The 12-Letter Name of Chavajoth

So one of the most popular names for the Azerate (11 Rulers of the Qliphoth) is the reverse Tetragrammaton– HVHI, variously rendered as Chavajoth and Havayoth.
I found something in an old grimoire– the skeleton of a name which would be an inversion of the twelve-letter Shemhamforash (YHVH is the four-letter Shemhamforash). This inverse-Shemhamforash would be a name for the Azerate, just like HVHI.
The skeleton read as follows: HHMHTBWNHD’AT.
No vowels, as Hebrew is usually spelled. Problem is, I couldn’t find a rendering of the inverse 12-letter Shemhamforash with the vowels anywhere.
Then I realized, I could just pick some. The formula Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas gets its power from its containment of 11 A’s, right? So I added 11 A’s.
HaHaMaHaTaBaWaNaHaDa’at is the inverse 12-letter Shemhamforash– the formula which opens the Qliphoth. And it’s powerful as fuck.
To be clear, the last syllable, Da’at (and yes, it should be one syllable), is indeed Da’at/Da’ath, the abyss. The 12-letter Shemhamforash ended with “Keter,” so the inverse one is supposed to end with Da’ath.

4 thoughts on “The 12-Letter Name of Chavajoth

  1. Hey here VK! Do you have any experiences with Abalam? Specifically the personality and mannerisms of this spirit that accompanies King Paimon? And perhaps the second king that accompanies KP?


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