Superior: Amaymon
Element: Earth
Qlipha: Nehemoth (Black Earth/Na-Ama-Hema)
Gematria: 108; 411

Azael and Semyaza/Aza were the two leaders of the Watchers in apocryphal lore, and are most often identified with Azazel. While I originally suspected Azael and Azazel to be one and the same, it became immediately clear that the two were different entities once Azael manifested.

Azael is a psychopomp and the messenger between the denizens of Nahemoth (Black Earth/Na’amah) and the courts of the Qliphoth. He is primarily necromantic in nature, as indicated by the blackness of his eyes. The Black Light of Sitra Achara flows through his veins and empowers him. He has boiled out, in his alchemy, most traces of the angelic within himself.

Azael can empower the spirit animal– the bestial manifestation of the Higher Self– through death magick and darkness. He can strengthen the astral weaponry of the witch and implant an evolutionary catalyst in her soul. He can engender empowerment via death magick.

Azael rules over destiny and the escorting of the souls of the deceased to the afterlife.

Azael has a manifestation like an angel’s corpse possessed. He looked like a zombified angel with grey skin and completely black eyes– I’ve noticed black eyes apparently correlating with being necromantic in nature.


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