The Gematria of Personhood


This article is a request. We’ll be dissecting the image above.

The number 1000 here is attributed to a Hebrew phrase signifying “The Conqueror.”  1000 is the value of “Sheshet” in Gematria. Sheshet is the Hebrew number 6—which number signifies the union of man with the Higher Self—the Great Work proper. 1000 is also the value of the Hebrew word “Tam,” meaning “Whole/Complete/Be Finished,” as well as the Hebrew word “Tom,” meaning “Wholeness/Perfection.”

1000 is the value of the Hebrew word Shemonim, meaning “Eighty” or “Fourscore.” The number 80, while being the value of other Hebrew words signifying perfection, corresponds to the Hebrew letter Peh, which letter signifies the causal presencing of Numinous (Sacred) Wisdom.

Peh is the 17th number of the Hebrew alphabet. 17 is the number of the squares contained in a swastika, which swastika represents the Abrahamic divinity when facing right and Chavajoth (the Azerate) when facing left.

The letter Peh, in its connotation of the numinous-within-causality, summarizes the principle signification of the diagram, which diagram divides personhood into four primary subdivisions. These four subvisions correspond to the four causal dimensions, the four points of the compass, and the four alchemical elements. The division-into-four represents the coming-into-causality—i.e. the human body.

Clearly, 1000 relates to the penultimate sphere of the Sephiroth and/or Qliphoth, and the entire schema hearkens to the Tree of Life or Tree of Death, which trees, in their divisions, relate to the components of consciousness and personhood.

999 is the value of the Hebrew phrase Kesaf Tzeruwf Baliyl La’ratz, meaning “Silver Refined in an Earthen Furnace.”

888 relates to the Abrahamic Christ, here a metaphor for the incarnation of the Numinous within a teacher and prophet. In short, a magus.

777 is here related to the cross, being here the equal-armed cross, a prototype of the aforementioned svastika. 777 is the sum of all the pathways of the Tree of Life as well as the Tree of Knowledge.

777 is the number of the Great Work. 7 + 7 + 7 = 21, and 21 signifies the Great Work insofar as the Great Work consists of the unification of opposites.

777 is the number of the Infernal Plane and all things demonic.

666 relates to Sorath, the fiend of the Sun and the Black Sun alike, who is, largely, a baleful manifestation of what is signified by 888—after all, 666 also relates to the Hebrew phrase Shem Yehoshuah, meaning “the Name Jesus” as well as a Hebrew phrase meaning “He Broke the Profaneness.”

666 relates to the Greek word Titan as well as a Hebrew phrase meaning “You Shall Eat the Righteous.” 666 is the sum of all the numbers in the Kamea square related to the sphere of the Sun.

555 relates to the eagle, the crescent moon, as well as Tow’afah, a Hebrew word variously translated as “Lofty Horns,” “Eminence,” and “Summit.”

“Lofty Horns” relates to the two horns of the Crescent Moon. The moon is the middle-man between the Earth and the Sun. The Earth could not handle the Sun’s light in its entirety—it would burn. The Moon shares the burden of the solar emanation and disperses it back to the Earth in a capacity which the Earth can handle. Here, the moon signifies a presencing-agent of the Numinous, which presencing-agent facilitates the coming-into-causality of the Numinous.

444 corresponds to Hebrew phrases meaning “Sacred Place” and “From the Holy Place.” It also corresponds to a word meaning “Judges,” as did 1000. This is no different from 555.

333 corresponds here to Hebrew words meaning “Consort,” “To Be Sexually Aroused/To Rape,” and the Cabala of the Nine Chambers. Ergo this signifies that the plane of causality is the plane of the causal manifestation of the Numinous.

The diagram, as a whole, signifies mankind as the incarnation of the Numinous, in the details of said manifestation.

-V.K. Jehannum


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