Magickal Chants to Asmodeus/Asmoday

Asmodeus + ASH-MAY-daw-aw-ee + Ahsommagar + AYE-TOUR-uh-GOTH + Lagalakor + LAY-TOUR-igguthawl + Mathagator + YAY-ALL-UH-GORE + Torriffuggal + AYE-CALL-UH-THOR + Tirgathaggawl
This name formula, channeled for my upcoming grimoire, consists of eleven names, several of which are channeled. I spelled some of the secret names, approved for public release, such that they would be pronounced right the way an uneducated hillbilly would sound them out. Others were broken down into their syllables, with syllables which equate to know English words (“Uh” counts as a word) being presented as that word spelled entirely capitalized letters. This formula is too powerful for beginners, so I’ve enchanted the formula such that whosoever recites it will only tap into as much of its power as they can handle. Should the celebrant experience waverings of confidence (paranoia, doubt, etc.) of the severity which could fuck up the working being performed, this formula is enchanted such that the intent will manifest purely. The second channeled name is from Liber Al-Ghoul. Source: V.K. & Liber Al-Ghoul

O, Salve Ashmadia
“Oh, Hail Ashmadia/Asmoday”
Source: V.K.

Amplaudate Praegrandis Osmodeus Shamdon
“I Praise the Great (Two Names for Asmodeus)”
Source: V.K.

Salve Ambrosius Asmoday Deum Tricipitem
“Hail the Immortal Asmoday the Three-Headed God!”
Source: V.K.

Adveni Exitosus Asmodaios
“Come, Destructive Asmodaios!”
Source: V.K.

Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Asmodeus
“Open the Qliphoth, and Bring Forth Asmodeus”
Source: V.K.

Salve Sancta Pater Achemedai
“Hail the Holy Father Achemedai/Asmodeus”
Source: V.K.

Agios Asmodeus
“Numinous (is) Asmodeus”
Source: V.K.

Agios o Asmoday
“Numinous is Asmoday”
Source: V.K.

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

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