Buer (Goetia #10)

Element: Fire; Earth
Planet: Mercury
Legions: 15 or 50
Rank: President
D/N: Diurnal
Gematria: 209
Superior: Agaliarept
Tarot: 2 of Cups; 6 of Disks/Pentacles
Qlipha: Samael (Mercury/Adrammelech)
Color: Orange, Purple, Yellow, Red, Light Pink, Blue
Attributions: Acacia, Vervain, Hydrangea Root, Angelica, Mercury, Storax, Aloe
Astrological/Zodiac Affiliations: Cancer 0-10; Taures 15-19; Gemini 0-4; Virgo 0-4; Sagittarius 5-9; Pisces 5-9
Datess of Heightened Power/Influence: June 21-July 1; May 5-9; May 21-25; Aug 23-27; Nov 28-Dec 2; Feb 25-29

burAbove: Artistic Depiction of Buer for Pathworking and an Altar Piece
(Picture Credit: G.A. Roseberg)

Buer presides over self-initiation, instinct, Becoming, Herbalism, liberation from bad behaviors, the healing of all diseases via witchcraft, the rectification of addiction, nature magick, and self-transformation via thought. Buer can guide the witch in deciding whether a given situation should or should not be approached via magick.

Buer can engender group-scale destruction, for example, arson. He brings about the destruction of edifices and officials. He can perform imprecations which can bring death unto man and god alike.

Buer can turn a boy into a man and a man into a boy. He’s more than capable of sending cancer cells into remission. He can strengthen the second sight and astral healing of the witch. He can empower the sorcerer for the practice of psychic vampyrism.

Buer appeared to me like a man with night-black skin and matching hair and white eyes lacking pupils the first time I summoned him. The second time he appeared like a cannibalistic, blood-drinking ghoul with a silver and steel face mask to keep him from biting into people– black, tattered robes, skin white as ice, black eyes and a bald head.

According to A Modern Goetic Grimoire by Rufus Opus:

Buer is a healing spirit, and can teach both moral and natural philosophy. This means he can help you understand why some things are considered right and wrong, the cultural influences that make them so, and the objective application of it to your life. He also teaches the framework of Natural Law, and would be a good spirit to work with if you’re studying physics, geology, meteorology, or any of the other natural sciences. He teaches the medicinal properties of plants, and is good at healing. A doctor’s friend, he also rents good familiars that can be depended on. He encourages and speeds the healing process in all curable diseases.

The traditional enn or summoning chant useful for calling up Buer is “Erato On Ca Buer Anon.” The chant I use, in addition to the prior, is “Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Buer,” which translates to “Open Up the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forward Buer.” The last chant I use is “Agios Ischyros Buer Praesul Initiationis,” meaning “Numinous and Mighty is Buer, Patron of Initiation!”


-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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