Egyptian Witchcraft: Magickal Hymns to Osiris, Chepri, & Anubis

Hymn to Osiris
O, Voco te Domine Osiris
Ave Rex Luna et Salve Banebded
Ave Neferu, Agios Un-Nefer
Veni, Veni, Aeternae Neter
Silentium Regis, et Pater de Caelo
Agios Ischyros Wenennefer
Osiris Rex Sekhet-Aaru Gloria
[Oh, I Call to Lord Osiris/ Hail to the King of the Moon and Hail to his Ba/ Hail Osiris, Numinous (is) Osiris/ Come, Come, Eternal Deity/ Silent King, and (Non-Literal) Father of the Sky/ Numinous and Mighty is Osiris/ Glory to King Osiris of the Afterlife]

Osiris is the judge of the dead and the king of the netherworld whose auspices were sought very frequently in Pharaonic Magick. He was once a living king of Egypt, and he was so renowned for his kindness and fairness that when his brother killed him, the god of the netherworld, Anubis, unrequestedly gave the chthonian throne to Osiris out of respect. Osiris rules the moon and the stars and he presides over magick, immortality, rebirth, agriculture, visualization, destiny, and prophecy/divination. He engenders transition, insight, regeneration, understanding, justice, renewal, and resurrection. Two advanced black magickians who didn’t know each other spoke very highly of him to me.

Above: Original Sigil of Osiris

Hymn to Anubis
Aperiatur Duat et Sa-Ka– Voco te Khenty-imentiu
Salve Dei Necromantia– Agios Ischyros Anubis
Ostende Nobis, Khenty-sek-Netjer, Potentiam Tuam
Veni, Rex Duat, et Sepultura Patronus
Rege Anubis, Magne Pater, et Germinet Anados
[Open the Afterlife and the City of Dogs– I Call to Anubis/ Hail to the God of Necromancy– Numinous and Mighty is Anubis/ Show Us, Anubis, the Power of Your Hand/ Come, King of the Afterlife, and Patron of Funerals/ Reign, Anubis, Great Father, and Engender Magickal Empowerment]

Anubis is the guide, guardian, and protector of the dead who rules over embalming and funereal rites. Two advanced black magickians who didn’t know each other spoke very highly of him to me. He’s the patron of lost souls and orphans, and he was said to have been conceived in a barren womb. He is attributed to Sirius. He presides over anesthesiology, and his priests were herbal healers. He is loyal and fiercely protective, but he’s said to have a playful side as well.


Hymn to Chepri
Mirabilia Opera Tua– Agios es, Pater Chepri
Ave, Khepera, Aeternae Concinnator
Salve Magni Patris Kheper
Voco te Chepri, Pater Magnum Opus
Venire, Khepera– Rex Sole et Neter!
[Marvellous are thy Works– Numinous art thou, Father Chepri/ Hail, Chepri, Eternal Creator/ Hail Great Father Chepri/ I Call to Chepri, Father of the Great Work/ Come, Chepri– King of the Sun and Deity]

Khepri was a primordial and self-created deity of the rising sun who has come to prominence in black magick. While the Temple of Set’s adulation of Chepri reduces him to the metaphysical principle of self-transformation, Dragon Rouge has lauded Chepri as an excellent deity for black magickians. Hecate’s spirits have told me that Chepri is really all about evolution– he doesn’t discriminate about which religions you use to do it and he really is here to help. Khepri presides over manifestation, renewal, initiation, rebirth, change, transformation, and resurrection. Chepri appears to be a god of evolution who is willing to assist all those who are willing to work to ascend.


-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

5 thoughts on “Egyptian Witchcraft: Magickal Hymns to Osiris, Chepri, & Anubis

  1. Today I got possessed by Anubis. Crazy. He is very very good, I can confirm that. Out of nowhere it happened, no summoning, nothing. He wants me to escape the shit I am still bound to.

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  2. I would like to add some findings on Anubis. Inspired by a video of Michael W. Ford where he shows a self-made fetish of Lammashtu, I did a fetish stick for Anubis. The wooden stick was found in a forest a dog had played with it, bitten it. I realized that only later at home. I cooked fly agaric and panther caps, myrrh and anis-seeds to a thick soup and drenched and soaked carefully medical bandages and wrapped them around into my direction around the dried stick and let that dry. The top i sharpened with a knife and burnt the tip. The hand-part I laced with some of my blood. Ready. Then I used your sigil and glued some gemstones on it and it works fine. I use the sigil, stick, some incense (I had Kyphi but other incense works as well) and a glass of water, that you can drink after the ritual. It is easy to call on him, then you need to open your mouth to let him in and once he is inside your body, close your mouth and seal it with three imaginary stripes across your lips vertically amde with your finger and remain silent. Once you open your mouth Anubis gets out. He is partially demonic, yes, but he does not put this in the front. Compared to Raphael he works insanely quick with soothing, deliberating from fear. He can give you seership, skills of working with the Vis vitalis and Death-Essence. He is very pleasant to work with. So, thanks for the sigil.


  3. I forgot to write 2 of his messages: “The weak of your world carry the weaknesses of the strong so that the strong can remain strong. Strength is always just lent. Do not even think of immortality.” And second: “The riches of this world are cursed.”


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