Chakra-Awakening Ritual Bath

{The witch is to draw a bath and recite this spell over the waters once it’s full. This spell will enchant the waters to engender the gentle but significant increasement of the open-ness of all of one’s chakras, including the spinal chakras, minor chakras, transpersonal chakras, etc.– all of them. Amy/Avnas, Qalilitu/Madogiel, and Baratchial are called upon for this purpose. It is the prerogative of the celebrant to select any ritual equipment she considers appropriate for this ritual. Names to be vibrated appear in bold. Magickal formulae to be chanted appear in italics. Translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets. 57 is the numerical value of Amy’s name and 87 is a number related and conducive to all acts of black magick}

Baratchial + Avnas + Qalilitu +  Baratchial + Amy + Madogiel + Avnas

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Amy (x11)
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Amy]

Agios Ischyros Qalilitu, Filia Luna Nigrantis (x11)
[Numinous and Mighty is Qalilitu the Daughter of the Black Moon]

Salve Sancta Aeternae Baratchial (x11)
[Hail Unto the Sacred and Eternal Baratchial]

Don-Graph, Avnas, Drun-Graph, Amy (x11)
[Eighty-Seven, Avnas, Fifty-Seven, Amy]

Venire Mater Qalilitu (x11)
[Come, Mother Qalilitu]

Agios es, Baratchial Initiatrix (x11)
[Numinous Art Thou, Baratchial the Initiator]

Tu Fubin Amy Secore (x11)
(Amy’s Traditional ‘Enn’ or Summoning Chant]

(Enter the Bath)


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