Vassago (Goetia #3)

Names: Vassago, Vasago
Qlipha: Thaumiel
Rank: Prince, Archminister
Planet: Jupiter; Saturn; Mercury; Sun
Color: Blue, Light Blue
Date: April 9-20; March 30-April 3; Dec. 3-7; March 1-5
D/N: Diurnal
Zodiac: Aries 10-14 & 20-30; Sagittarius 10-14; Pisces 10-14
Tarot: 3 & 4 of Wands/Rods
Element: Water, Fire
Direction: West
Gematria: 316
Legions: 26 or 28
Channeled Magickal Numbers: 37, 34, 91, 74, 86
Attributions: Steel, Bone, Lemon Balm, Cedar, Saffron, Tin, Leek, Gold, Frankincense, Gilead, Grain of Paradise, Cedarwood, Ambergrise

vassago 3Above: Artistic Depiction of Vassago for Pathworking and an Altar Piece
(Picture Credit: G.A. Roseberg)

Vassago is a spirit of necromancy, divination, and empowerment. According to Aleister Crowley, he is “of the same nature as Agares.” His disposition is dark, malevolent, and baleful, and yet he is kindly disposed to the sorcerer. Said to be one of the Nephilim, he is a highly sophisticated entity. He faithfully defends the sorcerer and engenders the obliteration of her enemies. While he is ascribed to the rank of Prince in the Goetia, he claimed the rank of “Archminister” during my communion with him. Michael W. Ford describes him in Luciferian Goetia as follows:

Vassago is an angelic ruler of the tarot; silently invoked this Prince may produce
impulses and initiatory associations via the tarot thus allowing instinct to grow with association of such tools’ of divination. Vassago is also ideal for the willed divination of future initiation, a Gateway to the Luciferian Realm of Spiritual development. Vassago appears in the black mirror as a wind-rushed robed spirit who is both angel and demonic shadow, who has many arms and talon-fingers.

In Mark of Qayin, Asha’Shedim describes the appearance of Vassago as follows:

Vassago appears as a man with a long black blood stained robe. At his waist he has the severed heads of mundanes who tried to trick the trickster. Although he appears human in his causal form at first glance, further inspection reveals that he has many arms and long talonfingers which he uses to gouge out the eyes of the profane.

Vassago is a predatory destroyer who pursues opportunities to engender destruction. He appeared to me in a vision as a musclebound man with mouth full of teeth that appear that look fit to devour a man whole. He had long, black talons coming from his fingers and he appeared on a black throne within a realm of darkness.

Sigils of Vasago
Above: Traditional Sigils of Vassago

According to Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson:

So great is the power of Vassago, however (he is a “prince” in the hierarchy), that he is not bound by any sidereal or solar rules of time, and therefore may be summoned at any hour of the day or night. He is to be called only in matters of extreme perplexity, when all lesser methods of divination have availed you naught. 

Although he is “good by nature,” it is extremely important to remember that he is one of the seventy-two from of old, a being formed out of primordial fire eons before man evolved into his present shape, of an intelligence at this present time far superior to that of most men alive, and in the humiliating position of being susceptible to conjuration by apelike clay-formed Homo sapiens, by means of a faculty as yet mostly underdeveloped within said simian creatures. So approach his conjuration with extreme respect at all times; it is no idle operation.

Vassago begets the darkest alchemical transformations unto those prepared to essay them. He brings about the transformation of the witch into a dark and horrific being. He also helps improve social skills, conversational ability, quickness of thought, and social confidence.

Vasago can discover any lost, stolen, or hidden things and he gives answers regarding the past, present, and future. He can engender prophetic dreams He can reveal the secreted actions of specified persons and tell the witch whether or not somebody has cursed her. He presides over the act of black magickal initiation and all divinatory tools.

Sources: Luciferian Goeta by Michael W. Ford, The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic by J. Thorp, the Goetic Demonology of Aleister Crowley, The Dictionary of Demons by Michelle Bellenger, Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson, Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Conolly, and more

Magickal Chants

Keyan Vefa Jedan Tasa Vassago
Vassago’s Traditional ‘Enn’ or Summoning Chant

Afalla Afforro Afforron Vassago
Channeled Chant to Summon Vassago

Baruch Ha-Vassago Paraz Ha-Qlippoth
“Blessed in Vassago, Warrior of the Qliphoth!”

Io Vassago Rex Necromantia
“Hail Vassago the King of Necromancy!”

Invoco Vassago In Nomine Qliphoth
“I Call Vassago in the Name of the Qliphoth!”
In addition to calling forth Vassago, this chant simultaneously lulls the witch closer to the gnostic state (trance)

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Vassago
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Vassago!”
In addition to calling forth Vassago, this chant simultaneously presences Qliphothic energy to raise or strengthen a sacred space.

In Nomine Adamas Ater, Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet, Et Germinet Vassago
“In the Name of the Black Diamond, Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth, and Bring Forth Vassago!” In addition to calling forth Vassago, this chant simultaneously focuses the mind of the celebrant.

Reayha Bacana Lyan Reme Quim Vassago
An enn from The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic for invocations of Vassago

Aperiatur Qliphoth; Invoco Vassago
“Open the Qliphoth; I Call to Vassago!”
Invokes Vassago and strengthens the alchemical effects of the invocation rite. Only useful for invocation.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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