Anatomy of a Czereda

The woman by the name of Lianna, known also as DarkLogos and DL9, was an “OG” member of the Order of the Nine Angles, and is said to be and have been one of the primary forces behind the promulgation of O9A literature online. She writes from behind the account alongside other OG Niners—a truth she tried and failed to conceal. According to an inside source within the Order of the Nine Angles, she is also involved in a traditional National Socialist nexion, or O9A subgroup. She is, as I have said before, a propagandist, “in the most literal and dramatic sense of the word.”

Before she became the only person to ever be banned from commenting on my WordPress (note: none of her websites or blogs permit commenting by anyone), she and I had a debate as to the identity of one Anton Long, being the pseudonym adopted by the man who architected the so-called “Traditional Satanism” of the early days of the Order of the Nine Angles. I postulated that Anton Long was the name adopted by David Myatt, another individual credited with founding and then leaving the Order of the Nine Angles.

The identification of Anton Long with one David Myatt is the consensus held by most individuals knowledgeable concerning the two, both inside and outside of the Order of the Nine Angles. However, since David Myatt has come to renounce both the Order of the Nine Angles* and extremism as a whole, this consensus has come to be ‘inconvenient’ for the agenda of one Lianna/DarkLogos. Better for Anton Long have to have been some faceless enigma than a man who has come to see the folly of his teachings, and by extension, the agenda of WyrdSister.

Lianna argued against this consensus, so I pointed out that many of the original copies of manuscripts which have come to be attributed to Anton Long had David Myatt’s signature displayed clearly upon them. The scans of these original copies have become hard to find, which is likely the work of Lianna herself, since she was and is one of the primary forces behind the promulgation of ONA literature online. This is why it is so wise to leave the ONA behind—the persons who orchestrate which information you can and cannot obtain are out to deceive you, and in their eyes, your ignorance is to their benefit.

DarkLogos posited the autistic argument that these signatures should be considered meaningless and mysterious until they are forensically fucking analyzed. In response to this, I created a fake account and started shit-talking her. I called my fake account “Anton Dietrich” and proceeded to post lewd and sexually degrading comments regarding Lianna’s interest in me.

While it is contrary to my nature to speak the way I did to Lianna, I made the right decision in doing so. When debating an interlocutor of a pompous nature who considers herself to be lofty of intellect, sexually degrading profanities are an apt mechanism for the undermining of her ego and bringing about an eruption.

Lianna answered my comments with the quickness, declaring that I was Anton Dietrich. So, I recommended that she forensically analyze my ballsack, because she had proven her standards for the identification of Anton Long to have been completely disingenuous. #GetSwaggedOn

During my rant as Anton Dietrich, I made jocular speculation about her purported ethnicity and claimed her to be a Jew. While I hold no animosity for the Jewish race, I believe I have reason to think that my jests bore truth.

Anna Czereda’s name is renowned amongst the personnel of the Order of the Nine Angles as well as those intrigued by it. She can often be found debating all manner of persons affiliated with it, despite her claims to be a Christian living in Poland. She has dropped certain hints that she is not truly a Christian, commenting once on an ONA blog to profess that she had named her daughter Eulalia, after a character from the anecdotal fiction of the ONA. Lianna has speculated that Czereda’s English seems too good for her purportedly Polish locale, and I would have to agree with her.

While I have seen photographs of Czereda’s countenance, I am not skilled in the distinguishing of Jewish facial features, nor do I have need to be. Unfortunately, I also did not think to use the pictures to intuit her power level. Her claims to be a Christian merely serve to prevent accusations from Niners that she does not warrant inclusion amongst the number of the ONA, which accusations would only hinder the proper debates in which she clearly loves to participate.

So, there is a logical explanation for her lies about her religious adherence, but what of the lie about her ethnic and national origin?

Well, since I have a grandmother from Poland, I can testify that their surnames can sound very similar to those carried by persons of Jewish descent. Since I have been errantly accused of being Jewish for my facial features on a handful of occasions, I conclude that the falsification of Polish nationality would be an appropriate manner to evade a proverbial yellow star.

Czereda would not be the only person of Jewish or partially Jewish descent with admiration for or interest in the Order of the Nine Angles—I have met others. As far as I am aware, everything about my suppositions makes sense, so I will, as always, reserve determination for the audience. Cheers.

*A person who knows Myatt in real life has informed me that he still leads a parochial temple, which temple would be inaccurately termed “Nexion Zero.”


55 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Czereda

  1. “So I recommended that she forensically analyze my ball sack”

    Lol VK. What a funny motherfucker you are. 🙂

    But on a more serious note, I really don’t know why so much doubt as to my ethnicity. I usually use a standard browser so various blogs, forums and networks have my IP address.

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    1. The reason I doubted your ethnicity was that I doubted your religious self-identification, and figured the Polish ethnicity would be false by extension. I could easily be mistaken.


      1. I’m not blaming you because you know me for a quite short time and are not making claims. The OG, on the other hand, I don’t even know where they took that theory from. They should have the IP address on their damn website, which I visit every day. It can’t give you the exact address of the person, but it can give you their postal code and more or less their whereabouts. Plus, there is that dude from Alastor Nexion I chatted with in Polish. It shouldn’t be an issue for those people to contact him.

        As for my religious views, it also shouldn’t be a surprise for those who prattle on and on about the union of the sinister and numinous that the light side of the psyche may long for and search for its darker, yet complimentary part. Yin Yang.

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  2. Just a small point- DL and Lianna are not the same person, I’m afraid. Anna is also definitely a Polish woman, as anyone who knows her can vouch.


        1. I’ll confound others by remaining in silence (not meaning to sound like I possess some secret- it simply should be obvious to those not enamoured with personality politics.

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    1. DL9 and Lianna certainly post the same shit on their various websites and use the same accounts. In fact, we all agreed (Beldam, Czereda, etc.) that WyrdSister was Lianna, and the email address behind the account was Darklogos9@___________. Hence why I was certain they were the same individual before I found an article in the Nexion webzine where someone wrote they were the same person.

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      1. Interesting, I could very well be wrong on the matter- though some individuals use the same handles to conceal their identities. Anyway, it’s all narcissistic internet drama to me, so I keep out of the loop.

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        1. The Lianna account started commenting on my website only after Wyrdsister was banned– and in short order too. That is to say, she never used her primary account until her secondary one couldn’t access my comment section. She doesn’t exactly make this subtle.

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      2. This email address could as well be used by several people sharing the password. Whether it’s one person with hive mind or a few people is a matter of pure speculation. I never postulated that Dark Logos is Lianna. Actually I think there are several people exchanging the nicknames, like Lianna, Dark Logos, WyrdSister etc. The reason for this is that when I had a discussion with them under my blogs, they contradicted each other. I’m not sure though. People can troll or have a split personality. It’s not that important who is who.

        As far as Anton Long goes, I think it’s a nym used by several people, not just Myatt, but then again it’s a guessing game. I would be careful to believe in such things as the opinion of the majority or the claims of some “insider.”


        1. I think Lianna’s constant contradictions are a result of how disingenuous she is. For example, she is the original person who leaked the Kalki-Vindex connection, as well as the person who tried to conduct “damage control” after I leaked the truth about Vindex by saying that there was “no esoteric truth” behind Vindex. Sad!


  3. VK, I’m sorry to inform you that the Weird Sister wrote another article about you and all the plebs out there. 😦

    By the way, has someone ever noticed that strange band Plebs & Fuckboys? I wonder whether their album O9A & escobaroyism was inspired by Kerri Scott’s essays lol.

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        1. There’s a difference there. Wyrdsister wants to debate everyone on every account for hours, for days, with no end in sight. I have NEVER finished an argument with WyrdSister– I always just walk away. It goes on so long that I start skimming her responses and answering the few arguments that seem most interesting.

          Chloe is the literal opposite of this behavior. MAYBE she’ll post one or two comments in a pre-existent debate, but I’ve never seen her start one.

          Ergo, there is a difference. Chloe doesn’t allow comments because Chloe doesn’t really like debate (neither do I, for that matter). Lianna loves debate, but she’s afraid of letting it happen on her own turf.

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          1. “Chloe is the literal opposite of this behavior. MAYBE she’ll post one or two comments in a pre-existent debate, but I’ve never seen her start one.”

            Still she can post dozens of embarrassing and totally idiotic comments under a dozen or more of sock accounts. I once deleted the whole set-up happy yappy conversation between WyrdSister and Ms Chloe’s bogus Moac Gazette. Ms Chloe has always been close to the OG and working with them. There is no difference between her and the WyrdSister. They are both ladies of many faces.

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            1. Well, she created at least a few accounts to talk shit about Darryl on your blog but that doesn’t really concern me. Everyone I know talks shit about Darryl.

              These were those embarrassing anti-Myatt comments posted by Chloe’s Moac Gazette and her previous blog account which name I don’t remember now that I think were arranged together with the OG. It’s not the first time.

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            2. Really? I found that shit hilarious. It was strongly reminiscient of her other satirical wordpress account too– they’re the only two accounts I’ve seen refer to Myatt as “Dave.”


            3. Hmm. I’ve never taken into consideration that it was a satire. I admit I also thought she might simply be butthurt and have an emotional meltdown. But hey, perhaps I have no sense of humor since it failed to amuse me.

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    1. This is one of the methods of propaganda.
      [Simplify and repeat] until everyone takes it as truth. All objections will simply drown in the number of denials, because the article is always perceived by the average person as a more thorough proof, even if half of the “facts” will be attracted to the ears.

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        1. In that ONA-archive (by Chloe) there was an old pseudo-historical book about which Chloe wrote that this book was advised (DL) to her for disputes about the Greek origin of the word “Satan” (the book was called “The Hebrew is Greek” or something like that). This is reminiscent of a way to redirect the topic of the dispute into a channel (under- / pseudo- / quasi-) linguistics, which often use other “sites with hidden comments” 😉

          It’s funny, but it reminds me of the so-called “British Israelists” and some american “Identical Christians” in terms of substituting concepts and pseudo-linguistic (and pseudo-historical) “sermons”: “true Jews are Anglo-Saxons”, “Saxons are Isaac-sons” etc. In disputes and propaganda they use the same methods – sometimes this is done with typical techniques that lawyers use, which is characteristic. They too often rely on such obsolete pseudo-historical books.

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  4. When I was a Niner, I carried me pack, and I lived the free life of a rover,
    From the Long Mynd’s green basin to the dusty outback, I waltzed my Lianna all over.
    Then in 1994, my Temple said: “son, it’s time you stopped rambling, there’s Great Work to be done”.
    So they gave me the “NAOS”, and they gave me a gun, and they marched me away to the W.A.R.

    And the gang called “Waltzing Lianna”, as the ship pulled away from the quay,
    And amidst all the cheers, the flag-waving and “Sieg!”‘s, we sailed off for Rub-al-Khali.
    And how well I remember that honorous day, how our blood stained the salt and the sulphur,
    And of how in that hell that they called “Atanor”, we were butchered like lambs at the slaughter.
    Kafir-pig, he was waiting, he’d primed himself well. He shower’d us with bullets,
    And he rained us with drones. And in five minutes flat, he’d blown us all to hell,
    Nearly blew us right back to the Chaos.

    But the gang called “Waltzing Lianna”, when we bury them deep to the hell.
    And those that were left, well they tried to survive, in that mad world of blood, death and shell.
    Then we started to chanting “Nythra Kthunae Atazoth!”, and our sturm were like chaotic spell,
    And I see my old comrades, how proudly they march, reviving old dreams of A.L.


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  5. I do not know at all who is behind what and I do not really care in the end. The fact they use an Email called Darklogos is not really noteworthy and does not proove a thing. I always thought Wyrdsister intents to be quite clear. They wish to promote the O9A with polemics so it is discussed, no matter who or what the vector is. People falling in for it are merely actors in the play. At least this is how I see it. Your postulation concerning Lianna and Wyrdsister are interesting, I am open to consider it from a very disinterested perspective but certainly not acknowledge it. I am sorry if I ever gave you this impression my friend. As for wyrdsister, whoever this individual is, I can only applaud her/his knowledge when it comes to the O9A and her/his many eloquent interventions online, sharing precious informations.

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    1. Edit: It would seem that your postulation is somewhat correct since Wyrdsister comments on my articles are now replaced with Lianna account. I do not see this as something important at all but it does give credence to your investigation. I wish you all a good day.

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    2. “I do not know at all who is behind what and I do not really care in the end. The fact they use an Email called Darklogos is not really noteworthy and does not proove a thing. I always thought Wyrdsister intents to be quite clear. They wish to promote the O9A with polemics so it is discussed, no matter who or what the vector is. People falling in for it are merely actors in the play. At least this is how I see it”

      ” As for wyrdsister, whoever this individual is, I can only applaud her/his knowledge when it comes to the O9A and her/his many eloquent interventions online, sharing precious informations.”

      This is where others are losing the plot (: and that fact is unfortunate


      1. I am not here to judge or take sides. I have appreciation for the work/path of everyone. My only interest lies in the unfolding of my physis and everyone, every Nexions have contributed to that. Thanks to all of you!

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      1. Wyrdsister commented many times on my articles, elaborating and suggesting new avenues for me to explore. Wyrdsister also replublished many articles, some of them rarer than others to elaborate on certain questions which seemed more and more ‘public’ at the time and the answer(s) sought after by many, myself included.

        Whether you deem those interventions helpful or worthless is totally up to you. I for one, discovered new avenues more than once, sometimes even amidst the repetitive conflicts.

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        1. In my opinion you can learn a lot and gain new insights by calling out someone’s bullshit. For that reason alone I can agree with you that her interventions were helpful.


  6. One way or another, but it is worth saying that it is quite natural to defend your discourse and a concept that is really close to you, if there is an opportunity, a desire, and an ability – someone should do this, after all.

    Moreover, views can differ very significantly, and superficial understanding does not contribute to the manifestation of the future in the way that is necessary, otherwise the single vector of transformation (and transmutation) will be lost and scattered, which from the point of view of the Aeonic strategy is not just stupid, but is direct wrecking (one distortion has already been made – it is necessary to avoid a second distortion, so I can fully understand the approach of this pair * sinister syzygiya ;).

    In addition, it is also one of the aspects of honor and loyalty. They correctly do that reduce the entropy in the system, so that the common vector remains at least in the main – in the Aeonic strategy. People with high entropy should be taken out of the system, otherwise everything will dissolve in Chaos – this is a fact. Now you understand why Ataulv German (A.H.) removed all the “volkische” from the path? The same principle. For the same reason, the Bolsheviks removed the Mensheviks from their path in due time. If this seems stupid, but works, then it’s not stupid.

    One vision, one purpose – but many ways to achieve the goal.

    Ya, al-Mawt!

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  7. @VK Concerning your mention of our nexion in your video . The content you see on our wordpress is the collaborative effort of several individuals. I am responsible for any of the comments here unless otherwise noted please take that into consideration in the future
    Cascadia O9A Tribe


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