Caim (Goetia #53)

Names: Caym, Caim, Camio
Element: Air; Fire
Date: Dec 12-16; Sept 2-12
Rank: President
Zodiac: Virgo 10-19; Sagittarius 20-24
Planet: Mercury; Sun
Color: Green, Orange
Tarot: 9 of Disks/Pentacles; 10 of Wands/Rods
D/N: Nocturnal
Gematria: 71; 81; 731
Attributions: Gold, Storax, Centaurea, Mercury

camioAbove: Artistic Depiction of Camio for Pathworking and an Altar Piece
(Picture Credit: G.A. Roseberg)

The Hebrew name Qayin is modified in my language to mean “Cain.” Gaelic tongues render ‘Qayin’ variously as Caim and Camio. While this was enough for me to wonder whether Camio was a different aspect of the divine force referred to as Qayin, I was not satisfied with it. It was not until my friend Dorothy, the artist G.A. Rosenberg, and I all had separate gnostic experiences that we accepted the premise(s) that “Camio” and “Tubal-Qayin” refer to different aspects of Ashtanu/Qayin’s being, developed in the course of his magickal anados [ascent].

For the purpose of practicality, we shall focus on the aspect known as Caym, exploring the demonological information provided regarding him in both modern and medieval grimoires as if I had never heard of Tubal-Qayin or his predecessor.

Caym rules all manners of divination, but he is most renowned for hydromancy and pyromancy. He can improve the witch’s intuition and teach her to understand the communications of various animals and the voice of the waters. Knowledgeable regarding the future and inclined towards the revelations of many secrets, he can teach the witch to successfully interpret omens and portents.

Camio teaches the witch to project her astral double and cause it to assume the forms of beasts. His auspices are useful in dream work and object enchantment.

The auspices of Camio are useful in diplomacy. He can make the witch into a wonderful debater. His guidance and assistance are most useful in legal matters predicated upon circumstantial evidence, which evidence he will refute via rhetoric and disingenuous logic.


According to Luciferian Goetia by Michael W. Ford, “one will notice an increased visitation and appearance of birds” in the days following a working with Camio. I can verify this—I experienced it, knowing it was a sign from something, before I looked Camio up in Michael W. Ford’s book.

The numerical value of the name Caim is 71, which is also the value of the the Hebrew word for idol, “elil.” Since an idol is a causal echo of divine consciousness, it is sensible to humor the idea that Camio was once a human. 71 is also the value of the initials of “Aur Oguwl,” the line which descends through the ten realms of the Sephiroth—an Abrahamic analog for the witchblood.

This number also corresponds to the name Yonah, Keluwhay, and Amdukias. Yonah was the first Hebrew prophet sent to a heathen nation, which makes sense. In Islamic mythology, where Qayin is rendered as “Qabeel,” Qayin was the first person to found a heathen religion—a cult of fire worship (note: Camio’s element is fire). Mormon mythology installs Qayin and his sister Luluwa/Qalmana as the first Satanists and the founders of Freemasonry. Gematria and the Tanakh simply describes Keluwhay as a “man who married a foreign wife during the exile.”

71 also corresponds to the word Leom, meaning “A People” or “Nation” in Hebrew. Qayin founded the first civilization, so once again, this makes sense. Other correspondes include the words mikvah [burn scar] and nake’ [stricken], referencing the mark and exile of Qayin’s penalty. The two numerical values for the name variate “Camio” which I am aware of do not reveal correspondences as telling as these.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

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