The Rite of Infernal Vampyrism

{This ritual calls upon three Qliphothic archdemons who specialize in psychic vampyrism to improve the celebrant’s ability to digest energy, improve hand-eye coordination, improve the talent of persuasion, improve the talent of seduction, improve astral sight, strengthen personal magnetism, empower the astral double for travel, fill one with the joy of living, strengthen one’s confidence, empower the vampiric tendrils, strengthen astral hearing (clairaudience), and develop the psychic power of empathy. Basically, this ritual makes one a better vampyre all around. The specific demons summoned are Lafoursiax/Lafcursiax, Amarantha/Gargophias, and Zamradiel. Ushuanarasta, Zodamran, and Manifestos are all magickal wods of power. Phrases to be chanted appear in italics and names & words of power to be vibrated appear in bold. Translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets. Acharayim and Sitra Achara are alternate titles for the Qliphoth}

Liftoach Hekel Lebanath Ha-Adamas Ater! Melus De Quo Magma!
[Open the Palace of the Pavement of the Black Diamond! Reality Emanates from the Demonic]

Ushuanarasta + Zamradiel + Amprodias + Lafoursiax + Amarantha + Lafcursiax + Gargophias + Zodamran

Zacare Amprodias Gohed (x11)
[Move Amprodias Everlasting]

I conjure forward the Hermaphrodite Sylph who sits enthroned within the Acausal Pathways of Sitra Achara! Amprodias, Sempiternal Predator and Blood-Drinker of the Qliphoth, descend unto me and recognize me as your brother/sister and disciple in the arts of predation and strengthen my vampyric metabolism. I conjure the Immortal Sylph-King of the Nightside! Refine the coordination of my limbs and grant me the gift of persuasion!

Niis Caosgon Micalzo Zamradiel (x11)
[Come Be to the Earth Mighty Zamradiel]

I call down the Shamanistic Libertine from Acharayim. Zamradiel is the Alchemist and Beastmaster of the Qliphoth who presides over the Pathway of the Nitid Twins which elucidate the nightscape. I seek to refine my talents of seduction and become through the empowerment of my astral sight and personal magnetism. Appear within my arena of sorcery.

Zacare Sa Arphe Lafcursiax Pambt (x11)
[Move and Descend, Lafcursiax, Unto Me]

I call forth Lafcursiax, the Vengeful Queen of Lamiai!

I conjure you, Goddess of Love and Predation alike who presides over the Qliphothic Tunnel of Higher Alchemy. Empower my shadow double for voyage and impress the blissful joy of living upon me so that I might never lose sight of hope. Descend from the Nightside and make my confidence unassailable.

Niiso Odzamran Gargophias (x11)
[Come and Appear Gargophias]

I conjure forth the Ravenous Shapeshifter, the Witch-Initiator of the Triple Moon who resides within the Abyssal Tunnel of Sitra Achra. Strengthen my tendrils of devouring and refine my astral hearing and empathy such that I might become the apex predator through sorcery. I call forth Gargophias so that I might become empowered!


Big Words Used in the Ritual
Sempiternal: Eternal
Nightside: Infernal Plane
Libertine: Sexually Unrestrained Individual
Nitid: Shining
Nightscape: Landscape Covered by Darkness due to Night
Lamiai: Half-Serpent Half-Human Vampyres


11 thoughts on “The Rite of Infernal Vampyrism

  1. In many of your rites I note you give magickal chants to be used by the practitioner as the main focus of the spell; what other specifics do you feel should be included during ritual? For instance, this approach of calling ‘barbarous names’ is quite redolent of Greek Hermeticism, and rites of that kind often included inscriptions on papyri which was then burnt, or offerings were left at a shrine, dance was employed etc. etc. Do you employ anything of this sort?


  2. Barbarous names, barbarous tongues, words of power, and magickal chants are always the linchpin of my ritual scripts. They are inherently powerful in a way that my aesthetic prose is not. Magickal chants become increasingly powerful over time with use, and since I use the same chants in multiple rituals, I’m lending power to my future rites in my practice of this one. Since other people use these chants as well, we’re all empowering one another’s future rites.

    I don’t have parchment or papyrus like some witches do, but I do use sigils, usually with relevant magickal chants and related numbers of spiritual significance drawn around them, and more often than not, empowered by blood. I am well aware that burning such sigils would engender increased results, but I think I’d regret doing so in this part of town.


  3. Do you have any recommandations to progress into vampirism in a lhp perspective ? What do you think of the codex aristarchus especially its initiation is it usefull to progress or should it be done only with the intention of joining the dc and the ona. In any case thanks for your articles and rituals !


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