The Nature of the Qliphoth

The Qliphoth is an esoteric intimation of the Infernal Plane composed of ten spheres and twenty-two tunnels. I call it the Nightside Palace of Deathful Wombs. Every Qliphothic pathway and sphere is a gateway to self-transformation which, all together, entirely rewrites the personhood of the sorcerer.
The true nature of Infernality is balance– the harmonious union of darkness with light, the optimal juxtaposition of insight and ruthlessness, and the reconciliation of deserved compassion with justified eradication.
The Qliphoth is known variously as the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Death. The word Qliphoth means “Husks” or Shells” but esoterically translates to mean WOMBS. And the Tree of Death is indeed composed of wombs– the nature of Infernality is balance.
The Qliphoth is ruled by eleven Infernal Gods– the demonic aspects of the deities which humankind has trusted with their well-being since the dawn of time– and every pathway and sphere is an astral biosphere of local species of demonic and deathful divinities.
The Tree of Knowledge and Death is presided over by male, female, and androgynous divinities alike, and the adept molded by its emanations is balanced between masculine and feminine like the Demonic Gods she aspires to emulate. Unlike systems like white magickal Kabbalah which degrade the feminine and the Sevenfold Way which autistically restricts it, the Qliphoth fully embraces, employs, and exhibits the true range of the Divine Feminine through its Infernal Manifestation.
The black magickal avenue of self-transformation and self-deification made possible by the Qliphoth is of a most powerful and painful kind.
The first three spheres will brutalize you, mutilating your fallacious conceptions of who you are at a person, brutalizing your heart and your ego alike. The second two spheres will make you WHOLE AGAIN, and the last three will elevate you in ways I cannot convey.
It has been written that those of us who have learned from personal adversity attain the favor of wisdom. Every sphere elevates your consciousness, and then fulfills its transformation of you via correlated mundane ordeals. Embrace the suffering, become whole, and thereby, become divine. Hail Satan.

4 thoughts on “The Nature of the Qliphoth

    1. Here are some of the books I’d recommend on the topic. They all have their own misconceptions for you to avoid falling for, however.

      -Qabbalah, Qliphoth, and Goetic Magic by Thomas Karlsson

      -Qliphoth Opus III by Black Tower Publishing

      -Goetic Evocation by Steve Saddow

      -Liber Azerate

      -The Book of Sitra Ahra

      -Liber HVHI by Michael W. Ford

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  1. I have been following you for awhile about a year and love your writings, even though most of it is over my head, could you guide me into the darkness


  2. the system makes more and more sense to me. You first start as a mage who works with the demons but later on you will be drawn to not working only but devil worship what means that your ability to trust will be challenged. More than a year ago Satan gave me a glyph showing two triangles pointing the upper tips like the Dagaz-rune. But he meant not Dagaz or pyramids or crystal structures or the war sign of the Navajo, he meant the Minkowski-Time-Space-diagram. I never heard of it before. I would say that Theistic Satanism shows all properties of a religious system.


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