Phoenix (Goetia #37)

Names: Phoeniex, Phenex, Pheynix, Phoenix, Phenix
Color: Pink, Voilet, Green, Purple, Yellow, Light Blue
Rank: Marquis
D/N: Nocturnal
Legions: 20
Archangel: Raphael
Qlipha: Nahemoth (Black Earth/Na’amah)
Planet: Venus; Moon
Element: Fire; Air
Tarot: 2 of Swords & Rods/Wands
Zodiac: Aquarius 0-4; Libra 0-4; Aries 0-10
Gematria: 120, 121, 1030
Date: Sept 23-27; May 12-15; April 3-16; March 21-30; Jan 20-24
Attributions: Titanium, Vervain, Stirling Silver, Passion Flower, Rose, Lavender, Copper, Silver, Blue Steel, Meadowsweet

phenexAbove: Artistic Depiction of Phenex for Pathworking and an Altar Piece
(Picture Credit: G.A. Roseberg)

Pheynix is a harbinger of transformation on the astral, physical, mental, spiritual, and biochemical levels. He can make the summoner a more powerful seer and witch. Stephany Conolly calls him a “Daemonic muse for the creative” because of his patronage over harmony, art, poetry, and writing.


Phoenix imparts guidance regarding black magick, particularly in the fields of execration, the dissolution of others’ spells, and the dissolution of the ego. He is deeply knowledgable regarding science.

While traditional demonography depicts Phoenix manifesting as a bird with the voice of a child, most demons appear differently to modern practitioners if they lack preconceptions of their appearance. To me, Phenex appeared as a muscular man with snow white skin and wavy red hair. His eyes were black, as were his clothes, which garments lacked sleeves to reveal his musculature.

The traditional enn or summoning chant used to call upon Phoenix Ef Enay Phenix Ayer. The chant I use is Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Phenex.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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