Pathway: Gamchicoth (Jupiter/Astaroth) – Golohab (Mars/Asmodeus)
Letter of Tunnel: Teth
Zodiac of Tunnel: Leo
Tarot of Tunnel: Atu VIII (Lust)
Tarot of Spirit: Atu IX (Strength)
Magickal Formula of Tunnel: Io Mega Therion
Musical Key: E
Color: Gray, Greenish Yellow
Disease: Stroke
Ordeal: Sexual Heat
Siddhi: Taming Beasts; Bridling Women; Directing Insensate Passions
Atavism: Serpent’s Tongue
Gematria: 129; 610; 857

Above: Sigil of Temphioth from Liber 231

Temphioth, whose name means “Great Flaming One,” is a Qliphothic archfiend of manipulation, destruction, immortality, and sorcery. He inhabits the 19th trail of the Qliphoth—the one that leads between the Husks of Gamchicoth (Jupiter/Astaroth) and Golochab (Mars/Asmodeus).

He holds dominion over all the infernal pleasures and can give the witch the self-control necessary to resist them. True to the name, he brings about destruction via sortilege.

Temphioth helps the witch tame wild animals, control other people, and turn “astral nasties” into her personal servants. He holds dominion over initiation and the change of one’s circumstances in general. He can rewrite the witch’s personality—erasing negative traits and creating positive ones.

Temphioth helps the witch overcome death and attain immortality. He is skilled in banishing that grey energy of death that necromancers are so fond of throwing at people. He can bring about any kind of protection and conceal anything or anyone. Temphioth specializes in effecting the sustainment of spiritual energies. This means that he can immortalize the infernal energies presenced in a ritual chamber, creating a long-lasting nexion to Hell. He can strengthen the effects of any protective spell, rendering the energies more durable. If the witch has Vampyric tendrils or astral weaponry that she regularly uses, Temphioth can strengthen them exponentially. Most importantly, he can immortalize the death essence which the witch has saturated an individual with.

Temphioth helps the witch attain magickal powers which are foreign to her, and it is written that he specializes in telepathy. He can awaken and empower the third eye. In fact, he can increase the witch’s magickal power and psychic senses in any way she requests, and give the witch more control over the powers that she already has.

He can grant much wisdom and increase the witch’s awareness. He helps the witch to see through the facades of others and ascertain their hidden motives. He can transform the witch by submersing her in masculine energies.

Temphioth II
Above: Sigil of Temphioth from Qabalah, Qliphoth, & Goetic Magic

According to Linda Falorio:

A need to work with the energies of Temphioth is suggested when one experiences feelings of joylessness, feelings of emotional, and/or intellectual dryness, coldness, an inability to take an active sexual role and arrive at orgasm, an inability to lose oneself in the creative moment. There may be experienced a lack of self-confidence, a lack of positive physical vitality and grounding in the body and the senses, or a lack of a sense of personal power.

The powers of this tunnel are the ability to become one with primitive limbic instincts, to become one with our erotic sensations, the ability to live with intensity and passion. The going becomes reality as we ourselves become the path, the central essence of our own creative acts. This tunnel grants great physical vitality, with a positive personal electricity and magnetism that can be used to create, to bless, and to heal. Here also is the ability to channel potentially dangerous life energies, as do cult devotees who dance in ecstasy with venomous snakes and take their protection from harm as a sign of beatitude and grace, as well as of proper centering and at-one-ness in the moment, when (and if) they are not fatally bitten.

Dangers of excess are burn-out, physical dissipation, and exhaustion. Blocking of these potent energies can be seen in poor circulation, coldness of heart, and depression.

Temphioth appeared to me as a grey cadaver with long, black hair that traveled past his shoulders. Mummification cloths hung loosely from his being.

Temphioth manifested as female to Frater 414, explaining that while her claws were not for show, she was “sweet and gentle also.”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

The Tree of Death and Qliphoth by Jon Gee; The Shadow Tarot by Linda Falorio; The Experiments of Frater 414; Liber Obsidian Obscura by Alexander Winfield Dray; Gematria and the Tanakh by Brian Pivik; Thelemic Qabbalah Volume III by Frater Apollonius; Liber Azerate


5 thoughts on “Temphioth

  1. I’m going to assume he can be created, invoked and evoked using the previous formulae used to evoke the other spirits of the Tunnel…or rather using the same chants (with exception of the Enns)???Granted, I remember the old formulae u had on he matter, but it seems u don’t recommend using that one anymore…(as it was sourced by they whom u are disaffiliated with???) Although Im sure creating one’s own key or chants would be just as effective given the data on the spirit.


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