Bune (Goetia #26)

Names: Bune, Bime
Zodiac: Taures 20-24, Sagittarius 10-19
Date: Dec 3-12; May 10-14
Path: Samekh (Secedent)
D/N: Diurnal
Legions: 30
Tarot Card: 5 & 9 of Rods/Wands
Color: Light Green, Grey, Orange, Blue, Green
Star: Sirius
Planet: Moon, Venus, Sun
Element: Air, Earth, Fire
Rank: Duke
Attributes: Blood Root, Sandalwood, Gold, Angelica, Oranges, Mandrake

buneAbove: Artwork Depicting Bune To Be Used for Pathworking or an Altar Piece
(Artwork Credit: G.A. Rosenberg)

Bime, who does have a lesser known female manifestation, is an acausal dragon of the primordial abyss as well as a demon of necromancy. He grants assistance and teachings regarding both it and death magick. He can bring the dead to congregate as well as part the veil between the living and dead. He specializes in exorcisms (and spiritual protection of all kinds) and he may control the shades of the dead at the behest of the Satanist and help them to pass on.

Screenshot (1448)

Bune may help a magickian initiate himself through the Sphere of the Sun without involving Sephirothic influence (the Tree of Death has no Sphere of the Sun).

Bime is connected to Venus Illegitima. He works to strengthen the Black Flames of those who follow demons, regardless of whether they’re aware of it or not.

Bime imparts wisdom and eloquence and brings about monetary gain. If you are good enough at what you do to warrant monetary gain but unable to get it because of social disadvantage, Bime will help you get what your merits have earned you.

Bime may bring about sociopolitical upheaval by leveraging the population’s love for its dying citizens. Bune can aid in decision-making and impart knowledge to the witch.

Bime bridges the gap between the primary emanation of the All and Ain which lies behind and before it. Regardless of claims made by Abrahamic Creationism, Kether is not the primary emanation, it is just a Sephira related to it (similarly, Binah is attributed to the Saturnian emanation, but is not Saturn Herself).

Magickal Chants

Io Basileus Sitra Ahra; Io Bime Drakon Abussos
“Hail to the King of Sitra Ahra; Hail Unto Bime the Abyssic Dragon”

Baruch Ha-Bune Ha-Tzefa
“Blessed is Bune the Ancient Serpent”

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Bime
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Bime”
This calls on Bime and simultaneously presences Qliphothic/Infernal energy to construct or strengthen a sacred space.

Wehlic Melan Avage Bune Tasa
Bune’s demonic ‘enn’ or traditional summoning chant

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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