The Arachnidan Enchantment of Binding and Vampyrism

Zodamran! Io Akkawbishia Lilith! Liftoach Pandemonium!
[(Word of Power for Qliphothic Energy)! Hail Arachnid Lilith! Open the Infernal Plane]

Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas! Veni Akkawbishia Lilith!
[(Chant for Qliphothic Energy)! Come Arachnid Lilith]

I call forward Lilith the Wicked, the Magnificent Queen over vampyres and arachnids to engender the suffering and binding of (name of victim) and deliver his/her blood-essence of prana for the sake of my very nourishment. Oh, hear her names and the words of power which shall bring her closer me!

Arachnidia Lilith + Akkabiyah ha-Gadhol + Regina Chaosifer + Shekinah ha-Gamalielim + Shemamithilil + Akkawbishia Lilith + Zachalaya + Liftoach Kliffot

I open my gaping jaws to receive the blessing of the Womb-Empress of Arachnids and Blood-Drinkers who stands enthroned amongst her Kingdom of Obscene Transcendence and Becoming as Beloved Matron of those who come to death by way of hanging. I curse (name of victim) to suffer within her noose!

Arachnidia Shemamithilil Akkawbishia Zachalayla (x11)

With maniacal savagery I bear down upon my enemy and victim with the Unbreakable Whip-Cord of the Almighty Lilith’s Pan-Dimensional Capturement and Weavings seven times for each one of eight lower Black-Spiderick Appendages of my Great Immortal-Arachnidian Mistress and Guardian from Sitra Achara. I bind the victim of my malediction and blind his/her mind and immortal soul to the understanding that I, through Lilith, am his vampyric owner and merciless dominatrix/dominator. I drink with ambition from the myriad cataract-veins of his subtle form which transport his pranic essence of life-blood as Lilith fills the vacancy with the Unbreakable Webs of her Exalted Cruelty. I bring him/her suffering such that she/he will answer to my crooked tongue and subject his/her accursed flesh and mind to my wills and desires. I speak now the parameters of his/her torturous binding as my aetheric double gulps deeply of the life-essence which flows within her/him.

(specify request)

Adey Ama Zachalayla Vocar Avage Akkawbishia Lilith (x8)

Io Akkawbishia Lilith!



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