The Rite of Acausal Percipience

{This ritual calls upon the spirits Raum/Raym, Qalilitu/Madogiel, Qalmana/Luluwa/Awan/Qalomena/Lebuda, and Niantiel/Mawethel to sharply magnify the psychic powers of the sorcerer. Names in bold are to be vibrated and phrases in italics are to be chanted. Translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets. It is the prerogative of the celebrant to determine which if any material equipment he would like to use}

I call forth the Sempiternal Partisans of Infernality known as the Goetic Count of Mars and Qalilitu the Vampyric Destructrix! Appear now unto me alongside Niantiel and the Witch-Mother and engender the refinement of my psychic senses!

Oh hear the names: Qalomena + Raum + Luluwa + Qalilitu + Mawethel + Qalmana + Madogiel + Lebuda + Raym + Awana + Niantiel

Liftoach Kliffot! Agios Ischyros Qalilitu, Filia Luna Nigrantis!
[Open the Qliphoth! Numinous and Mighty is Qalilitu, Daughter of the Black Moon]

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Niantiel!
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Niantiel]

I call upon the Qliphothic Immortals known as Niantiel, Queen Luluwa, Qalilitu, and Count Raym of Pandemonium. Let your presences emanate waves of erratic blackness and energy and sensations of incredible wonder. I pursue the gnosis of Sitra Ahra.

Zodamran! Zodamran! Melus De Quo Magma!
(Words of Power for Demonic Magick)

I call upon you to heighten my psychic senses. Improve my faculties of divination and communication with spirits. Grant me an intuitive apprehension of visions, omens, and dreams. Elevate my station as you open my eyes. Hail unto the spirits of the Qliphoth.

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Raym (x11)
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Raym]

Venire Mater Qalilitu (x11) [Come, Mater Qalilitu]

Io Niantiel-Mawethel (x11)
[Hail Niantiel-Mawethel]

Qalilitu, venire. Madogiel, venire. Aperiatur Acharayim et germinet Qalilitu! Io Niantiel-Mawethel! Io Qalmana-Lil-U-Wa! Liftoach Hekel Lebanath Ha-Adamas Ater!
[Qalilitu, Come! Madogiel, Come! Open the Backwards Tree, and Bring Forth Qalilitu! Hail Qalmana/Luluwa! Open the Palace of the Pavement of the Black Diamond]

Furca Na Alle Laris Raum (x9)

Qalmana Meleketh ha-Gulgatha va-Nogah (x11)
[Qalmana Queen of Gulgatha and Venus]

As I have spoken, so let it be done!


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