The Rite of the Impregnable

{This rite calls on four demons to empower the witch’s natural defenses against psychic attack, programs the aura to accept beneficial influences at all times, and empowers the aura such that received blessings are amplified in effect. An explanation of all the big words and obscure concepts has been appended to the end. The prose used in the ritual is artistic in nature and can lead to misunderstandings, so don’t overanalyze it. You’re not making a shield, you’re just strengthening your natural defenses, and those natural defenses are not necessarily limited to your aura}

I call the Dark Powers to convocation within my ritual of ascending whereby my aura is to be deeply empowered by the Emissaries of the Other Side. Beget unto my aura a welcome-ness for mysterious blessings and an empowerment for the act of in-taking the beneficent transmissions of whatever spirits and gods see fit to impress elevation upon me. Transmutate my aura also for the rejecting of harmful emissions and the immunization of my person against psychic, magickal, and astral aggressions of those who would move to oppose me.
Magot + Agares + Raflifu + Verraine + Aguares + Magoa + Agreas + Verrine + Raflifu + Maguth + Agaros

Io Maguth! Agios Ischyros Maguth – Io Magot! Salve Magoth; Agios o Magoa! Salve Aeternae Magoth! [Hail Maguth! Numinous and Mighty is Maguth– Hail Magot! Hail Magoth; Numinous is Magoa! Hail the Eternal Magoth]

I entreat the Dark Prince and Aeriform Greatfiend of Dineb and Gashkalah to establish the shielding of my person against my oppositions in the esoteric circles. Magot, Jupiterian Diviner of the Leftward Tradition, Guiding Spirit of the Vaults of Zin, arise and make your great influence known in your alteration of my subtle form.
Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Magoth (x11)
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Magoth]

Raflifu is the Black Regent of Our Planet This Earth who appears in the darkness of its oceans and crossroads. The Eternal Arch-Spirit manifests his influence and presence from the Pathway of the Leopard of Resh to reify and sanctify my subtle form.
Rattimgethall Onkimgallor Raflifu Onjurrawl (x9)
Baruch ha-Raflifu! Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Raflifu!
[Blessed is Raflifu! Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Raflifu]

I call forth the Good-Natured Healing Spirit who orchestrates the currents of the wind to manifest her beneficence in left-handed alchemies. Verrine, Spirit of Autumn and the Qlipha of the Black Moon, arise from the infernal place of your dwelling and make your way as I’m chanting the words:
Elan Typan Verrine (x9)
Io Verraine! Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Verraine!
[Hail Verraine! Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Verraine]

I conjure forth the Eldrin Rider Upon the Beast-of-Devouring whose name Agarus means Strength Hoard to issue forth acausal fortifications and alchemical transfigurements such that I might attain the selected pursuits of this working.
Rean Ganen Ayar Da Agares!
Torzodu Gohed Agaros Odzamran (x9) [Arise Everlasting Agaros and Appear]

As I have spoken, so let it be done!

Aeriform: this word means “formed of air.” It’s a reference to Maguth’s elemental attribution.
Dineb: A star that Maguth is attributed to
Gashkalah: A Qliphothic sphere attributed to Jupiter
Vaults of Zin: A labyrinth beneath the Qliphothic
Regent: Ruler
Resh: the Hebrew letter that Raflifu is attributed to. The animal-form of the leopard is attributed to the Tunnel of Resh.
Reify: Correct
Qlipha: Realm of the infernal plane
Eldrin: Elder. To explain the title I used this word in, Agares rides a crocodile.


Magickal Chants for Qliphothic & Goetic Operations

Agios o Azael Rex Grigori Et Nephilim
This means “Numinous is Azael, King of the Watchers and Nephilim” in Latin, with Numinous being a synonym for the divine. Used to call upon Azael.

Liftoach Chasek B’Shem ha-Gothiel
This means “Open the Darkness in the Name of Gothiel” in Latin, with Gothiel being another name of A’athiel/Athiel. This chant serves to summon Gothiel and presence the energies and spirits of the Qliphothic Veil of Ain Soph Aur, known otherwise as Chasek.

Athiel Liftoach Reshut ha-Rabbim
This means “Athiel, Open the Kingdom of Manifoldness” in Hebrew, with Reshut ha-Rabbim [Kingdom of Manifoldness] being a name for the Qliphoth. This chant summons Athiel and/or empowers rites either to summon demons or to cast a circle via Qliphothic forces.

Salve Sancta Aeternae Baratchial
This means “Hail Holy and Eternal Baratchial” in Latin. Used to call on Baratchial.

Agios es, Baratchial Initiatrix
This means “Numinous Art Thou,” Baratchial the Initiator” in Latin and serves to call upon Baratchial in her female aspect.

Agios o Thantifaxath; Ave Niantiel
Latin for “Numinous is Thantifaxath; Hail Niantiel.” Calls on Thantifaxath and Niantiel.

Venire Thantifaxath Rex Necromantia
Latin for “Come Thantifaxath, King of Necromancy.” Calls on Thantifaxath.

Io Ipes-Aypeos-Ipos
Io means “Hail” and the rest of this chant is comprised of three names for Ipos. Used to summon Ipos.

Tuvries, Kimaris, Cimejas, Cymeries
This is a chant which calls upon Cimejes by four of his names.

Agios es, Marchioni Tuvries
This means “Numinous Art Thou, Marquis Tuvries” in Latin. It serves to summon or otherwise call on Tuvries/Cimejes.

Ave Pater Temphioth
This means “Hail Father Temphioth” in Latin and serves to call upon the spirit named.

Temphioth Xere Sam-Aur Chashakh
This means “Temphioth, Generate the Poisonous Black Light” and serves to call on Temphioth to empower a sacred space and radically increase its longevity.

Hemethterith Hemhemterith Fam-Ged Val-Ger-Gal
This chant is composed of two names for Hemethterith and two numerical values of his name pronounced in Enochian as words of power. Used to call on Hemethterith.

Gisa-Drun-Veh, Zodamran, Lafcursiax, Lafoursiax
This chant starts with a numerical value of Lafcursiax’s name pronounced in Enochian as a word of power and follows with ‘Zodamran,’ a word of power used to presence Qliphothic energy. It concludes with two names of Lafoursiax. Used to summon Lafcursiax.

Val-Ceph-Ged, Drun-Orth, Dagdagiel
A chant calling on Dagdagiel including two numerical values of her name pronounced in Enochian as words of power.

Zuhalma, Dagdagiel, Bakshorilon
A chant calling on Dagdagiel consisting of three names for her.

Goap Liftoach Kelippot
This means “Goap/Gaap, Open the Qliphoth.” Used to empower any ritual of Qliphothic inititation and strengthen one’s processing of the energies. While this magickal phrase is primarily purposed towards working with the Tunnels of Set, it can also be used for self-initiation through any of the planetary spheres of the Qliphoth, being optimally powerful in the initiatory rites of Thaumiel, A’arab Zaraq, Golohab, and Gashkalah. Any working to a Qliphothic or Goetic entity or current of energy can be empowered through this chant.

Io Tap Rex Pandemonium
This translates from Latin to “Hail Tap, King of Pandemonium.” This is used to call on Tap/Gaap in ritual magick as well as to call on him to empower your chakras (either pick one chakra or a few).

Mammon Liftoach Qliphoth
This summons Mammon to empower a rite of evocation. It means “Mammon, Open the Qliphoth!”

Baruch ha-Raflifu
This means “Blessed is Raflifu” in Hebrew and serves to call on Raflifu.

Rattimgethall Onkimgallor Raflifu Onjurrawl
A channeled demonic enn for Raflifu.

Baruch ha-Amdusias Geber ha-Thaumiel
This means “Blessed is Amdusias, the Warrior of Thaumiel” in Hebrew and serves to call on Amducious.

Baruch Ha-Vassago Paraz Ha-Qlippoth
This means “Blessed in Vassago, Warrior of the Qliphoth” in Hebrew and serves to call on Vassago. Source: V.K.

Io Vassago Rex Necromantia
This means “Hail Vassago the King of Necromancy” in Latin and serves to call on Vassago. Source: V.K.

Baruch ha-Valephar Geber ha-Qliphoth
Hebrew for “Blessed is Valefor the Warrior of the Qliphoth.” Calls on Valefor.

Io Satanchia-Put Satanachia-Satanackia
This means “Hail Satanchia/Put Satanachia/Satanackia” and calls on Satanachia.

Invoco Sancta Put Satanachia
Latin for “I Call the Holy Put Satanachia.” Calls on Satanachia.

Amarantha, Gargophias, Hekashua
Three names for Gargophias compiled into a chant which serves to call on her.

Aeternae Solas-Etheliel Gloria
Latin for “Glory to the Eternal Solas/Etheliel.” Calls on Stolas.

Agios Ischyros Verrier
This means “Numinous and Mighty is Verrier” in Latin. Serves to call on Verrier.

Amun + Ammas + Amanitore + Amen + Amanishakheto + Arkamani
Name vibration formula for calling on Amon.

Ocat Liftoach Acharayim
This means “Ocat, Open the Backwards Tree!” This calls upon Ocat to strengthen a rite of evocation.

Eurynomos Liftoach Sitra Ahra
This translates to “Eurynomos, Open the Other Side.” Calls on Eurynomous to strengthen the ritual being performed.


Planet of Spirit: Venus & Venus Illegitima (Dark Aspect of Venus)
Primary Qlipha of Spirit: Gamaliel (Black Moon/Lilith)
Secondary Qlipha of Spirit: Goleb (Mars/Asmodeus)
Element of Spirit: Earth (Primary), Fire (Secondary)
Tunnel of Set: 18/28 (A’arab Zaraq-Gamaliel)
Zodiac of Tunnel: Aquarius
Planet of Tunnel: Mars; Uranus
Tarot of Tunnel: the Emperor; the Star
Disease of Tunnel: Apoplexy
Force of Tunnel: Violent, Spiraling Heart & Energy
Ordeal: Chaos Emerges in its Raw State
Hebrew Letter of Tunnel: Tzaddi
Color of Tunnel: Black, Blue
Color of Spirit: Yellow, Yellow-Green, Medium-Darker Shades of Blue
Musical Key of Tunnel: B#; A#
Gematria: 302

Above: Sigil of Tzuflifu from Liber 231

Tzuflifu is a psychopomp– that is, an entity who guides the dead and/or the astral doubles of sorcerers through the astral planes, often to desired locations, afterlife planes, astral grimoires, etc. The name Tzuflifu means “Great Bestial One.”

Tzuflifu can bring the witch illumination, initiatory wisdom, and occult knowledge, and he can awaken her Black Flame. He rules over the darker paradigms of fairy/fay magick. He can lead one on the pathway to become godlike and place the witch or a loved one under the protection of the Qliphoth. He can take the witch the path towards the achievement of just about any goal, and eventually and he and the witch will manifest her success together. He can educate the witch regarding the mysteries of the lightning of chaos and the mysteries of anti-matter.

Tzuflifu can open portals and move someone or something anywhere through space and time. He can grant one access to the universal mind and tradition purports that he can guide one into other dimensions (no comment).

According to Liber Obsidian Obscura, Tzuflifu rules the sorcery of muliebral energy. Alexander Winfield Dray describes this as follows:

For females, it is a total immersion into what they are and fortifying the Energy Body with its natural characteristics; For males, it is a temporary abandonment of masculine energy and the ability to assume a Female Energy Body. The deployment of Female abilities are also covered).

Tzuflifu presides over crystal balls, tarot, graveyards, death magick, sciomancy (necromancy), hydromancy, ice magick, deadly curses, fiery shields, preventing arson, liberating the soul via purification by fire, sanguine vampyrism, psychic vampyrsim, and bilocation/astral projection.

Tzuflifu can empower the chakras in the hands, shoulders, the lesser chakras in the forehead, the minor chakras in the lower back (where a tramp stamp would be), and both the heart and second heart chakras.

Tzuflifu appeared to me as a white owl, and Frater 414 gives a very interesting description of the appearance of Tzuflifu he witnessed during a pathworking meditation:

A wall of scarlet appears and a being emerged there from. He has the head of the sigil and the body of a prince. He carried a wand and wore a red cloak with the sigil upon it. I greet him and test with Tzaddi and the sigil. He receives both and they add to his power. I ask for a lesson and he replies with, “Granted.” We fly upwards into space. A landscape. Martian. We are standing on a cliff. Below is a legion of beasts and monstrous beings. The genius explains that his army is always prepared for battle. They await his command and do not act until he gives that command. TZUFLIFU instructs me to take command of my legion of demons and establish dominion over them completely. They must all await and obey my command, and none other’s. He demonstrates by igniting fire around and upon his army. They stir not, but stand there burning. Then he gives the magical command and they promptly extinguish the fire and assemble immediately back into their ranks. I understand his lesson and return back to my body.

Tzuflifu rules the either the eighteenth or twenty-eighth Tunnel of Set depending on whether or not you start counting with the ten Qliphothic spheres. Tzuflifu’s pathway leads from A’arab Zaraq (Venus/Ba’al) to Gamaliel (Black Moon/Lilith).

Magickal Chants

Invoco Ambrosius Domnus Tzuflifu
“I Call the Immortal Lord Tzuflifu!”

Invoco Tzuflifu In Nomine Qliphoth
“I Call Tzuflifu in the Name of the Qliphoth!”
In addition to calling forth Tzuflifu, this chant simultaneously lulls the witch closer to the gnostic state (trance)

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Tzuflifu
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Tzuflifu!”
In addition to calling forth Tzuflifu, this chant simultaneously presences Qliphothic energy to raise or strengthen a sacred space.

In Nomine Adamas Ater, Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet, Et Germinet Tzuflifu
“In the Name of the Black Diamond, Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth, and Bring Forth Tzuflifu!” In addition to calling forth Tzuflifu, this chant simultaneously focuses the mind of the celebrant.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Names: Magot, Maguth, Magoth, Magoa
Rank: Prince
Qlipha: Gashkalah (Jupiter/Astaroth)
Primary Element: Air
Secondary Element: Earth
Other Element: Water
Direction: East
Primary Star: Dineb
Secondary Star: Algol
Tarot: the Emperor (Primary); 5 of Swords; the Moon
Sinister Tarot (O9A): Atu III (Mistress of Earth)
Attributions: Bones, Ice, Rose Petals, Ice Cubes, Quartz, Phrenite
Planet: Black Sun (Primary), Jupiter (Almost Primary), Mars & the Moon (Lesser)

Above: Channeled Sigil of Magoth
(Ignore the Fact that I Used Two Different Shades of Blue)

Magoa/Magot is a Death God and the Dark Lord of Ice. According to Works of Darkness, “Magoa is the King of the East, who commands the armies of Massayel, Ariel, Satiel, Arduel, and Acorib.” He can repair and enchant automobiles, and his auspices are useful for the purposes of warding and shielding. He presides over warfare, marksmanship, death magick, and cleansing by fire.

Magoth can help the magickian come by books and bring about the supplies necessary for massive feasts. He can enchant crystal balls, teach the spiritual effects of stones, transport energies or sacred spaces you’ve raised elsewhere, and increase the magickal memory of the witch (the witch’s ability to clearly remember spiritual encounters & gnosis).

Maguth can guide one through the Vaults of Zin beneath the Qliphoth. He can teach one astral magick, including time travel and shapeshifting alike, and he can turn one into a very powerful psychic vampyre on the astral planes. He can help one master divination– especially by runes and by pendulum. He can bring together orchestras, comedies, dances, and dramas for the entertainment of the sorceress.

There are several traditions regarding the etymological origin and signification of Magoth’s name. One relates the name to a word for little stones/pebbles, one relates it to a word meaning “wizard,” and another relates it to a title meaning “evil dwarf” or “evil fairy.”

Magot can empower one’s aura such that it rejects negative energetic influences, making one difficult to psychically attack or curse by execration magick, but he can also empower the aura to accept beneficent influences even if they confuse or intimidate the Satanist or Demonolater.

Magot can incite instant death. Alternately, he will constantly torture his victims/targets in their sleep and will be more than happy to return their prana to you. He can also hinder the results of magick and necromancy.

Magoa strongly admires Lucifer and would like a role as significant in Demonolatry and Traditional Satanism as Lucifer’s was in Wicca (not very, but still venerated by some of the leading figures and influential of the spirituality’s development and ideology from the shadows, according to Maguth).

Magoth can engender initiation through any of the Tunnels of Set and teach the witch regarding tarot reading, lethal execrations, banishing via circle, absorbing rituals of the pentagram, any sigil or magickal symbol, and esoteric Qliphothic initiation.

Maguth appeared to me as a red cross between a hellhound and a dinosaur-looking thing, as well as a red-scaled enchantress in grey and brown robes (like some star wars type clothing) while revealed a little bit of her midriff. Her hair, in this form, was long and completely black. The third aspect was a gigantic dragon, which dragon will appear as either blue, white, or black, but it always had red eyes.

Magickal Chants

Io Maguth
“Hail Maguth”

Salve Aeternae Magoth
“Hail unto the Eternal Magoth”

Agios Ischyros Maguth – Io Magot
“Numinous and Mighty is Maguth– Hail Magot”

Magoa Paymon Egym Amaymon
This chant, being from Liber Azerate, consists of the four cardinal demons of the corners. This chant calls the demons named to open the four corners of the world to facilitate the presencing of infernal forces.

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Magoa
“Open Pandemonium, and Bring Forth Magoa”
This chant is used to summon Magoa and build or strengthen a sacred space by presencing Qliphothic energy in the process.

Salve Magoth; Agios o Magoa
“Hail Magoth; Numinous is Magoa”
A simple Latin chant for rites to Magot. It consists of eleven syllables, eleven being the number of magick and all things demonic.

Reayha Bacana Lyan Reme Quim Magoth
This is a demonic enn useful solely for invocations of Magoth. It originates from The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Gaap (Goetia #33)

Names: Gaap, Goap, Tap
Color: Black, Red, Purple, Light Green, Orange
Primary Qlipha: A’arab Zaraq
Secondary Qlipha: Gashkalah
Other Qliphothic Attribution: Golaheb (Mars/Asmodeus); Thaumiel (Neptune & Pluto/Moloch & Satanas)
Rank: President; Prince
Compassion Direction: South & West (Primary), Northwest (Secondary)
Animal: Raven, Leopard
Planet: Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury
D/N: Diurnal
Legions: 66
Tunnel of Set: Zamradiel
Element: Earth; Air
Stellar Imputation: Alpha Draconi; Beta Capricorni
Tarot: 9 of Discs/Pentacles; 7 of Swords
Zodiac: Virgo 10-14; Aquarius 20-30; Gemini 10-14; Virgo 15-19
Date: Sept 2-7; Feb 9-18; June 1-5; Sept 8-12
Secondary Stellar Imputation: Alpha Giedi
Gematria: 153; 873
Attributions: Balsam, Moss, Chamomomile, Lead, Storax, Camphor, Mercury, Tin

Gaap can help one properly cast a magickal circle and give gnosis into the four alchemical elements. He can initiate one through the elements of water and fire. He gives much assistance and guidance in the pursuit of Qliphothic initiation and much insight into Qliphothic paths of sorcery as well as the esotericism of the Qliphoth.

Goap can elicit and control emotions of love or hate, assist in astral projection, and foresee the future. He can steal other witch’s familiars for his summoner and bestow ignorance, insensibility, and stupidity on targeted persons. He can give a talent for writing music or other types of literature along with musical skills in general. He can help musical endeavors flourish and help writing achieve its optimal credibility and insightful-ness.

Gaap presides over pyromancy, shielding, exorcism. and object consecration. His favorite type of offering is an offering of tobacco or incense. He rules over vaping alongside Amy (also called Avnas) and Radahel (in the same way that Amiahzatan, Beelzebuth, and Amy preside over tobacco). He teaches the liberal sciences as well as philosophy.

Tap can help find the witch find a way to another country, continent, city, etc. very quickly and impart the truth about the past and present alike. He works very closely with Beleth in sciomantic (necromantic/nigromantic) workings. He can render the witch invisible (unperceived at least, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he could make you straight up invisible, regardless of whether or not this was a metaphor for astral projection).

Gaap is a divinatory spirit who accelerates social behavior, causing a specified group or person to analyze and react to the body language and other social conduct of a specified group or target. He can render someone’s magickal power ineffective and enhance yours in the process. He can orchestrate political happenings– it’s just not easy for him (or anybody).

Goap appeared to me as a scaly demonic sorcerer adorned in black robes. His skin was mostly blue, with his eyes being dark purple and his horns being a light shade of whitish-grey. He stood approximately nine feet tall. According to the Coven of the Golden Sigil, Goap has a green aura. Pseudomonarchium Daemonum describes his human manifestation as resembling a doctor.

Magickal Chants

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Tap
This means “Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Tap,” primarily in Latin. This presences Qliphothic energy to empower or raise a sacred space while simultaneously summoning Tap.

Deyan Anay Tasa Gaap
The traditional ‘enn’ or summoning chant attributed to Goap.

Goap Liftoach Kelippot
Empower any ritual of Qliphothic inititation and strengthen one’s processing of the energies. While this magickal phrase is primarily purposed towards working with the Tunnels of Set, it can also be used for self-initiation through any of the planetary spheres of the Qliphoth, being optimally powerful in the initiatory rites of Thaumiel, A’arab Zaraq, Golohab, and Gashkalah. Any working to a Qliphothic or Goetic entity or current of energy can be empowered through this chant.

Io Tap Rex Pandemonium
This translates from Latin to “Hail Tap, King of Pandemonium.” This is used to call on Tap in ritual magick as well as to call on him to empower your chakras (either pick one chakra or a few).

Invoco Goap In Nomine Qliphoth
“I Call Gaap in the Name of the Qliphoth!”
In addition to calling forth Gaap, this chant simultaneously lulls the witch closer to the gnostic state (trance)

In Nomine Adamas Ater, Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet, Et Germinet Gaap
“In the Name of the Black Diamond, Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth, and Bring Forth Gaap!” In addition to calling forth Gaap, this chant simultaneously focuses the mind of the celebrant.

Reayha Bacana Lyan Reme Quim Tap
An enn from The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic for invocations of Gaap

Aperiatur Qliphoth; Invoco Goap
“Open the Qliphoth; I Call to Gaap!”
Invokes Gaap and strengthens the alchemical effects of the invocation rite. Only useful for invocation.

Sources: Daemonolatry Goetia, Luciferian Goetia, The Imperial Arts Volume I, Gematria and the Tanakh, The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic, Pseudomonarchium Daemonum, Aleister Crowley’s Illustrated Goetia

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Magickal Chants to Lucifuge Rofocale

Venire – Rofocale Rex Noctifer
“Come, Rofocale the Night-Bearing King.” Used to call on Lucifuge.

Agios Ischyros Lucifuge
“Numinous and Mighty is Lucifuge” in Latin. Used to call on Lucifuge.

Baruch Ha-Lucifuge Rofocale
“Blessed is Lucifuge Rofocale” in Hebrew. Used to call on Lucifuge.

Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Lucerifuge
“Open the Backwards Tree, and Bring Forth Lucerifuge” in Latin. Acharayim is an alternate title for the Qliphoth.

Lucerifuge Lucifage Lucifugus Rofocalus
A series of three of Lucifuge’s name variates composed into a magickal chant. Used to call on Lucifuge.

Devoco Divus Sempiternus Praecantator Lucifugus Rofocalus
“I Call the Numinous, Eternal Prophet Lucifugus Rofocalus.” Used to call on Lucifuge.

All Magickal Chants Written by V.K. Jehannum are Non-Copyright and May be Used by any Person in any Forum or Publication with or without Accreditation.

Agrat bat Mahlat (Aggereth)

Name Variates: Agrath, Agrat, Aggereth, Iggeret, Igrat, Orgath, Igarat, Igirit, Aggerath, Igrath, Igerath, Ogere
Direction: North East; West
Planet: Earth; Jupiter
Zodiac: Pisces
Date: Winter Solstice
Tunnel of Set: 19th/29th (A’arab Zaraq-Nahemoth)
River of Eden: Gorath (Western)
Gematria: 604; 1484
Element: Earth (Primary), Water (Secondary), Air (Tertiary)

IMG_0708Above: Original Sigil of Aggereth

Aggereth is a succubus who rules the causation of sickness and whose chariot is said to be led by an ox and an ass. A demonic witch with snakes for hair, she can be called upon for love, lust, sex, relationships, compassion, and the augmentation of one’s creative life force. She can help the witch recover from sexual trauma, becoming healthy and empowered all the way. She can grant erotic dreams and sexual gnosis, acting as a psychopomp who can bring the celebrant into the spirit planes.

The name Aggereth is supposed to come form the word “Agra”, meaning “beating,” but means “reward.” Her title Orgath bath Mahalath translates variously to “daughter of illusion,” “daughter of sickness”, and “daughter of uncleanness.”

Aggereth can teach the witch operations of ritual sex magick which incorporates BDSM and other kinks. She can instruct the witch in astral shapeshifting into a winged serpent, a weird scaly arachnid with claws tanagarabishim(plural: tanagarabishin), and into a mixture between a scorpion the size of a dog and a lizard, red body, brown legs.

Aggereth is a succubus queen and the youngest of the four matrons of sacred prostitution. She is called the mistress of sorcerers and is known for imparting magickal teachings to men. She is recorded to appear with a chariot and eighteen legions.

Agrat bat Mahlat or Aggereth/Igrat can prepare the astral body of the witch for shapeshifting and liken the physis/essence of the witch’s soul to that of the Qliphoth. She can impart strength, calculation, and pragmatism to the witch, and in doing so, she can teach soldiers, police men, etc. to be ready to kill. She can prepare the witch to protect herself and others from enemies of any kind, both causal and acausal. If the Satanist is hurt, Aggereth will embrace her and heal her of all ills of mind, spirit, and body.

Igrat is one of Samael’s four wives, each of which resides in one of Samael’s four kingdoms. Lilith, Igrat (who rules over Salamanca), Na’amah, and Maskim, the last of which is separate from Mahalath. Aggereth/Igrat is said to have come to Solomon in a dream and caused him to orgasm through the visions she presented to him, whereafter she used his seed to give birth to the king of Edom called Adad/Asmodeus.

According to the ToAF, Aggereth “is called the Roof Dancer, because she resides on the border of worlds – physical and astral, sleeping and waking, conscious and unconscious – helping the passenger to pass through the gate and entre Sitra Ahra.”

One pseudepigraphal text posits that Igrat is one of the four demonic goddesses of the four tequfot [two solstices and equinoxes]– my intuition attributes Igrat to the December solstice, which is apparently verified by T.B. Scott’s attribution of Aggereth to the season of Winter. Igrat is said to go out to wreak destruction through humanity on Wednesdays and the days of the week before the Sabbath (Friday or Saturday?). Igrat is the daughter of Mahalath and Igratiel, the ruling spirit of a desert wherein Mahalath performed many sorceries.

The Tunnel of Set which Aggereth is attributed to is either the nineteenth or twenty-ninth pathway depending on whether or not you start counting with the ten planetary spheres. This tunnel stems between A’arab Zaraq (Venus/Ba’al) and Nahemoth (Black Earth/Nahema) and is attributed to Pisces. The ruler of this tunnel is Qulielfi, and within it dwells a species of demonesses called the Nashimiron, a name meaning “Malignant Women,” which species Aggereth is believed to have partial dominion over. For a description of this tunnel, follow the hyperlink to my article on Qulielfi:

As one of the four demonesses of harlots, Aggereth presides over both temple prostitution and streetwalking. While prostitution may sound like a dim thing to encourage, there are many women who find it empowering or emotionally fulfilling to perform it. In American history, things such as walking alone in public, wearing bright colors, wearing cosmetics, and wearing scarlet were taboo for women, and it was prostitutes who pioneered these actions until they were commonly acceptable behavior for women. Prostitutes were the first women in America to earn wages equal or near equal to men.

The numerical value of Agrath is 604, which is equal in value to Iggereth, another name of hers but also a word meaning “letter” or “missive.” It also equates in value to the Hebrew words/phrases for “troubled pool,” “stagnant pond,” and “blood/wine.”

The value of the word Agrath bath Mahalath [Agrath, daughter of Mahalath] is 1484.

For a list of magickal chants to Aggereth, follow the hyperlink:

The article which influenced this one the most was by T.B. Scott. To see the herbs, stones, incenses, etc. which Aggereth is attributed to, follow the hypterlink:

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Invocation of Put Satanachia

Invoco Sancta Put Satanachia!
[I Call the Holy Put Satanachia]

Reayha Bacana Lyan Reme Quim Put Satanachia! Furca Na Alle Laris Satanchia!
[(Demonic Enn to Invoke Any Spirit)! (Satanachia’s Demonic Enn)]

Satanackia Ol Umd A Nonci Sobra Netab Chis A Odlonshin De A Graa De Ors
[Satanackia I Call to You in Whose Government are the Powers of the Moon of Darkness]

Carma A Faorgt Sa Niiso Pambt
[Come Out from Your Dwelling and Come Down Unto Me]

Ar Ol Restil Micmah G Turbs Od Alonusahi
[So that I Mighty Behold Your Beauty and Power]

Bagle Zirdo Hoath O Il Odlonshin A Iadnah
[For I am a True Worshiper of Your Powers and Divine Knowledge]

Darilpa Bigliad De Caosga Ils Chismacaloz Od Geh Gohed
[Great Comforter of the Earth, You Are Mighty and You Are Everlasting]

Reayha Bacana Lyan Reme Quim Put Satanachia! Furca Na Alle Laris Satanchia!
[(Demonic Enn to Invoke Any Spirit)! (Satanachia’s Demonic Enn)]

Invoco Sancta Put Satanachia!
[I Call the Holy Put Satanachia]

Ol Oecremi Isli Ol Um Isli Sa Ol Zodameta Satanachia
[I Praise You, I Call You, and I Conjure You, Satanachia]

Io Satanchia-Put Satanachia-Satanackia!
[Hail Satanchia/Put Satanachia/Satanackia]


The Sinister Rite of Self-Establishment

{This ritual serves to increase the traits of discipline and self-control and divest one of compulsive tendencies. Three of the demons called, Flereous/Haures/Flauros, Raum, and Gurigur/Alfpunias/Alefpene’ash, specialize in strengthening the first three traits, and the other two, Pheynix and Parfaxitas, specialize in neurological and psychological change of any kind. As my rites are made to be incredibly powerful even lacking fancy ritual equipment, tools of any kind may be incorporated in any way the celebrant desires. While sigils are advantageous they are also optional, and you will not be able to find one for Alfpunias outside of Liber Azerate. If any of the demons are unfamiliar to you and you would like to read about them, Google their name alongside my magickal name (V.K. Jehannum) to find and read my article about them. God-names and magick words in bold are to be vibrated, phrases in italics to be chanted, and translations for foreign phrases appear in brackets. A glossary of big words appears at the bottom. Face the North}

I call down five spirits of the infernal plane by my ritual of the Craft such that I might come to an abundance of self-control and discipline. Spirits, transmutate my character and the very neurostructural fundaments of my being to direct me aright! Liberate me from compulsiveness and remake my mind anew! Flavros + Alfpunias + Phenex + Gurigur + Raum + Flauros + Alefpene’ash + Parfaxitas + Haures + Raym + Flereous

Liftoach Kliffot! Liftoach Hekel Lebanath ha-Adamas Ater! Yehi Aur Chashakh!
[Open Up the Qliphoth! Open Up the Palace of the Pavement of the Black Diamond! Let there Be Infernal Light]

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Parfaxitas (x11)
[Open Pandemonium, and Bring Forth Parfaxitas]

I seek now the power of the Lycanthropic Initiator of Blood Magick and Dark Matter who dwells within the Martian Pathway of the Qliphoth. Hail unto Parfaxitas, the Nightside Harbinger of Chaos and Snow who rules over werewolves and chimeras. I summon the Jupiteric-Uranian Elder and Double-Crowned Spirit of the Abandoned Black Tower to manifest now before me. Open the Adamantine Gateways and come!

Gohed Parfaxitas Zacare (x9) [Eternal Parfaxitas, Move]

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Pheynix (x9)
[Open Pandemonium, and Bring Forth Pheynix]

By my tradition of Goetia, I call the Volitant Marquis from the Sphere of the Black Earth known as Phenex the Pyric Harbinger of Transubstantiation. Venusian Spirit of the Moon, come to me from your place of dwelling. Appear as the Theriomorphic Muse of Poetry and the Sciences that the grimoires of the left hand described you as and manifest in whatever form you elect in your wisdom and clairvoyance!

Ef Enay Phenix Ayer (x11)

Torzodu Micalzo Gah Raym (x9) [Arise, Mighty Spirit Raym]

I seek a blessing from the Pyric-Aeriform Earl of Thirty Atemporal Myriads who leaves desolated cities and war-torn landscapes in his wake. I call unto he who manifests within the circle as crow and hellhound alike to engender metanoia and changement of the celebrant at will. Hail unto Raum, Therionick Harbinger of Usurpation and Insurgency and Martial Shapeshifter of the Night! Arise within my presence, Lance-Bearing Patron of Honor and Violence!

Furca Na Alle Laris Raum (x11)

Ganic Tasa Fubin Flereous (x9)

I pursue the aid of that Druidic Matron of Pyromancy and Therionick Prophetess known in the Demonology of the grimoires as Mother Haures the Wicked Duke. Hail unto the Pyric Initiatrix who brings about transfigurement of the psyche and astral double. I call forth the Shamanic Demoness and Elemental of Fire who reduces the subjects of her anger to memories by way of immolation and arson! Manifest now and be present with me, Immortal Huntress and Esotericist!

Flavros, Hauras, Flereous – Venire Ducis Haures (x11)
[(Three Names of Flereous) — Come Duke Haures]

Finally I call upon the Vengeful One who resides within a kingdom filled with sentient spheres of cyclonic wildfire and mountainous demons which gush forth flame. I summon the Ancient Overseer of the Martial Qlipha and Wrathful Prince of Warcraft and Necromancy who rules over ritual sex and destruction magick. Arise from within the sphere of your dominion and visit your power unto this place: Arhapachad + Alfpunias + Gibbur-Nura Hazaphiel + Nahath-Pe + Alefpene’ash + Harba De Ashmedai Malka + Gurigur + Liftoach Titahion + Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Gurigur! Manifestos!
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Gurigur! (WoP for Summong)]

As I have spoken, so let it be done!

Volitant: Able to Fly
Pyric: Fiery
Theriomorphic: Divine and assuming the form or characteristics of an animal
Aeriform: In the Form of Air (reference to elemental affiliation)
Atemporal: Not bound by time
Myriad: a group with many members
Metanoia: mental change
Changement: change
Therionick: Able to magickally assume the form of an animal
Martial: attributed to Mars
Initiatrix: Female initiator
Immolation: sacrifice by burning
Sentient: Alive & self-aware
Cyclonic: like a cyclone