Agares (Goetia #2)

Names: Agares, Agreas, Aguares, Agaros, Agarus
Rank: Duke
Direction: North; East
Date: March 31-April 10; October 18-22
Channeled Magickal Numbers: 37, 34, 65, 71
Path: 15 (Aries/He)
Zodiac: Aries 5-20; Libra 25-29
Tarot: 2 and 3 of Wands/Rods
D/N: Diurnal
Element: Earth, Fire, Air
Legions: 30 or 31
Sephira: Binah
Animal: Tiger
Planet: Sun; Venus; Mercury; Mars
Color: Deep Blood Red; Green
Gematria: 205
Attributes: Red Sandalwood; Mandrake; Carnation; Mugwort; Myrrh; Copper; Sandalwood

Agares 2.jpgAbove: Depiction of Agreas by G.A. Rosenberg for Pathworking or an Altar Piece

Agares is a Venusian Duke of the Infernal Plane who name, properly pronounced “EGG-arr-oss,” translates to “Strength Hoard,” and he calls himself “the Judge of the Idle.” According to Rufus Opus:

This spirit is good for making things happen quickly and for getting a situation that has stagnated moving again. He’s also good at bringing back those who run away, like thieves or willful children. He can teach languages and tongues, which is the difference between learning Spanish or French and learning Enochian.

He also destroys both Supernatural and Temporal dignities. That means he can reveal a priest or Pope as a sinner if they are corrupt, or he can tear down politicians by revealing their failures. This works in office politics as well. He basically reveals that people who pretend to be of a certain social status aren’t what the pretend to be.

Agreas can make the witch courageous. He can makes others act with courage or give the witch the ability to inspire courage in others. He can teach magick, especially malediction. He can help the witch undo prior indoctrination. The removal of, for example, Christian indoctrination or racial guilt/shame is the first step of alchemy, called nigredo/blackening.

Agares s

Aguares can help one army defeat another, and he can bestow positions of power upon the witch. It is recorded that he can incite dancing. He teaches all languages and halts the progress of the witch’s target. Agares can cause earthquakes and bring about the downfall of people in positions of power, including positions of a spiritual nature.

If Agares can turn the tide of war, he can surely effect victory in other group competitions and one-on-one combat. He should also be able to teach strategic thinking and impart combative skills and abilities. And if Agares can incite dancing, he can surely incite other forms of revelry as well.

Agreas can improve the witch’s ability of spirit communication. He can facilitate the communication of the witch with her higher self and bridge the gap between the conscious and the subconscious.

According to Demonolater T.B. Scott,

Agares is the first Duke to be mentioned in most versions of The Lesser Key of Solomon. The Golden Dawn assigns Him to the Succedent Decan of Aries, thus insinuating that His is a Solar presence. His Nature is, indeed, very indicative of resonating with Solar Archetypes—He is a Demon of action, motivation and growth as well as being strongly representative of the importance of seeing endeavours through to completion.

It is tempting to compare the Magickal Image of Agares with that of the Hermit as found in the Tarot. Here we have a solitary figure, an old man—upon His fist He carries a goshawk, replacing the traditional element of the lantern within in the Hermit card. As the Hermit’s lantern illuminates His path, so does Agares’ ever-watchful goshawk keep a steady eye fixed upon its surroundings. However, unlike the free-standing Hermit, Agares has decided to carry Himself upon the back of a strange ally—the crocodile. 

When John R. King IV asked Agares if he could provoke runaways, Agares said he could make them “go into the wilderness and eat bugs.” The impetus he uses to cause such a departure, as he describes it, is guilt/shame—he knows what lies deep in the hearts of us and he can stir those faults at will.

agares z

Agares brings about the reconciliation of parties and improves the witch’s communication skills. He can stop runaways and fugitives and teach the witch all languages.

Agarus’s tarot attributions are discussed by T.B. Scott as follows:

Although we may be inclined to associate Agares with the Hermit, He is best represented by the 3 of Wands. Although His seal is subject to variation from source to source, we can clearly see within its basic shape a pattern of three’s. There are three circles, three unattached arms of the cross and three bands at the bottom of the shield. The number three has a great deal of occult significance—examples being the triplicity of the seasons of life (birth, adulthood, death) and the threefold Nature of linear time (past, present and future). 

Because His Nature is fiery, motivating and active, it makes sense to assume that His Decanal association with the Sun and Aries lend him both Solar qualities and those aligned with the Ram of the Zodiac. The Three’s of the Tarot may be viewed as being representative of commenced action—we may break this down into such thoughts as beginning something new, motivation or going forward. Agares’ interest in “making them to run that stand still” suggests that we are correct to attribute the action-based principles of His Solar-Aries assignment to those lessons of His which encompass breaking free from old ruts, rising to the challenge and persevering.

The 3 of Wands can also indicate a tendency to cling to shallow ideals such as appearance, power and wealth. Because Agares’ inspires us to look beyond what is visible on the surface, we find that His traditional powers include “power to destroy dignities” and “causeth earthquakes”. Both of these actions consist of the razing of structures, both symbolic and literal—of destroying what once was in order to return a state of being to its most basic foundations. Through the destructive power of Aries, the jaws of the crocodile, we are stripped bare—exposed to the light of the Sun and entrusted to the care of the nurturing Mother. Through the warming of the Sun’s rays we attain new growth and perspective, guided by the light of the Morning Star, Venus—the eyes of the goshawk.

Agares instructs the witch in the art of shapeshifting and empowers the astral double for combat. He can help the witch become immune to psychic attack and program her aura so that she will be able to better intake the magickal blessings and healing spells of other witches.

According to Michael W. Ford, Agares assisted in the construction of Ford’s Shadow/Sethanic alphabet.

The numerical value of Agares’s name in Gematria is 205, identical to the value of Adar, the Hebrew month relating to Pisces, as well as the words Gebar [Man (of Uprightness) and Gabar [To Prevail/To Have Strength/To Be Powerful/ To Be Mighty/To Be Great]. Other correlations to this number include Hafakpak [Perverted/Crooked], Gibbor [Chief/Giant/Champion/Valiant Man], Geber [Man/Strong Man/Warrior], and Hor, a mountain on the boundary of Edom.

Dictionairre Infernal describes Aguares as “a lord drawn by wires on the back of a crocodile, and sparrowhawk on his fist.” The Lemegeton described him as ” an old fair man.” Ars Goetia replaces the word “sparrowhawk” with “goshawk” and adds that he is “mild in appearance.” T.B. Scott intereprets this appearance:

Both the goshawk and the crocodile represent higher vision, caution and the need for vigilance. Symbolically, the old man is illustrative of wisdom through experience, perseverance and even fragility. It is quite a worrying situation in which a fragile old man has committed himself to being reliant upon the strength of the crocodile whose powerful jaws could easily rend him limb from limb; but this insinuates profound and unspoken trust on the part of the old man—even his dependence upon the sharp eyes of the goshawk leads us to conclude that, as a pinnacle of wisdom, his experience has given him reason to believe that his life and well-being are safe in the deceptively dangerous guardianship of beasts.

Agarus appeared to me as a thin man in a white robe with a light emanating about his head– a halo, if you will.

The traditional enn or summoning chant for Agaros is “Rean ganen ayar da Agares.” My chant to summon Agarus and simultaneously presence infernal energy is “Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Agaros,” which translates to “Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Agaros.”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

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