Names: Qemetiel, Qematriel, Qematiel, Qematial
Veil: Tohu (Ain)
Direction: Northwest
Gematria: 190
Metal: Silver
Color: Grey, White, Silver, Purple, Blue
Element: Water (Primary); Air (Secondary)
Primary Star: Naos/Zeta Puppi
Additional Stars: Beetelgeuse, Alpha Draconis, Dabih

IMG_0757 Above: the Most Recent Sigil I Made for Qemetiel

Qemetiel, Belial, and A’athiel comprise the Threefold Emanation from the Abyss which engendered the manifestation of the Nightside Palace of Deathful Wombs and are considered to be the Qliphothic equivalents of the Christian Trinity which engendered the manifestation of the Sephiroth. While Belial is rightly venerated as one of the foremost divinities of Western black magick, the other members of this trinity are largely disregarded even in modern Qliphothic esotericism. I would ask the reader to think of how much Belial has offered her in her black magickal endeavors, and posit that Qemetiel and A’athiel inevitably warrant equivalent veneration to him, so I post this dissertation in hopes that Qemetiel will become a part of your Craft.

The Trans-Qliphothic Triumvirate presides over the Three Veils before Samael, where Samael is the aspect of Satan which resides beyond even the Qliphothic Spheres and the Trans-Qliphothic Veils within the primordial abyss. The manuscripts of the Temple of the Black Light delineate the Veils before Samael as follows:

“These are ‘The Three Powers (or Dark Veils) Before Satan’ and are within our tradition seen as the three Forces that came out of Ain Sof in order to make way for the manifestation of The Black Light in The Outer Darkness that became Sitra Ahra. These three powers can be seen as the Burning Trident held high above the Thaumitan/Two-headed Master of Thaumiel. These three powers can also be viewed as Wrathful Reflections of Ain, Ain Sof and Ain Sof Aur, and as the Three Steps from Sitra Ahra back to the womb of Tehom/Tiamat or to The Mystery Unmanifested (ie. The Primal Chaos).”

Qemetiel presides over the First of the Three Trans-Qliphothic Veils which stand as a Trinity above the Pillars of the Qliphoth between the Tree of Death and Knowledge and the Primordial Abyss wherein Samael, the Penultimate Face of the Devil, is said to preside and rule. His Veil stands above Thaumiel and is referred to in Hebrew as Tohu, a Hebrew word translating to “Formless,” “Chaos,” and “Desolation.” He gives much tutelage regarding acts of violence, insurrection, murder, war, and drug dealing. He can impart whatever book smarts and street smarts the witch desires and present voluminous instruction in magick and witchcraft.

27783340_1954853281500017_1272788586_nAbove: the First Sigil I Made for Qemetiel

As a Divinity of the Nightside Veils beneath the Devil of the Abyss, Qemetiel stands elevated in station beyond Chavajoth (the Azerate). The name Qemetiel is generally translated to English as “God of Crowns,” but I believe a speculative re-translation is in order for the purposes of Qliphothic esotericism. “God of Crowns” appears to make less sense, in light of my gnosis of Qemetiel, than the translation “Crown of Divinity.”

The numerical value of Qemetiel is 190, which corresponds to a Hebrew word signifying the rib of Adam. It also corresponds to a Hebrew word meaning “Pearl,” and while this word is held to be a title of the Sephirothic Sphere of the Earth, the word “Pearl” is often used as a moniker for the Philosopher’s Stone. By comparing these two correspondences, we can infer that the number 190 relates to the spark of divinity which is intrinsic to humankind– or at least the feminine polarity of it. After all, Malkuth and Eve are both feminine. As the Qliphoth is considered to be of a primarily female polarity, this is a sensible inference.

Other correspondences to 190 include Hebrew words which translate to “to ascend,” “blossom,” “to put to death by stoning,” “precept/statue,” “inner,” “flower/blossom,” “feather/wing,” “end,” and “to exult/to rejoice,” many of which appear to verify my prior inference.

There is an eschatological trinity of infernal forces in apocryphal Hebrew literature comprised of Leviathan, Behemoth, and Ziz– i.e. the Qliphothic beasts of the water, earth, and air. The number 190 corresponds to Ziz, as well as to the Edomite Duke of the Sphere of the Sun. Lastly, the 190 is the mystic number of the pathway between Gashkalah (Jupiter/Astaroth) and Golachab (Mars/Asmodeus), which pathway is attributed to Leo.

The numerical value of Tohu is 411, which is also the value of Genesis 2:9– “And from the ground the Lord God caused to grow.” 411 corresponds to various Israelite persons of significance as well as to a prophet by the name of Asiel. Asiel is also a name of Azael, one of the leaders of the Watchers, so this number probably relates to him as well.

411 corresponds to one of the layers of the septenary Sephirothic schema (like the Seven Hells) wherein the Sphere of the Sun is located, and 190 corresponds to the Edomite Duke attributed to the sphere of the Sun. Since the Goetia attributes Belial to the Sun, it is logical to infer that Qemetiel is of a rank best compared to a Goetic King like Belial. However, Qemetiel is not attributed to the Sun, and has instructed me to withhold his planetary affiliation from the public.

Magickal Chants

Agios Es, Atta Qematriel, Divus Alienus
“Numinous Art Thou, Father Qematriel, Strange/Foreign Deity!”

Obveni Aethereus Qematriel
“Come, Immortal Qematriel!”

Concalo Qematial Traditor Tohu
“I Call Qematial, the Instructor of the First Trans-Qliphothic Veil!”

Ornate Sapiens Qematiel
“Praise to the Wise Qematiel!”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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