Magickal Hymn to Gullveig & Surtr

{This is a short Latin hymn written to Gullveig and Surtur. I’ve personally consecrated it as well as offered it up to the deities it entreats. Magickal hymns can be read one or more times for spiritual empowerment, guidance, etc., or incorporated into a ritual}

Invoco Gullveig, et Voco te Surtur
Mirabilia Opera Tua– O, Gullveig Gloria
Agios es, Domine Surtur, Regem Muspellheim
Venire Pater Eldthursar et Regina Maleficarum
Germinet Anodos, et Germinet Azoth!
[I Call to Gullveig and I Call to Surtur/ Marvelous are thy Works– Oh, Glory to Gullveig/ Numinous art thou, Lord Surtur, King of Muspellheim/ Come, Father of the Fire Giants and Queen of the Witches/ Engender Magickal Ascent and Manifest the Fifth Element]


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