Names: Erakal, Enmessara/Enmeshara, Meslamtaeah/Meslamta-ea, Lugal-irra/Lugalgira/Lugal-banda, Sharrapu, E-meslah, Nergal/Nerigal/Nergel/Nirgali, Erra/Irra/Ira, Ishar, Suqamuna, Alad, Ne-iri-gal, Girunugal, Lugal-Meslam, Qaru, Lugal-Irra, Nirig, Aplu, Gibil, Sibitti
Qlipha: Golab & Thaumiel
Holy Day: Fire Festivals; Summer Solstice
Planet: Mars, Saturn, Sun, Jupiter
Rank: Minister of Hell; Chief of the Secret Police
Animal: Panther
Color: Yellow, Orange, Dark Red
Magickal Number: 7; 8
Gematria: 283
Attributions: Blood, Ashes, Iron, Amarathe, Tobacco, Kratom, Alcohol, Cocaine

27661403_1954853274833351_1606179163_nAbove: My Original Sigil for Nergal

Nergal was the Sumerian god attributed to the planet Mars. He ruled over the underworld and, according to some sources, his name translates to “Great Watcher.” He was a violent deity of war, fire, plague, desert winds, revenge, dark magick, sacrifice, water, darkness, blood, victory, protection, and pestilence, and his symbol was the sickle. He is often depicted carrying a scimitar and a decapitated head or a double lion-headed standard.

One translation of the name Nergal is “Dunghill Cock,” and Ne-uru-gal was a play-on-words used to refer to him as “the Lord of the Great Dwelling,” which ‘Great Dwelling’ is the underworld. Mythology depicted him as the son of Ninhursag (Davcina) and Enlil– his name Aplu is an abbreviation of Apal Enlil [Son of Enlil]. His name Sibitti means “seven” and his name Sharrapu refers to his incineration of old, outdated knowledge.

Nergal was the husband of Ereshkigal and by his union with her was Lilith said to be born. In my personal gnosis, Nergal is both the son and brother of Gargophias. Nergal instructed the guardians of Ereshkigal, namely the Ugallu, in the art of torture.

Nergal is attributed to the depths of the ocean. He presides over tsunamis, whirlpools, and drowning. He’s a good spirit to call upon to enchant ouija boards and crystal balls. He can help one get away with murder.

Nergal can strengthen the intuition and magickal memory of the witch and engender the dissolution of the ego. He presides over necromancy, banishing, stellar magick, destruction rites, protective workings, blood magick, cleansing by water, cleansing by fire, and fire festivals.

Nergal can be called upon for initiations through the spheres of Golachab (Mars/Asmodeus) and Thaumiel (Neptune & Pluto/Moloch & Satan). He can guide the witch in the act of crossing the abyss.

Nergal’s affiliation with the sun is confusing, and has led certain authorities to haphazardly attribute him to the Black Sun because Nergal rules the disappearance of the sun at the day’s end, which part of the sun’s cycle was believed to be the sun’s descent into the underworld. This is a vast oversimplification of the Black Sun, and the following description from Wikipedia should dissuade the reader from that misconception.

Nergal seems to be in part a solar deity, sometimes identified with Shamash, but only representative of a certain phase of the sun. Portrayed in hymns and myths as a god of war and pestilence, Nergal seems to represent the sun of noontime and of the summer solstice that brings destruction, high summer being the dead season in the Mesopotamian annual cycle. He has also been called “the king of sunset”.

I have constructed a magickal chant out of some of Nergal’s names: NIRIG NIRGALI E-MESLAH. Another chant I have designed to call him forth is IO NERGAL-ENMESHARA.

I have selected seven of his names to make into a magickal name vibration formula, which goes as follows: NERIGAL + ENMESHARA + ISHAR + LUGAL MESLAM + QARU + SUQAMUNA + NE-IRI-GAL


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


7 thoughts on “Nergal

  1. I do not know a single person that worked with the Necronomicon and kept their mind sane. You can literally work with radioactive isotopes at home and feel fine, getting results, blablabla. Radiation effects also take a while to manifest. It has a reason that the author of this book was called a madman. But, as always, anybody should decide for his or her own. I just know the ancients in this book will fuck you up.


    1. Sounds like you’re projecting a ‘one colored’ way(if you will) of perceiving the spirits of Simon’s necronomicon. I know for a fact that when approached with love, respect, and pure intentions all the spirits of the necronomicon will help the witch grow to the best of their ability.
      I speak from experience and I haven’t lost my grounding in the human world, my “sanity” stays intact.


  2. Sounds like someone I should be working with. I’m an avid Kratom aficionado (been using daily for years), and a former cokehead. I also have a sadistic side, and am seeking divine guidance in the baneful arts. I’m not an anti-cosmic, but I’m no philanthropist either.


      1. Kratom was a god-send for me. I really feel for you. I know the south has been pushing really hard to ban it, and several states have succeeded, thanks to little fuckwits getting headshop K and abusing it.

        I spent a few months working in Tennessee (where it is also illegal), and I ended up making the drive down to Georgia multiple times to buy overpriced kratom from small little headshops. There has been a fair amount of backlash against the push for kratom prohibition, though, and I’m still holding out hope that all this nonsense will be reversed.

        It’s a solid plant, and it has helped a lot of people overcome opioid addiction and alcoholism. I also find it (along with a little kava) to be useful during ritual, or simply for mindful relaxation (I have an alternative form of mediation that blends the meditative state with the dreaming state).

        I love your work, by the way. I’m sure all the lip-service gets old after a while, but I was on my way back to Christianity when I discovered you. In a way, you’re responsible for helping save my soul.


      2. You’re pretty much better without it, I got my cousin into Kratom… he’s basically a daily user although he’s used to medication like opiates, he uses it to avoid opioid complications

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