Hecatean Ritual to Empower a Teddy Bear

{This ritual serves to empower a teddy bear or other model bear at as a totem of sorcery which increases all divinatory operations, evocations, invocations, and all other magick performed within its proximity. Arkula, the Bear Form of Hekate/Agia, known as Ameibousa. This ritual uses chants largely of my own creation, but also those from Traditional Witchcraft and the Temple of the Black Light. The concept of this ritual is to empower a childhood object and therefor transcend its causality. If I wanted to grasp for straws, I could probably put something together about reinstating the value of an object from your youth to something something transcend mortality. Honestly, I just wanted to enchant my goddamn teddy bear. Bitches like it. Translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets, and names and chants in bold are to be vibrated. I managed to write the prose pretty well– it’s a little comical}

Ave Agia! Eko Eko Hecate! Io Arkula!
[Hail Agia! Welcome, Welcome Hecate! Hail Arkula]

I conjure forward the darksome magicks of Hekate to consecrate this object as an atavistic talisman of my magickal tradition. Consecrate its mass for the increasement of my sorceries so it will empower my rituals of summoning and divination.

Veniat Ad Me, Mater Ameibousa! Veni Hekate! Aperiatur Stella, Et Germinet Agia!
[Come Unto Me, Mother Ameibousa! Come, Hekate! Open the Sky, and Bring Forth Agia]

The Number of Hecatean Witchcraft is Eighty-One.

Through sorcerous vibration, I articulate the sacred names of Mother Hecate, the Sempiternal Bear Goddess of Alchemy and the Underworld to consecrate and sanctify this totem of my Craft as a great magickal talisman of Hekatic Enchantment. Empower its mass such that all sorceries performed within its proximity shall be augmented in power by its sanctification. Oh hear the names!

(visualize the teddy bear vibrating with every word and name)

Pandamateira + Alkimos + Hekate + Oistroplaneia + Arkula + Enodia + Aionos + Episkopos + Apanchomene + Basileia + Alexeatis + Ameibousa + Daspleti + Oistrophaneia + Ekdotis + Anana Hekate Ayer

I thank Mother Hecate for blessing me with her sorceries.

As I have spoken, so let it be done.


7 thoughts on “Hecatean Ritual to Empower a Teddy Bear

  1. Its probably out of morbid fascination. I mean, if I saw an autist jerking themselves off on a streetcorner, I wouldnt want to look but it would be hard not to stare.

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