Chants to Abaddon / Apollo

Apollo was integrated into grimoiric demonology under the names Apolhun and Apollyon with Astaroth as his superior, but the fact that Abaddon/Apollyon originated from the Greek conceptions of Apollo was insufficient to convince me that the two entities were the same being/dual and different manifestations of the same consciousness/faces of the same divine force. It is true, if one delves deep into the mythological depictions of Apollo and the demonological depictions of Abaddon, that the two entities exhibit nearly the exact same faculties, dispositions, and idiosyncrasies in advanced magick and esotericism, that the two entities consistently exhibit the same traits. Nonetheless, it was not until I examined the correspondences of the two entities in Gematria, Isopsephy, Greek letter symbolism, and other numerological attributions and symbolisms that I became completely and irrevocably convinced that these two beings are one. For the whole article wherein I prove these assertions, click the following link:

Above: Sigil of Abaddon’s Serpentine Aspect Channeled by Augustus Grigori

Pal-Ged + Abaddon Abi Gazam + Antikidos Oxus Drepanon + Exterminans + Olothreutes Anabaino Sitra Achara + Apollyon + Apolhun + Aggelos Abussos + Abbaton + Malakh ha-Mavet
This is a formula of name vibration used for the purpose of calling forward Abaddon, including the numerical values of his names and other numbers sacred to the Infernal Divine spoken in the Enochian language so as to serve as magickal words. Various names and invented magickal monikers (Greek & Hebrew alike) are used.
Source: V.K.

Phanaeus + Apauliunas + Lycegenes + Sauroctonos + Cynthius + Delius + Pythius
This is a formulaic string of Apollo’s names to be vibrated for the purpose of his calling. The name formula consists of seven names, for the number seven is the number most sacred to Apollo.
Source: V.K.

Ave Apollo Rex Olympus Et Sol
This means “Hail Apollo, the King of Olympus and the Sun.” Consists of 11 syllables, the number of all magick. Used to call upon Apollo.
Source: V.K.

Venire, Pater Apollo-Pythius
This means “Come, Father Apollo of (A Specific Region of Delphi).” Consists of 11 syllables, the number of all magick.
Source: V.K.

Abaddon, Exterminans, Apollyon, Apollyn
This is a Chant Composed of Four Names for Abaddon

Io Abaddon-Apollyn
“Hail Abaddon/Apollyn!”

Adveni, Moltus Divinitus Et Belua, Domine Abbaton
“Come, Great Deity and Fiend, Lord Abbaton!”

Exsurge Abbaton Dominator Adhassyth
“Rise, Abbaton, Lord of the Abyss!”
(Adhassyth is a magickal word of power which serves to empower any spell it is spoken during. It may be used as a word meaning “Abyss” for ritual purposes only)

Abbaton, Apolhun, Abaddon Shadai
Magickal chant composed of Abaddon’s names in Demonology. Consists of 11 syllables, the number of all magick and all things demonic.
Source: V.K.

Salve Apollyon-Exterminans
This chant means “Hail Apollyon/Exterminans.” Exterminans is the Latin name for Abaddon used in the Vulgate.
Source: V.K.

I have created and previously posted five magickal chants for the calling forward of Apollo’s lycanthropic manifestation as the father of wolves. These chants were created for my upcoming book and can be found via the following link:

Look forward to invoking and otherwise working with the Olympian, Infernal, and Lycanthropic Aspects of Apollyon in my upcoming book with Daemonic-Dreams Publishing. Here are a pair of original sigils (the sigil for Apollo has magickal numbers attributed to him written around it):


V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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