The Rite of Solidification

{This rite serves serves to remove or diminish the traits of insecurity, self-doubt, and submissiveness and fill the sorcerer with confidence, determination, and assertiveness. It calls upon Lilith, Verrier, and the demoness known variously as Put Satanachia, Satanackia, Satanachia, and Satanchia. This ritual uses magickal chants and words of power from The Bible of the Adversary by Michael W. Ford, the magickal course of Dragon Rouge, Liber AzerateModern Demonolatry by S. Connoly, Lilith: Goddess of Sitra Ahra by Black Tower Publishing, Book of Belial by Asha’Shedim, the Red Book of Appin by an author I can’t name, some I can’t remember, and my upcoming book with Daemonic Dreams Publishing. It’s designed to use profuse magickal chants and words of power to manifest strong results without much ritual equipment, so the use of any sigils and tools is to be determined and incorporated by the practitioner. Phrases in italics are meant to be chanted. Amabis is a magickal name for Lilith and physis is a term for the inner nature of a person. The word metanoia signifies a mental change}

Agios Ischyros Verrier! Invoco Sancta Put Satanachia! Ama Lilith, Liftoach Kliffoth!
[Numinous and Mighty is Verrier! I Call to the Holy Put Satanachia! Mother Lilith, Open the Qliphoth]

I call forth the Archfiends of Pandemonium to bring about the changement of my psyche via magickal metanoia. Refine the psychological aspect of my physis and further my journey of mental alchemy! Ascend now!

Melus De Quo Magma! Liftoach Kliffot! Yehi Aur Chashakh! Zodamran! Yatukisahla!
[Reality Emanates from the Demonic! Open the Qliphoth! Let their Be Infernal Light! By Magickal Belief, Desire Enters Physicality]

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Satanackia (x11)
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Satanackia]

Agios Tzaphoni Ama Lilith Layilil (x11)
[Numinous (is) (Various Names for Lilith)]

Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach (x6)

Lilith, Mistress of Illusions, Abyssic Shapeshifter, Mother of Succubi! Black-Lunar Initiatrix and Vampyre of Sitra Ahra! Arise within causality and divest my mind of self-doubt and insecurity alike!

Ahi Hay Lilith! Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach! Amabis!

Agios o Lilith Regina Gamaliel (x6)
[Numinous is Lilith, Queen of (the Qlipha of the Black Moon)]

Furca Na Alle Laris Satanchia (x11)

Verrier, I call you forward. Strengthen my spine against degradation and abuse and grant me an aptitude for self-assertion. Give me the determination and confidence I need in order to take up for myself.

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Verrier (x7)
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Verrier]

Elit Rayesta Verrier (x11)

Agios Ischyros Verrier! Io Satanchia-Put Satanachia-Satanackia! Melus De Quo Magma! Et Revertetur Ad Tenebras!
[Numinous and Mighty is Verrier! Hail (Names of Satanachia)! Reality Emanates from the Demonic! And All Returns to Darkness]

As I have spoken, so let it be done!


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