE existence, it is still true that these overcosmic beings EAT existence, evolving it in Their “belly” to baptise devoured beings in the Sinister flame of Infinity, just like when Crowley said that an animal killed and eaten by a human enters in close contact with a higher entity (the man who ate it) and reborn empowered by that. Existence must be loved and respected, but it is true that the 218 managed to acknowledge something really big that almost all the others path failed to focus upon strongly enough: the main focus of mortal incarnation should be the worship of the acausal so the “work out” our “spiritual muscles” and to presence here acausal entities, and this lifestyle should be undertake even, if necessary, at the expense of mundane life. This almost Aghori-style worship of transformation, destruction and the relinquishment of personal aims (though strenghtening one’s ability to perform a task, for oneself or in Their service) make the 218 some kind of deeply underrated geniuses.

    By VK, keep it up, great blog!

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    1. Many thanks. I agree with your repudiation of the Anti-Cosmic agenda, which I have been very critical of myself, and I agree that this agenda is not really a pursuit of the Azerate. It’s total textbook spirituality and it’s bullshit (not to say that the 218 Current’s magick isn’t dope).

      By the way, I thoguht you might find this interesting. A non-O9A generational witch talking about her experience with Shugara.


      1. I’ll watch it Tomorrow, Always interested in Shugara. She command total relinquishment of everything else than Her, like Santa Muerte, but fuck, She IS GLORIOUS.

        ps She didn’t want you dead. It was a warning shot, She quite likes you (like you said She was nice to you in your previous contacts) it’s just that when She is summoned to hit somebody, She does it according to his karma, regardless of the causal fitting of the situation in that very moment. Nobody is devoid of faults: when She is dispatched against somebody, She cares only about Her target’s purity, not necessarily how legitimate is the attack ritual. If you are alive, She found you more pure than not, elsewhere, She wouldn’t have attacked your body like that, She would have probably had you killed in a car accident (it’s Her favourite way, She told it’s because -Her words- “…metal, energy, speed, loss of control, horror, impact, destruction” and She likes that a lot. With you, it was more of a warning shot.
        I am sure you guys can still/again be friends, and I’m saying this with the utmost respect for you and what you told me happened to you


        1. I actually have a much higher opinion of Shugara than when I first talked about her. During a ritual with the other two central members of the Cabal of the Phoenix, everything from Osiris to Thor to Shugara showed up to bless us. I can confirm the “jist” of what you’re saying about her.


  3. I have watched the video. This woman is interesting but my Youtube volume sucks and I missed half of what she said! Nonetheless, the things about links to Japan are interesting: Japan was colonized during Ice Age when it could be reached by foot, about 13,000 years ago, it developed somekind of prehistoric culture which actually evovled in an actual civilization around 4000 years ago, and they lived completely isolated until first contacts with ancient China almost a millennium later. Beside the fact that ancient Japan lifestyle was fucking utterly ONA both in its best and its worse (or should I say “umbalancedly stern”) aspects, i.e. violence, endevour, personal growth through hardship, and honor, stories abounds about the fact that in those centuries of isolations, Japan was ruled by a theocracy of witches-queen believed to hold powers over both storms and necromancy. It is very interesting from an anthropological point of view because almost all of ancient cultures switched to male power as soon as society evolved above the hunter-gather level, preferring a male chief during a warfaring-mentality age. This seemed to have NOT happened in ancient Japan, where woman in possession of (believed or actual) supernatural powers were feared and obeyed regardless of their sexes. I feel a very powerful touch of the Nekalahs on ancient Japan, I have always felt (to be sincere, even in continental Asia, with ancient cult of Shiva!)


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