The Rite of Power and Furtherance

{This ritual calls upon Zamradiel, Malphas/Malpas, and the spirit known variously as Carabia, Decarabia, and Demonosophia to empower the celebrant for sorcery by increasing her magickal power and strengthening her psychic senses. This ritual uses chants and words of power from Dragon Rouge, Book of Belial by Asha’Shedim, the Bible of the Adversary by Michael W. Ford, Liber Azerate by the 218 Current, and Modern Demonolatry by S. Conolly. Manifestos is a word of power my mentor uses for summoning and Yatukisahla (Yaw-TWO-KEY-SAW-LAW) is a word of power to strengthen any ritual. Words to be vibrated appear in bold, and words to be chanted appear in italics. Translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets. The celebrant should have a water bottle or some other beverage to drink at the culmination of the ritual}

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Zamradiel (x11)
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Zamradiel]

I conjure forward three archdemonic emissaries of the infernal myriads of the Nightside to bestow upon me an alchemical crescendo. Zamradiel, Sorcerous Vampyre and Warlord! Decarabia, Nocturnal Witch-King and Geomancer! Malphas, Shapeshifting Oracle of Saturn! Arise to refine my psychic senses and magnify my spiritual power! Descend!

Yatukisahla + Zamradiel + Decarabia + Malphas + Demonosophia + Malpas + Carabia

Manifestos! Liftoach Kliffot! Porro Triumphator In Inferno Sunt!
[(Word of Power)! Open the Infernal Plane! Victory Lies with the Infernal]

Oecremi Malphas A Micalzo Sa Zamradiel A Gohed. Ol Zodameta Decarabia. Ol Um Isli, Zamradiel. Malpas Zacare Od Caosgon. Arphe Odzamran Carabia.
[Praise Malphas the Mighty and Zamradiel the Everlasting. I Conjure Thee, Decarabia. I Call Thee, Zamradiel. Malpas, Move and Be to the Earth. Descend and Appear, Carabia]

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Malpas! Io Carabia!
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Malpas! Hail Carabia]

Lirach Tasa Malphas Ayer (x7)

Carabia, Demonosophia, Decarabia (x11)

Io Zamradiel! Et Revertetur Ad Tenebras!
[Hail Zamradiel! And All Returns to Darkness]

Melus De Quo Magma (x9)
[Reality Emanates from the Demonic]

Hoesta Noc Ra Decarabia Secore! Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Zamradiel!

As I have spoken, so let it be done!

(drink beverage)


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