The Ritual of Efflorescence and Insight

{This ritual raises large amounts of Qliphothic energy to create a sacred space when one performs it, and it calls upon Lilith, Clauneck, Hecate, and Na’amah to impart various increases of the celebrant’s magickal aptitudes as well as insights into human nature. Claunech is called on to empower one of the witch’s chakras (whichever is weakest), improve her divinatory abilities, and make her a better driver. Hecate is called on to improve the witch’s astral sight, improve her ability to psychically detect lost or hidden objects, and facilitate the development of insights into the human condition. Lilith is called on to facilitate the development of insights into the witch’s own sexuality and dreams, strengthen the witch’s personal magnetism, and improve the witch’s magickal memory (i.e., her ability to remember what happened during prior spiritually charged experiences). Nahema, also known as Na’amah and Na-Ama-Hema, is called upon to strengthen the witch’s personal magnetism and spiritual senses, as well as to facilitate the development of insights into the witch’s own personality and the personalities of others. Phrases in italics are to be chanted and translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets. Have no fear whatsoever if you doubt your ability to pronounce the magickal chants– simply know that your best effort is more than sufficient, and the mispronouncing a chant will not get you fucked over. The magickal chants and words of power used herein appear in the magickal chants section of my website with citations of their origins– this is not plagiarism. My rituals are written not to require material accompaniments or sigils, but if the celebrant has such things available, she should naturally implement them in whatever way she deems fit. This ritual uses three magickally significant numbers as words of power by pronouncing them in the Enochian language. For those unacquainted with the numbers, 81 is the number of Hekate’s witchcraft, and 210 and 165 are the numerical values of Nahema’s name in Gematria. Lastly, definitions of all the big words used in the rite appear at the bottom}

Ama Lilith, Liftoach Kliffoth! Io Chaunta Clauneck Elantiel! Ave Agia!
[Mother Lilith, Open the Qliphoth! Hail (Three Names of Clauneck)! Hail (Name of Hecate)]

Melus De Quo Magma! Liftoach Hekel Lebanath ha-Adamas Ater!
[Reality Emanates from the Demonic! Open the Palace of the Pavement of the Black Diamond]

Veni Et Rege Claunech Pater Qliphoth! Ave Clauneck Rex Pandemonium!
[Come and Reign, Father Claunech of the Qliphoth! Hail King Clauneck of Pandemonium]

Hail Unto the Secret God of the Air known as Clauneck, the Immortal Gatekeeper of the Abyss! Empower my spiritual faculties of divination and make me a more talented driver! Claunech, God over Ashes and Pestilence, empower the weakest of my spinal chakras! Harken to the words of your conjuration!

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Clauneck (x11)
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Clauneck]

Io Chaunta Clauneck Elantiel! Arphe Zacare Odzamran Micalzo Od Gohed Chaunta!
[Hail (Three Names of Clauneck)! Descend, Move, and Appear, Mighty and Everlasting Chaunta/Claunech]

Io Hecate Io Ho! Anana Hecate Ayer!
[(Magickal Chants to Hecate)]

I call forth the Triple-Bodied Goddess of the Nightside and Spirit of the Dark Side of the Moon. Hekate, Mother of Serpents, Blood-Drinking Destructrix, Protectress of Children, make your way unto me from the place of your dwelling in the acausal planes! Grant me the ability to psychically locate lost and hidden items and grant me insight into the human condition! Cast your black and three-countenanced shadow over my arena of sorcery and refine my astral sight!

Liftoach Kliffot! Veni Hekate! Aperiatur Stella, et germinet Agia! Io Hecate Io Ho! Salve Pandeina Antania Hekate! Salve Luna Infortuna Nocticula Hekate! Zodamran! Don-Pe! [Open the Qliphoth! Come, Hekate! Open the Sky, and Bring Forth (Name of Hekate)! (Magickal Chant to Hekate)! Hail Hekate, the Queen of the Underworld Feared By All! Hail Hekate, the Baleful Moon which Shines at Night! (Word of Power to Presence Qliphothic Energy)! 81]

Anana Hecate Ayer (x11) [(Magickal Chant to Hekate)]

Agios Tzaphoni Ama Lilith Layilil! Agios o Lilith Regina Gamaliel!
[Numinous (is) (Three Names of Lilith)! Numinous is Queen Lilith of Gamaliel]

I call Lilith to increase my personal magnetism and strengthen my magickal memory! Darksome and Vampyric Empress of the of the Infernal Shadow of Eden, embark from  your throne in the Black-Lunar Qlipha and make your influence known now unto me! Give me aid in the path of efflorescence! Grant me the acuity to understand my dreams and sexuality alike!

Oeos Acaphosh Nyot Zelesh
Istavaman Teneb Nsgiah Atomor
Ne Ammitabas Norzebr
Eyattan Kelosh Tsabelmes
Nriozt Hananed Ftaa Eos Ghat
[(Magickal Formula for the Summoning of Lilith)]

Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach (x11) [(Magickal Chant to Lilith)]

Baruch ha-Na-Ama-Hema (x11) [Blessed is Na-Ama-Hema]

I call forth the Vampyric  and Sempiternal Songstress known as Na’amah and Nahema alike, the Deathly Mother of Blood who resides within the Qliphoth! Manifest now and here in my presence and empower my personal magnetism. Grant me understanding of others and myself and empower my psychic perceptions. Hail unto the Qliphothic-Theriomorphic Mother of Pyromancy and Poison!

Naamah Nahemoth Nahema, Liftoach Shaari ha-Sitra Ahra! Val-Pal-Orth! Fam-Na-Hath!
[(Three Names of Nahema), Open the Gate to the Other Side! 165! 210]

Agios o Na-Ama-Hema! Salve Nahema Creatrix! Na-Ama-Hema — Venire!
[Numinous is Na-Ama-Hema! Hail to Nahema the Creatrix! Na-Ama-Hema — Come]

As I have spoken, so let it be done.


Acuity: Intelligence or Smartness
Efflorescence: Growth or Development
Numinous: Divine; Inspiring Loyalty; Composed of Darkness and Light Alike; Transcendental; Both Scary and Pleasing
Nightside: as an adjective, nightside is a synonym for infernal, and as a noun, the Nightside is an infernal plane, object, or person
Acausal: Spiritual and thus not subject to the laws of cause and effect
Pyromancy: a technique of divination using fire
Theriomorphic: divine yet taking the form of an animal



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