Invocation of Dagdagiel

I conjure down Dagdagiel,
Dominatrix of Royal Blood and Saturnian Aspect,
She Who Personifies the Green Ray and Left Hand
Of Mother Nature and Venus the Wicked,
The Darksome Goddess of the Fourteenth Tunnel,
The Doorway Between the Black Womb of Uranus
And the Saturnian Sphere of the Nightside.

Descend Now and Manifest Within My Vessel of Flesh
So that I Might Orchestrate Evolution through Your Gnosis
And Become through the Alchemies of the Nightside Exalted.

Val-Ceph-Ged, Drun-Orth, Dagdagiel (x11)

Dagdagiel Rules the Mortiferous Womb,
The Place of the Gallows,
The Portal and Tunnel of the Vulva Averse,
Suspended Betwixt the Power-Spheres
Of the Shaman’s Wand and Sword.
I Conjure Forth Dagdagiel, Divine and Exalted,
The Priestess and Oracle of Qliphothic Arcana,
The Immortal Whose Womb of Deathfulness
Establishes the Furtherance of Life.

Through the Forbidden Path of the Renegade Heir,
The Demonic Mysteries of Sacred Sex,
The Empress is Coronated Once Again,
To Rule from a Foreign Throne Above
The Kingdom of Manifoldness.

Zuhalma, Dagdagiel, Bakshorilon (x11)

I Have Become Unified with the Saturnic-Venusian Woman,
Archdemoness Usurper, Demon-Goddess, Mother Nature
Who Presides Above Recrudescence
And Putrefaction Alike.
As I Have Spoken, So Let it Be Done.

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