Path: 14 (Ghaghiel-Satariel)
Totems of Spirit: Dove; Sparrow
Disease of Tunnel: Syphillis; Nymphomania; Gonorrhea
Musical Key of Tunnel: F Sharp
Siddhi of Tunnel: Distillation of Love Philtres
Gematria: 55; 193; 1051
Tarot: Atu XIV (Empress)

Above: Sigil of Dagdagiel from Liber 231

Dagdagiel instructs the witch in the methods whereby she may shapeshift her astral double into a leopard, as well as how to astrally project in the first place. Dagdagiel alters and refines the abilities which the sorcerer exhibits when in the astral planes and she may impart psychic powers. According to Linda Falorio:

Dagdagiel is seen here as sensual, debauched Venus, depicted as abhorred Alphito—the White Sow, Phagmo Dorje—wallowing shamelessly, enmired, in sheer orgasmic delight. She is the profligate mother, who, not recognizing her own offspring eats them with gluttonous desire. Her retromingent vulva—the secreting part, represents the Womb of Time, the Eye of the Void, the Gate for the Aeon of Maat, and indicates that She is High Priestess of the Mysteries within, Who bows before No Man.

Dagdagiel teaches the witch to perform or dispel and/or defend against rituals of cursing. She presides over dark fairy magick and the mastery of the Green Ray of nature, and she assists in the magickian’s attainment of communion with Nature sprites or elementals. She is presides over loss, death, decay, the sharing of consciousness by sorcerers, rebirth, the prospering of life, the sorcery of empathy, the process of becoming putrefied, creation of thoughtforms, retroversion of the senses, love magick, sex magick, drunkenness of the sense, sexual prowess, and the act of coming-into-being. Quoting Linda Falorio:

The powers of Dagdagiel are those of drunkenness of the senses, the ability to see the world aglow with colored lights. Here is appreciation of, and mastery of the Green Ray  of nature, with the possibility of communication with and cooperation with the Devas., who are the elemental Sprites, or Spirits of Nature. Here too are sexual prowess and fecundity; here is the power of communion with all life, the ability to make life thrive and grow. Here especially is the retroversion of the senses, the power to merge with all forms of life, with all creatures, human and otherwise, with all races, cultures, creeds, the power to merge with all aspects of existence, to merge even with those which seem naturally repugnant to narrowed senses—without fear of harm.  And here is the ability to find in this merging inspiration, divinity, forgetfulness of self, orgasm, bliss. For here is the power of Love which denies none, and “conquers even ravening beasts.”

Dagdagiel is a described as a reflection of the Empress debased to the station of prostitution—an initiate of the highest sorceries of sexuality who presides over the baleful Sinistral aspects of nature. Dagdagiel is an embodiment of ancient power who bears the mark of the Scarlet Woman known as Mactoron and Babalon—a personification of the Sphere of Saturn. The name Dagdagiel literally translates to “Babalon.”

In Frater 414’s communion with Dagdagiel, she is recorded to have said: “I do not need your adorations! Look about you, all is my adoration. (She reveals all around us lush fields of grass, trees, water, blue sky, bright sun, and frolicking animals)… I am of Venus, and thou knowest love. I am the force that brings Chokmah and Binah together, the seduction of those opposites.”

Royalty (Empress) and criminality (Harlot) are both instantiations of an ethos of the one-against-the-many, where the prostitute rebels against the customs imposed upon the second sex and champions the pursuit of female liberation in doing so. The harlot-becoming of the empress signifies her attainment of enlightenment and awake-ness, whereby she is liberated of the entrancement which previously subdued her. Her act of becoming can be illustrated symbolically, according to Kenneth Grant, by the serpent’s attainment of the gift of prophecy via the inspiration of the Numinous (Divine).

Every planet has something of a yin-yang nature to its astrological influence—well, half a yin-yang. Each planet has a subtle subverted aspect of its influence which reflects the nature of one other planet. The subtle aspect of Venus’s astrological influence mirrors the influence of Saturn, as the subtle aspect of Saturn mirrors the aspect of Venus.

It would appear that Dagdagiel represents the Saturnian Undercurrent of Venus, called Venus Illegitima by RHP Occultists. She would thus, perhaps, be the Saturnian emanation within Venus.

Frater 414 describes the appearance of Dagdagiel during his communion with her as follows:

A woman appears in royal robes of turquoise. An odd crown rests on her head; it resembled the triple flame of my wand as a spiral, but what an off white color. He skin was milky white. She had dark hair and was beautiful. She walks from the left to the right, then back again, looking at me oddly.

Dagdagiel appeared to me as a gigantic, bald white head with black eyes, levitating adorned with tattered grey robes. Saturnian indeed. Her deathfulness represents the juxtaposition of the old and the new, hinting to another world buzzing with fertility and a new-ness of life.

The following dissertation upon the pathway over which Dagdagiel presides may be confusing to the reader, so I provide the disclaimer that an understanding of it is in no way necessary to work with the archdemoness Dagdagiel, as I knew none of it before I summoned her. I owe the contents of this dissertation entirely to Nightside of Eden by Kenneth Grant and Qliphothic Wor(L)ds by Cort Williams.

The Venusian Qliphothic pathway of Dagdagiel known as the Whore corresponds to the letter Daleth, signifying a door, which door permits the entrance of the Goetic sorcerer to and from her pathway in the form of the gallows—the deathly womb; the vulva inverted. This tunnel embodies the final stages of beauty during which the bestial aspect beneath is unmasked, concealing the senescent gorgeousness in a primal countenance.

The fourteenth tunnel is the one through which the Qlipha of Ghaghiel (Uranus/Baelzebuth) supplants Sathariel/Satorial (Saturn/Lucifugus Rofocalus), the one by which the power-zone of the work of the sword is connected to the power-zone of the work of the wand—two works which are truly identical in nature. This is the base of that pyramid of tunnels which balances atop Ain within the abyssal void, described as the Temple of Mother Earth built within the City of Whoredom. It is a tunnel related to dream work and congress with the astral body.

Cort Williams writes:

For the Black Adept who traverses the tunnel, this is the journey outwards from the womb of Satariel backwards into the phallus of the Dark Sovereign, the transformation of self into Pneumatic Seed, opening the towards the exalted Qliphah of Ghagiel and that which lies beyond.

According to Linda Falorio:

This the 14th Tunnel’s door is fashioned as an oyster-shell, which is a symbol of male sexual prowess and staying power—yet it has the salt-sea scent and shape of the feminine organ. Outside the shell we find the Chaos of the spider’s web; within, the web becomes a network of “infinitely corroding light” whose interstices are black holes in interstellar space. These black holes are the midnight crossroads between dimensions, they are transcosmic vortices through the Void that suck us unaware into the Twilight Dreamtime; they are vortices that first spew out then suck the Universe back upon itself into Non-being…

…The need to work with the energies of Dagdagiel may be signaled by experiencing an inner lack of joy, the feeling of inability to appreciate life’s simple, sensual pleasures. One may feel out of touch with one’s body, emotionally unable to reach out to others, however one may wish to do so. There may be a sense of premature physical and/or emotional aging that results from bioenergetic body-armoring, and which may be signaled by experiencing irrational anger at, and abhorrence of pornography. Here we find emphasis on rationality and analytic thought, with inability to live through the senses, to stay in the present, having too much focus on the future. Here too, we may find lack of perspective, with fearfulness, and an inability to relax, to enjoy, and to go with the flow of the moment.

The siddhi of this tunnel, being called the distillation of love philtres, is, according to Grant, “a euphemism for the vaginal vibrations emanating from the virgin in the form of sexual magnetism that attracts the Creative Light to her womb.”

55, the value of Dagdagiel’s name in Gematria, which name means , is known to be the mystic number of the Sphere of the Earth representing the divine mother in her child-bearing of the son of light. 55 relates to silence and the Craft catalyzed by the feminine divine. 55 relates to copulation and birth and a name of Ma’at signifying death and termination as well as the Hebrew words translating to “the Bride” and “the Daughter-in-Law.” These Hebrew words are symbols of an immanent return—cliological procession—where cliology is the discipline of science examining aeons.

Other Sources: Liber Obsidian Obscura, Tree of Death and Qliphoth, Liber Azerate, Thelemic Qabbalah Volume III, Gematria and the Tanakh, Sekhem-Apep, and more.

Magickal Chants

Ave Dagdagiel-Aratha
“Hail Dagdagiel-Aratha!”
Aratha is a Channeled Secret Name for Dagdagiel. Secret Names Are for Use in Magickal Work Alone. Dagdagiel Should Not Be Referred to as Aratha, Zuhalma, or Bakshorilon Outside of Ritual.

Asalata Sarathagora Norathakathal
Channeled Chant to Evoke Dagdagiel

Sala Tarala Nara Watan Naga
Channeled Chant to Evoke Dagdagiel

Zuhalma, Dagdagiel, Bakshorilon
Chant Composed of Three Names for Dagdagiel, Two of Which I Invented. The Pronunciation, With Syllables Equating in Their Sound to English Words Appearing in All Caps, “ZOO-HALL-muh, Dagdagiel, BACK-SHORE-ILL-ON.”

Val-Ceph-Ged, Drun-Orth, Dagdagiel
Val-Ceph-Ged [193] and Drun-Orth [55] Are Numerical Values of Dagdagiel’s Name Translated to Enochian for Use as Words of Power

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


3 thoughts on “Dagdagiel

  1. Hey there VK.
    So let me quickly start off by saying one of my good friends decided to give me a reading a week or two back and she saw that a spirit was trying to reach out to me. I initially though this was Lilith, but yesterday I got another reading from my other friend, and we got many synchronicities that led us to the fact that its Dagdagiel trying to reach out to me.
    I have very little information on how to work with the Qliphothic spirits and what to do to contact them. I want my first connection with Her to be amazing, and Id like to know what you can advise.
    Thank you in advance.

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