Original Hymns and Magickal Chants to Thor

Despite my disagreements with Odin, I have found Thor to be a very helpful entity. He’s comparable to the Egyptian deity named Khepri (the name of which deity is connected to the word of power Xeper) in that all he really seems to want is to help you get the most out of yourself– become the best person you can be. Like Khepri and Hecate, Thor is a deity useful for white and black magick alike– Left and Right Hand Path alike. Thor helps make us strong, courageous, powerful, confident, disciplined, etc. He was often called upon for the consecration of things and what seems like the empowerment of witchcraft spells. He has no problem working with a practitioner of Thursatru (Giant Worship).

I’ve written four original chants for magickally calling upon Thor along with a Latin hymn I wrote to him for the same purpose. The meanings of the chants are rendered in English in the brackets.

I’ll post a link to the Wikipedia article on him as well as an article about him from my favorite Norse mythology website:
Lastly, since my chants use a total of eleven of Thor’s fourteen names, I’ll link the Wikipedia article which defines those names:

Io Rym-Ennilag-Sonnung-Oku-Thor
[Hail (Four Names of Thor)]

Hailaz Donar
[Hail Donar/Thor]

Salve Pater Oku-Thor
[Hail Unto Father Thor of the Cart]

Heil Ennilag-Asa-Thor-Hardveur
[Hail (Three Names of Thor)]

Salve, salve, agios es
Agios ischyros Oku-Thor
Venire aeternae Atli Asa-Thor
Veni, Vethorm, Donar, et Sonnung
Ennilag, Einridi, Biorn, Gloria
Ave Pater et rex thunraz
Et agios o Mjolnir
This seven-stanza hymn to Thor includes several of his names: Oku-Thor, Atli, Asa-Thor, Vethorm, Donar, Sonnung, Ennilag, Einridi, and Biorn, and expresses admiration of his magickal hammer, Mjolnir. I will translate it non-literally so as to best convey its meaning and poetry. The term “numinous” is a synonym for “divine” which conveys a balance of traits– dark and light alike, for Thor is both Aesir and giant. The Numinous, as coined by Rudolf Otto, is transcendental or supramundane, and inspires, by its nature, both terror and wonder in those who behold it.
[Hail, hail, numinous art thou/ Mighty and numinous is Thor of the cart/ Come, terrible and eternal Thor of the Aesier/ Come, Thor, bear and protector of the shrine/ Glory to the one who rides alone, true spirit, one with a forehead wide/ Hail to the father and king over thunder/ And his hammer is numinous]


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