Invocation of Valefor

{This ritual uses name vibration, Enochian script, chants from Traditional Demonolatry, words of power from the Draconian Current and Luciferian Sorcery, and magickal chants of my own invention to bring the celebrant to union with Valefor/Malaphar. Names in bold are to be vibrated and phrases in italics are to be chanted. Translations appear in brackets. Don’t worry if you struggle with the pronunciation– just do your best. It’ll work. My rites are written for people who need to achieve strong results with magickal equipment, but it is perfectly fine (and advantageous) for the celebrant to incorporate whatever tools that she has– if she sees fit, at least. The two words of power which start with “Gisa” are the numerical values of Valefor’s name pronounced in Enochian}

Ol Zodameta A Gah Valefar! Solpeth A Omaoas:
[I Conjure the Spirit Valefar! Hearken Unto the Names]
Valefor + Gisa-Na-Hath-Graph + Malaphar + Valefor + Gisa-Na-Hath-Un

Baruch ha-Valephar Geber ha-Qliphoth (x9)
[Blessed is Valefor the Warrior of the Qliphoth]

Aperiatur Qliphoth, Invoco Malaphar (x11)
[Open the Qliphoth, I Call to Malaphar]

Zirdo Valefor A Micalzo Gah O Zuhrah! Ol Biah Ca Malephar A Micaelazodo Oheloka Od Gohed Hami Vonpho! Zir A Lixipsp O Sitra Achara! Zir Viruden Ca Ol Inoas Micalzo Sa Zirdo Ofekuha Saanir A Iadnamad De Valefor!
[I am Valefor, the Mighty Spirit of Venus! I stand as Malephar the Powerful Duke and Everlasting Creature of Wrath! I am the Warden of the Other Side! I am Beautified as I Become Strong and I am Elevated by the Divine Knowledge of Valefor]

Baruch ha-Valephar Geber ha-Qliphoth! Io Malephar!
[Blessed is Valephar, Warrior of the Qliphoth! Hail Unto Malephar]


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