Astaroth (Goetia #29)

Rank: Duke; Sub-Prince; Prince
D/N: Diurnal
Star: Sirius
Date: Dec 31-Jan 9; May 15-20
Color: Mauve, Magenta, Brown, Green
Element: Earth; “the Watery Part of the Earth”
Animal: Viper; Cobra
Zodiac: Taurus 25-29; Capricorn 10-20
Tarot: 1 of Cups; 3 of Disks/Pentacls
Direction: West; North; Southwest
Qlipha: Gamchicoth (Jupiter)
Legions: 40
Country or Continent: America
Day: Wednesday
Trans-Sephirothic Veil: Ain
Trans-Qliphothic Veil: Bohu
Primary Planetary Attributions: Venus; Neptune; Saturn; Jupiter
Lesser Planetary Attributions: the Moon (Secondary); Mercury (Tertiary); the Black Earth (Least Significant Attribution)
Inferiors: Lepaca, Apolhun, Nebiros, Amon, Pruslas, Sargatanas, Barbatos
Attributions: Ruby, Cinquefoil, Vervain, Mugwort, Emerald, The Blood of a Sea Tortoise, Copper, Beryl, Lemon, Sandalwood, Dragon’s Wort, Mauve, Juniper

astarteAbove: Artistic Depiction of Astaroth for Pathworking and an Altar Piece
(Picture Credit: G.A. Roseberg)

It is our coven gnosis that Astaroth is an aspect of the entity which appeared to various cultures by the names of Ishtar, Isis, Astarte, Attar, Ashera, and Inanna. Both Stephany Conolly and the Coven of the Golden Sigil had verified this gnosis of ours through their own gnosis before we did. E.A. Koetting, however, disputes this consensus in his book Evoking Eternity.

Koetting argues that since the Astaroth of demonology is a baleful male entity rather than a loving woman, they must be separate entities. However, Astaroth’s appearance in demonology hearkens rather strongly to the varied cultural depictions of Astaroth, one of which was referred to as “She Who Walks on a Dragon” and created a certain species of serpent. Since the Astaroth of demonology traditionally manifests riding a dragon and carrying a serpent, the case for the one-ness of these divinities is clear. Peter Grey has interpreted the pentagram in Astaroth’s sigil as being a reference to her power, as Isis or Ament, over the realm of the dead. Astaroth’s appearances depict her as the queen of the dead and the underworld, and Qliphothic demonology paints Astaroth as one of the Qliphoth’s eleven rulers. Demonology and mythology both paint Astaroth as primarily Venusian in nature, just like Ishtar. Amon is one of Astaroth’s recorded inferiors, associating her with the Egyptian pantheon.

To best understand this deity, Attar, Astarte, Ishtar, Isis, Ashera, and Inanna must all be studied. Nonetheless, this article will restrict itself to covering Astaroth henceforth.


Above: OFS Demonolatry’s Sigil of Astaroth

Astaroth frequently appears to black magickians as female, but usually manifests as male. He is purportedly all-knowing, willfully revealing secrets and divesting answers regarding the past, present, and future alike. His auspices are useful in research projects and he can make the witch knowledgeable concerning any liberal science. He specializes in matters concerning friendship, romance, money, blood magick, luck, prosperity, initiation, murder, psychic vampyrism, sanguine vampyrism, atavisms within the causal, shapeshifting in the astral planes (atavisms in the acausal), clarity, divination in lucid dreams, skrying, sadistic pleasures, past life visions, communion with the Higher Self, hydromancy, pyromancy, necromancy, divination with bones, astral time travel, lust, practicality, predatory warriorhood, and warfare.

According to A Manual of Occultism by Sepharial, Astaroth’s legion of demons (the eighth legion) specifically pursues the persecution of Christians. I had had multiple intimations and intellectual reasons for considering eight as being magickally relevant to Astaroth, so the attribution of her to the eighth legion (by Sepharial) finally got me convinced.

Astaroth can initiate the magickian through all ten Qliphothic spheres as well as the Trans-Qliphothic Labyrinth (only seek that second one with guidance– it’s very dangerous).

Astaroth can impart the approval and good graces of powerful people to the witch. He can teach the magickian to empower thoughtforms for healing purposes and the pursuit of monetary wealth. He can create a powerful thoughtform—a guardian of the homestead.

ASTAROTHAbove: Channeled Sigil of Astaroth

According to The Book of Sitra Achra, Astaroth is the “Master of the Liminal Points of Crossing” and the “Lord of the Dark Gate” who may guide the sorcerer to and through the Abyss (that’s what lies beyond the gate). According to The Queen of Hell, once Astaroth opens his gate and the witch dares to cross it, she is stripped of ego and will experience “visions and manifestations.”

Astaroth liberates the sorcerer of the myriad restrictions placed upon her spirit by the physical-ness of our universe, opening the “Eye of Abaddon” such as to permit them to perceive the truths which lie behind the veil of causality.

While most grimoiric demonologists described Astaroth as hideous, The Book of Ceremonial Magic by Arthur Edward Waite describes the being as a “beautiful” man.

For my list of magickal chants to Astaroth, follow the hyperlink below:

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


16 thoughts on “Astaroth (Goetia #29)

  1. Very informative article as always, thank you! Interesting that you note that about the number eight; Ishtar’s star is of course eight-pointed, and one of the prevailing Ishtar-Inanna myths is of her descending into the underworld to be empowered by Ereshkigal (who is identified as really being Hekate in the Greek Magical Papyri). Now I want to summon Astaroth and ask them if they sought initiation from Hekate, or some other deity whose powers align with the Qliphoth, for precisely the reasons you’ve outlined! 🙂

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  2. I throughly enjoy your insightful blogging. My impression of entities such as Astaroth is that they appear gendered for our benefit or because thats how they take form as filtered through our subconscious. Thus it isint unfeasable that they could appear in differing form to different people. Particularly with a lack of conscious construct in relation to how the entity should take form.

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  3. I got some very insightful comments on this post on Facebook, which I will reproduce here.

    Doctor Robert Fraize had this to say:

    “I have seen so many various definitions of Astaroth’s attributes. Although they still trace back to his roots, each mage sees him differently, as they should.”

    An adept from Misanthropic Division had the following to say:

    “[Your article is] 1000000000% correct. Astaroth is the very first word in the opening formula to Abandon’s gate seal and has played a big role in transforming my soul.

    “I don’t know if this formula has been shared in this group but it is: Astaroth + Gash Khalah + Cadael + Akalel + Shararel + Kaphahel + Lachamel + Haragel + Liftoach Shaari Ha-Abaddon”

    Cort Williams, leader of the Order of the Ebon Spire had the following to say:

    “The question of the relationship between the Goetic Astaroth, the Qliphothic Astaroth, and the Canaanite goddess of same/similar name is an interesting one and may depend in part upon the way that daemons/gods are viewed in the paradigm of each practitioner. I tend to see them as possessing 3 distinct spiritual essences, though with some connections owing in part to their similar names/forms.

    My experience of the Qliphothic Astaroth doesn’t explicitly connect to the Canaanite goddess, though I don’t disregard the possibility of such a connection. I experienced the Qliphothic Astaroth(evoked in 2004, strong working) in terms of an unbalanced Chesed(mercy) and Jupiter(benevolent kingship). Excessive permissiveness providing the conditions for pathologically decadent forms of existence. Madness, sloth, corruption, destabilization and subversion. Parasitic forces which devour and destabilize the substance of the cosmos. Granting powers of vampirism and Qliphothic instruction(this also found in Golden Dawn source material).”

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    1. QUOTE: […an unbalanced Chesed(mercy) and Jupiter(benevolent kingship). Excessive permissiveness providing the conditions for pathologically decadent forms of existence. Madness, sloth, corruption, destabilization and subversion. Parasitic forces which devour and destabilize the substance of the cosmos]

      A question, deriving probably from my different approach toward the Path: which are the benefit for communing with such entities? I mean, it the energy they emanate is so unbalanced, how can they be helpful?

      It is not to be polemical, is simply that I do not understand, my approach is a bit different, I think… I mean, maybe I simply misunderstood 🙂


      1. That analysis of the path was derived from an anti-cosmic and dualistic point of view, and it is known that I do not encourage Anti-Cosmic Satanism specifically because it focuses solely upon the negative aspects of each Qliphothic force and defines them entirely by their enmity with Sephirothic forces. The delineations of this same tunnel provided by Linda Falorio juxtapose the strictly baleful depiction offered by the errant philosophy of Anti-Cosmic Satanism. The non-quoted parts of the article are made up in large part by my personal insights, which is why they exhibit a far more balanced apprehension of the force which is Lafcursiax. Demons in general willingly interact with magickians and help them learn and grant them favors for the simple costs of effort and respect. Those of us who approach Qliphothic forces without dualistic preconceptions find the entities to be deeply rational, helpful, nurturing, and interested in our personal evolution and well-being as desired ends in and of themselves. While the baleful attributes of the tunnel described by Cort Williams do exist, in whole or in part, they are still caricatures of the actual demonic entities due to the absence of their nurturing, noble, honorable, evolutionary, and rational aspects. Lafcursiax, of course, is the darkest spirit by far, and is fit largely to darksome purposes, which purposes may not be of use to all. Of course, there are 21 more tunnels.

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        1. A marvellous answer. I have some simpaties for anticosmic satanism simply because I read every person’s point of view from an anthropological stance, I never think people believes what they think they believe, instead I think they believe something else, something which came from the deepest part of themselves, but they are not mature enough to recognise it, so they drift toward excessive and umbalanced points of view which are somehow friedly toward those unbalances they cannot detach themselves from, like a demented murderer who HAS to believe that murder is right, simply because he could not stand to accept that it is not, being impossible for him to stop killing.

          Anyway, the Nekalahs told me that from a certain point of view, this could also be helpful for mankind evolution, because sometimes unbalanced people are so (unbalanced) in a useful way, or at least for those who observe them and got stimulated by them.

          Anticosmic satanists respect nothing but the self-propelled fury of unconsciuos chaos, and the Nekalahs told me that they are partly right, it is not that easy to explain 🙂

          From Their (the Nekalah’s )point of view, we should be assertive and stern (almost to the point of un-caring-ness) like anticosmic satanists are, though loving Cosmos instead of hating it. As Abatu personaly taught me, “To love and respect does not necessary mean to spare: the lion loves the gazelle, and thanks God from the heart for her existence”. Anticosmic satanism can make us face the truth about the fact that EXIST some Powers from which everything came and to which everything will surrender, which is surely true and right. No other path is as assertive and uncaring as anticosmic satanism, and this makes it revealing and useful in some ways 🙂

          But I am 100% in agreement with your answer, each little facet of it. I too reject their dualistic stance, from my personal experience Light and Dark are two faces of the same coin, and even destruction is an evolution and not a punishment (not always at least)

          A little ps which you probably will not appreciate (you hate my mixing attitude) but from the description you gave about Lafcursiax in another post, She appears to me EXACTLY IDENTICAL to Shugara, to the slightest and littlest detail. Same demeanor, same aplomb, same strictness, same moral, same cold, unreachable, almost royal-like aura of sexuality though being primarily a war-linked entity.

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          1. A very astute response. You are clearly very close to the Numinous, perhaps even closer than I am.

            However, I hold Shugara in disdain. The entity who turns against her own adherents needlessly. Lafcursiax wouldn’t do anything like that.

            When the Nekalah are called upon to curse me, they turn against whoever summons them out of their just-ness. Except Shugara. Shugara’s a cunt to the end. Unlike Shugara, Lafcursiax is a JUST spirit of LOVE. Shugara is just a cunt.

            I am glad you enjoyed my article and my responses to you. It flatters me.

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  4. OMG, did She do such a thing? Are you sure it was Her? And was an actual attack or just her strange way to play BDSM? When I had my initiation with Her, I almos got killed by a Clorine gas leak, and She told it was Her work. She was somehow flirtitious in Her behaviour, like a nasty girlfriend who sends you pics of herself taken while pissing on your ex-girlfriend door mat. She has this cat >>> mouse attitude and She likes to demonstrate how Dangerous She can be. But She is very protective and it sound strange to me that She did attack a good guy like you. Shw usually turn against the summoner if the attack is unjust… mmh…

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    1. In Temple of Satan, she turns against the summoner and fulfills their request in the process, taking a completely innocent life just because she was there. Other allegories from the ONA such as the “Army Experience” or whatever published by the Tempel ov Blood appear to reveal a similar aspect.

      She attacked me because she was called upon to curse me– everyone around me could sense what was happening to me. It was a death curse too, and she enacted it, even when most of the Nekalah favored me.

      If I summoned Lafcursiax to curse another Satanist unjustly as I was cursed, she would turn against me. Other spirits from the Tunnels of Set have hurt me, significantly by un-worringly, for even heavily considering stealing from a fellow Satanist.

      So fuck Shugara. I didn’t wrong that motherfucker, and she still enacted the death curse. I was shitting for hours. I shat so hard I torn open the inside of my rectum, and had to continue shitting for hours. I finally banished her influence once I realized that the reason the curse kept re-manifesting after I banished it was that an acausal agent was the engineer of my torment.


  5. Holy shit. I’m not going further to “defend” Her. It is childish to do so. I just say that She had always been good to me, almost maternal, but I will not disrespect you by negating what you are saying. I am just a bit deprived of words.


    1. Hopefully a Niner never calls on her to curse you. Then you’ll know whether or not I am mistaken, or whether I simply got on her bad side so to speak.

      I greatly enjoyed your comments, as if they were uniquely insightful. I would be more than happy to continue hearing from you should you feel the desire.


  6. Oh, fuck yes. I agree entirely with your gnosis here. The more that I read of your knowledge, the more that I learn to trust mine. Isis has a great duality to her when it comes to her gender and the light and dark. And she has strength in all. When I began with her in my life, and she was always there, that very same duality came with and is a huge part of me, as is she. I became gender neutral or gender fluid. She has brought me back from death, many, many times, even once after I committed suicide, she stayed in my body to keep it alive after I had died for 3 days because she knew that if I was let back in, I would just do it again and within those three days that she was inside me, possessing me entirely, she began to heal some of my broken parts, the pain that wouldn’t allow me to keep living. It is something she still does sometimes. I am her and she is me and I know that sounds wrong or even blasphemous but it’s truth.

    I am doing some very deep shadow work right now to heal and merge the dredges of my being. I thought I was done with shadow work years ago but had only scraped the parts easier to get to. Now, though, I can promise that there will be unrelenting agony for some people in this world and with that, I will become whole again.
    Thank you V.K. Love to you.

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  7. I think Shugara is not a cunt she just mirrors your true desires. I think Astaroth is Innana etc. A former Goddess who got demonized. Baron Samedi fuckin hates Astaroth.


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