Prayer Rite to Hecate

Above: Original Sigil of Hecate

This prayer consists of magickal chants created by V.K. Jehannum, the Temple of the Black Light, Wiccan Tradition, Traditional Witchcraft, Demonolatry (specific text: Honoring Death), and the 218 Current (specific text: Liber Azerate). Translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets. The prayer is to be recited thrice and the witch is to make one to three requests for Hecate to fulfill prior to recitation.

Ave Agia! In Nomine Chaos, Vocamus Te Hekate!
[Hail Agia (Hecate)! In the Name of Chaos, We Call to Hekate]

Aperiatur Stella, et germinet Agia!
[Open the Sky, and Bring Forth Agia (Hekate)]

Io Hekate Io Ho! Eko, Eko Hekate!
(Magickal Chants to Call on Hecate)

Salve Pandeina Antania Hekate!
[Hail Unto Hekate, the Queen of the Underworld Feared by All]

Veni Hekate! Veni Hekate! Veni Hekate!
[Come Hekate! Come Hekate! Come Hekate]

Salve Luna Infortuna Nocticula Hekate!
[Hail to Hekate the Baleful Moon Which Shines at Night]

Io Hekate Io Ho! Anana Hekate Ayer!
(Magickal Chants to Call on Hecate)

Ave Abnukta Hekate! Ave Nocticula Hekate! Ave Trivia Hekate!
[Hail Hekate Who Wanders at Night! Hail Hekate Who Shines at Night! Hail Unto the Three-Formed Hekate]

Ave Agia!
[Hail Agia (Hecate)’]


One thought on “Prayer Rite to Hecate

  1. Ave Agia! Io Hekate Io Ho!
    O Blessed Queen of Bones
    O Phileremos, O Noctiluna
    Pale Mother, Anassa Eneroi
    Torch Bearing Holy Daughter of Night
    Brimo, Nyttipolis Khthonie, Anassa Eneroi
    Ye who loves the the mournful wailing of dogs
    O Thea Deinos, hear my call from the Abyss
    Come Hekate, and accept my offerings.
    Veni Hekate, Veni Hekate, Veni Hekate
    Come garlanded by fearsome snakes, coiled round twigs of oak
    Come O Torch Bearer with the hounds of the underworld barking shrilly all around
    Come and make the earth tremble
    Veni Hekate!

    Ananna Hekate Ayer x3
    Hekate Trimorphis Trioditis Enodia x3
    Brimo, Nyttipolis Khthonie, Anassa Eneroi x3
    Io Hekate Io Ho!
    Ave Agia!


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