The Sinister Rite of Self-Establishment

{This ritual serves to increase the traits of discipline and self-control and divest one of compulsive tendencies. Three of the demons called, Flereous/Haures/Flauros, Raum, and Gurigur/Alfpunias/Alefpene’ash, specialize in strengthening the first three traits, and the other two, Pheynix and Parfaxitas, specialize in neurological and psychological change of any kind. As my rites are made to be incredibly powerful even lacking fancy ritual equipment, tools of any kind may be incorporated in any way the celebrant desires. While sigils are advantageous they are also optional, and you will not be able to find one for Alfpunias outside of Liber Azerate. If any of the demons are unfamiliar to you and you would like to read about them, Google their name alongside my magickal name (V.K. Jehannum) to find and read my article about them. God-names and magick words in bold are to be vibrated, phrases in italics to be chanted, and translations for foreign phrases appear in brackets. A glossary of big words appears at the bottom. Face the North}

I call down five spirits of the infernal plane by my ritual of the Craft such that I might come to an abundance of self-control and discipline. Spirits, transmutate my character and the very neurostructural fundaments of my being to direct me aright! Liberate me from compulsiveness and remake my mind anew! Flavros + Alfpunias + Phenex + Gurigur + Raum + Flauros + Alefpene’ash + Parfaxitas + Haures + Raym + Flereous

Liftoach Kliffot! Liftoach Hekel Lebanath ha-Adamas Ater! Yehi Aur Chashakh!
[Open Up the Qliphoth! Open Up the Palace of the Pavement of the Black Diamond! Let there Be Infernal Light]

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Parfaxitas (x11)
[Open Pandemonium, and Bring Forth Parfaxitas]

I seek now the power of the Lycanthropic Initiator of Blood Magick and Dark Matter who dwells within the Martian Pathway of the Qliphoth. Hail unto Parfaxitas, the Nightside Harbinger of Chaos and Snow who rules over werewolves and chimeras. I summon the Jupiteric-Uranian Elder and Double-Crowned Spirit of the Abandoned Black Tower to manifest now before me. Open the Adamantine Gateways and come!

Gohed Parfaxitas Zacare (x9) [Eternal Parfaxitas, Move]

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Pheynix (x9)
[Open Pandemonium, and Bring Forth Pheynix]

By my tradition of Goetia, I call the Volitant Marquis from the Sphere of the Black Earth known as Phenex the Pyric Harbinger of Transubstantiation. Venusian Spirit of the Moon, come to me from your place of dwelling. Appear as the Theriomorphic Muse of Poetry and the Sciences that the grimoires of the left hand described you as and manifest in whatever form you elect in your wisdom and clairvoyance!

Ef Enay Phenix Ayer (x11)

Torzodu Micalzo Gah Raym (x9) [Arise, Mighty Spirit Raym]

I seek a blessing from the Pyric-Aeriform Earl of Thirty Atemporal Myriads who leaves desolated cities and war-torn landscapes in his wake. I call unto he who manifests within the circle as crow and hellhound alike to engender metanoia and changement of the celebrant at will. Hail unto Raum, Therionick Harbinger of Usurpation and Insurgency and Martial Shapeshifter of the Night! Arise within my presence, Lance-Bearing Patron of Honor and Violence!

Furca Na Alle Laris Raum (x11)

Ganic Tasa Fubin Flereous (x9)

I pursue the aid of that Druidic Matron of Pyromancy and Therionick Prophetess known in the Demonology of the grimoires as Mother Haures the Wicked Duke. Hail unto the Pyric Initiatrix who brings about transfigurement of the psyche and astral double. I call forth the Shamanic Demoness and Elemental of Fire who reduces the subjects of her anger to memories by way of immolation and arson! Manifest now and be present with me, Immortal Huntress and Esotericist!

Flavros, Hauras, Flereous – Venire Ducis Haures (x11)
[(Three Names of Flereous) — Come Duke Haures]

Finally I call upon the Vengeful One who resides within a kingdom filled with sentient spheres of cyclonic wildfire and mountainous demons which gush forth flame. I summon the Ancient Overseer of the Martial Qlipha and Wrathful Prince of Warcraft and Necromancy who rules over ritual sex and destruction magick. Arise from within the sphere of your dominion and visit your power unto this place: Arhapachad + Alfpunias + Gibbur-Nura Hazaphiel + Nahath-Pe + Alefpene’ash + Harba De Ashmedai Malka + Gurigur + Liftoach Titahion + Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Gurigur! Manifestos!
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Gurigur! (WoP for Summong)]

As I have spoken, so let it be done!

Volitant: Able to Fly
Pyric: Fiery
Theriomorphic: Divine and assuming the form or characteristics of an animal
Aeriform: In the Form of Air (reference to elemental affiliation)
Atemporal: Not bound by time
Myriad: a group with many members
Metanoia: mental change
Changement: change
Therionick: Able to magickally assume the form of an animal
Martial: attributed to Mars
Initiatrix: Female initiator
Immolation: sacrifice by burning
Sentient: Alive & self-aware
Cyclonic: like a cyclone


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