The Absorption Rite of the Infernal Divine

Face the North and shut your eyes. Envision yourself seated upon a black throne above the starry sky. Large, curved twin horns and an adamantine crown studded with sapphires and a lone black diamond adorn your head. Your eyes are pitch black– all three of them. Your right hand bears a sword adorned with sigils of demonry and magick, and your left holds a skull-cup which overflows endlessly– deep red blood, floating petals of ambrosia. Maintaining this image– a visualization of demonic adepthood– speak XEPER XEPERA XEPERU thrice.

Open your eyes. Envision a deep blue sphere of energy levitating above your head, and know that this it the essence of the Dark Gods– the heart of the Qliphoth and its Gods. Its luminous potentiality emanates in eight directions at once, forever. Reach the dagger upward to touch it, and bring it downward to your forehead. Vibrate NOXULIFER (KNOCK-ZOO-lih-FUR).

Bring the dagger, and with it, the sphere, to your left shoulder. Vibrate DAEVAAMERITEM (DAY-ay-vuh-uh-MARRY-TAUGHT).

Bring the sphere and blade to your genitals, and vibrate USHUANARASTA (ooh-SHOE-AN-ARE-ost-uh).

Bring the blade and sphere to your right shoulder and vibrate XEPER (kheffur).

Cross your arms into an x over your chest, right over left, and exclaim ZORABIA!

Draw pentagrams in the North, West, South, and East as you chant MELUS DE QUO MAGMA repeatedly.

Finishing this, face the north. Visualize Belphagore as a muscular, blonde, bearded male with fingernails like claws, twin white wings, and piercing green eyes. He stands before you int the North. Speak: “Salve Beth-Baal-Peor! Lord of the Dead and God of the Disputers! Yours are the Will to Power and the Inspirations of Creation! Hail from the North and bring forward the element of Earth! Lyan Ramec Catya Ganen Belphegore! Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Beth-Baal-Peor!”

Visualize a crowned spirit to your left in the West. Adorned in regal and wizardly robes of blue and yellow, he bears a scorched skull in one hand and a rusted set of keys in the other. His eyes are crimson red, but his face is obscured by his hood. Exclaim “Ol Oecremi Agliarepts! Sentinel of the Gate and Chief of the Secret Police! Spirit of War and Opulence! Hail in the West! Emanate the waters! Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Agalierap! On Ca Agaliarept Agna!”

Visualize Adrammelech standing behind you in the South. His form is muscular, his eyes are black, his horns are long and nearly white, and his head is bald. Exclaim “Agios o Adra-Malik! Venomous and Numinous Shapeshifter! God over Diseases and Sunlight! Harken from the South and bring forward its flames! Baruch ha-Adramelech, Melech ha-Qlipha ha-Kokab! Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Adrammelech!”

Visualize Asmodeus standing on your right in the East. He appears as a giant red spider with multifarious black eyes, and flames of yellow, blue, and black arise from each of his feet. Its draconic tail looms over it, and a spout adorns it as would adorn a whale. Exclaim “Salve Sancta Pater Achemedai! Infernal God Who Carries the Loathsome Javeline! Chief of the Ones Who, By Their Fire, Illumine the Darkness for Slaughter! Hail unto you who stands in the East! Bear forward the Air of the elements! Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Asmodeus! Ayer Avage Aloren Asmoday Aken!”

Extend your arms outwards: “Around Me Shines the Horned Star of Chaos and Infernality!”

Fold your arms around yourself as if cradling your inner spark: “Within Me Shines the Blackened Fire of Xul!”

Return to a normal stance. Exclaim YATUKISAHLA (yaw-TWO-KEY-SAW-LAW).


4 thoughts on “The Absorption Rite of the Infernal Divine

    1. I wasn’t aware Ford had written one– mine was based off one The Lesser Absorption Rite of the Pentagram of Set by somebody from the Temple of Set. I’m guessing that’s where Ford got his inspiration as well.

      Anyways, this is indeed a rewrite of a pre-existent ritual. I created it for my personal use and posted it here, in all honesty, just for my own convenience. More power to anybody who finds it helpful.

      Liked by 1 person

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