The Black Diamond

The formula of Qliphothic alchemical attainment is commonly abbreviated as A.A., meaning Adamas Ater.

The term “Adamas Ater” translates to “Black Diamond,” which black diamond is the Philosopher’s Stone constructed via demonic-infernal alchemy.

The number 11 is considered the numerological analog for the Adamas Ater. According to Kenneth Grant, 11 is the formula of all magick and all things demonic and infernal. Accoring to the Swedish Misantropisk Lucifer Orden, the formula/chant whereby the gates to the Qliphoth may be opened, Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas, gets its power from its containment of 11 A’s. This relates to the magickal word Abrahadabra, the word of the attainment of the Great Work symbolized by the Philsopher’s Stone, which word consists of 11 letters.

It is not a coincidence, but rather, a result of providence that the Double A appears in the term “tard strength” when it is pronounced with a Southern drawl as “tard strangth.”  Tard strangth is the esoteric formula of the Qliphoth, signifying the attainment of power by liberation from normal consciousness.

Alright, I’m kidding. Back to the facts.

Traditional Cabbalistic lore describes the fall of the Thaumiel [Two-Headed Divinities] from Grace out of desire for the attainment of power. They desired the addition of a second A to their name, whereby their power could be increased. The attainment of a second A harkens strongly to the Adamas Ater [Black Diamond].

Azerate, being the neologism used in reference to Havayoth, the 11 ruling divinities of the Qliphoth, when spelled in Hebrew letters, is transliterated as AZRAT. The use of two A’s in its spelling divorces from proper Hebrew grammar in specific reference to the Thaumiel’s attainment of the second A.


3 thoughts on “The Black Diamond

  1. an interesting tidbit here you may or may not be aware of concerning Abrahadabra it is synonmous with AHA or Aumha depending on its usage in ritual itself or certain spellwork the great beast fixed Abracadabra because it was infinitely compressing never releasing its force. If you are in doubt use Abracadabra for raising energy and notice how it only holds it never releasing it is the feminine container, however when you have raised the energy you need you only have but to recite the Abrahadabra also notice the Had, as well as cad there is the mystery yet explained further. In my most humble understanding it is synonomous with the blending of masculine and feminine forces, for give my terrible spelling and it is a pleasure to read your writings.

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  2. allow me to fix a very erronious error on my behalf of which i can only accredit to lack of sleep. The thing with crowley was he recognized the silencing of the divine feminine, and so for that when he changed Abracadabra cad was masculine not femine as i said in earlier post. this deserved a fix, however i stand by abracadabra as excellent for raising however since it is masculine not feminine it can never be full realized, then being equivalent to Force with no form, however as Abrahadabra it can then be fully realized as had is the manifestation of NUIT or the divine feminine. But so for singularity purposes only we as occultist realize that without a mixture of the 2 elements herein described as D. masculine and D. feminine, that HORUS could never BE!!! so it ends in AUMHA which is the mingling of the 2 forces as it is a declaration to the infinite without even as it says in the Book of the law: So be it forever unto eternity! Thank for allowing me to ramble here but i had to fix my previous statement.

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