Magickal Hymn to Eris, Nyx, & Nemesis

{This consecrated magickal hymn calls upon Eris/Discordia, Nyx/Nox, and Nemesis, the last of whom is referred to by many different names throughout the hymn. This hymn may be recited one or more times as a spiritual exercise in itself or it can be added onto a ritual}

Aperiatur Stella– Invoco Discordia
Voco te Nox et Invoco Rhamnusis
Venire Eris et Veni Adrestia
Rege Magistra Nyx, et Germinet Gnosis
Eris Germinet Enantiodromia
Et Nemesis, Mater Vindictae et Wyrd
Venire– et Germinet Anados et Azoth
Salve Era Erinys– O Eris Gloria
Agios o Nyx, Domina Noctem
Et Salve Adrestia Genetrix Wyrd
Agios Ischyros Regina Eris
Aperiatur Tartarus– Voco te Nyx
Veni, Discordia, Aeternae Destructrix
Venire– Rhamnusia, Invidia, et Nemesis
Rege et Germinet Lapis Philosophicus
Ave Discordia Mater Kakodaimones
Et Nox, Domina et Mater Tenebris
Agios es, Rhamnusis-Invidia; Matercula Nemesis Gloria
[Open the Sky– I Call to Eris/ I Call to Nyx and I Call to Nemesis/ Come, Eris, and Come, Nemesis/ Reign, Heirarch Nyx, and Usher Forth Divine Knowledge/ Eris, Engender Enantiodromia/ And Nemesis, Mother of Vengeance and Destiny/ Come, and Engender Spiritual Development and Manifest the Fifth Element/ Hail (Female Lord) Nemesis– Oh, Glory to Eris/ Open the Underworld– I Call to Nyx/ Come, Eris, Eternal Destructrix/ Come– (Three Names of Nemesis)/ Reign and Reveal the Philsopher’s Stone/ Hail Eris, Mother of Cacodaimones/ And Nyx, (Female Lord) and Mother of Darkness/ Numinous Art Thou, (Two Names of Nemesis)– Glory to Mother Nemesis]

Nyx, Eris, and Nemesis were among the group of deities whom my former mentor, Adam Percipio, instructed me to call on for a certain black magickial initiatory rite of self-empowerment that I have promised to never reveal to the public. Of the deities I was instructed to call on for that rite, these are the three goddesses whom I found most impressive and desired to continue working with.

In Greek mythology, the goddess Nyx is held to be a fundamental component of reality itself. The Latin variate of her name is Nox, and Nox is held in Thelema to be a complex metaphysical concept of significant magickal importance. In the Left Hand Path, the concept of Nox is given supreme importance in the Draconian Current and retains some importance in Hebdomadry.

Nyx is the bringer of truth whose chariot covers the sky in darkness and casts stars among it. She is described as exceptionally beautiful, but veiled (and she has wings which is cool). She governs prophecy, dreams, and seership, and she helps the witch attain awareness and connect with her true self. She is described as forgiving, loving, compassionate, and yet wrathful. By her engendering of nightfall, she bestows upon those who suffer in day the boons of healing, respite, sleep, dreams, rest, and ultimately, death.

Nyx is infatuated with mischief and immortality, especially when they are pursued in cover of darkness.  She favors fugitives, evil-doers, and thieves, and she is known as the Mother of Mysteries. Her influence is said to beget terror and she is called the “Goddess of Phantoms and Shadows Play.”

Above: Original Sigil of Nyx

Nemesis is the unavoidable and allvanquishing titaness. Her chariot is drawn by griffins– therionick totems of vengeance. Nemesis is the goddess of revenge whom even Zeus is said to fear. All descriptions of her appearance are horrible and grotesque. She is believed to engender the humiliation of prideful humans– a great destroyer of hubris.

Above: Original Sigil of Nemesis

Eris is the goddess of strife who resides within the nethermost depths of the realm of the dead. She is the central divinity of a paradigm of Chaos Magick called Discordianism, which paradigm does profess to be legitimately focused on magickal self-transformation.

Above: Original Sigil of Eris/Discordia

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

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