Follow-Up On Vindex

In retrospect, my article refuting the lies surrounding the Vindex mythos did not clearly delineate the reasons I consider the truth about Vindex as damning as it is. In fact, I left my primary criticisms implied and unspoken, and as thus, unheard.

(1) Von Sangettal and Ulfgangr Satanara have both told me that they were aware of the truth about Vindex prior to my public revelation of it. This indicates, by way of probability, that there most likely were many Niners (perhaps 10-20) who were aware of this truth.

And none of them broke the story.

I want you to consider the implications of the fact that it was Traditional Demonolater and an initiate of the Draconian Tradition rather than a Niner who brought this to the public. ZERO ONA members* were willing to do so.

Since the Satanism of the ONA is, in majority, predicated upon the Sinister Dialectic, and the remainder of the Western Black Lodge is predicated upon the emulation or veneration of the Infernal Divine, there is inevitably a discrepancy between the ethos of the ONA and the remainder of the Western Black Lodge. The fact that I broke this story, independently, despite my distaste for the ONA, instantiates the discrepancies between these ethioi (is that the plural of ethos?) in two ways.

(i) As I follow the ethos established by the Infernal Divine, I felt the need to lead the way for my brothers in the Western Black Lodge, regardless of their opposition to me. The members of the ONA who knew the truth about Vindex, being followers of the ethos of the Sinister Dialectic, were entirely content to watch their brothers in the movement be manipulated like cattle.

(ii) I was willing, in accordance with the ethos of the Infernal Divine, to challenge the orthodoxy upheld by my brothers within the Black Lodge, publicly. The members of the ONA who knew the truth about Vindex, in contrast, were willing to uphold the orthodoxy by their silence, despite the fact that they knew it was fallacious.

(2) The ONA calls its members to the pursuit of cliological agendas, which places an incredible amount of responsibility on them to be, ultimately, leaders, even from within the ranks. In contradiction, the ONA kept the truth about Vindex almost entirely secret, relying upon the intellectual incompetence of its members to manipulate them for the achievement of cliological agendas. The result of this contradiction is illustrated by (i) and (ii).

The ONA’s dissertations regarding Vindex have never represented him for what (who) he really is. He has always been represented as a coming savior, likened variously to Krishna or the Antichrist. This is manipulation– in fact, it is propaganda.

A certain leading figure in the ONA by the name of DarkLogos, referred to as well as DL9 and Lianna, has been exposed as a propagandist time and time again. Similarly, Kayla and Chloe 352 have been caught promoting rampant lies about their activities to create the illusion that their influence exceeds its actual parameters. Anton Long is known to have adopted multifarious pseudonyms in order to misrepresent his personhood as a multitude (as is Lianna).

Look at the hours upon hours propagandists have spent promoting exaggerations and lies to convince the public that the ONA is more powerful than it has ever truly become. The praxis and Occultism of which comprise the Sevenfold Way are valid, unique, and powerful, while those who propagate the 7FW are vile, honourless, and impotent in their majority. Beldam, Von Sangettal, and Ulfgangr Satanara (and probably Ryan Anschauung as well) are all exempt from my condemnations of the ONA.

*Despite the claims made by leading voices in the ONA, the ONA is, in fact, a movement, and the conduct and weltanschauungen of those who follow this movement, and who are therefore members of this movement, does reflect the nature of this movement.

For the sake of clarity, I use the words “movement” and “group” to denote different things. A group is formally structured whereas a group is not. Movements most often lack things such as membership fees and leaders. The ONA has always been seen as a movement and it has always operated as movements do. Third-wave feminism is another example of a movement, hence its lack of administration/leadership. Being a member of third-wave feminism, like being a member of the ONA, entails no distinct formal or hierarchic structure.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


34 thoughts on “Follow-Up On Vindex

  1. Many in ONA always raise the flags of the losers – this is an archetypal trait. Reich, islamism, primitive cultures & tribes etc. – these are the forms that could not stand the test of time, that is, they did not stand the competition, and therefore were defective to some extent. If the dinosaurs are extinct, then they are losers and go for a dick, for example. The same is true in this case, if very simple for clarity.


  2. BTW:

    In fact, Vindex is simply the Latin word “Avenger”. All. No more. This would be relevant in another language, as a concept. If someone, for example, is called “Joseph”, then this does not mean that this is the same Joseph, who Goebbels or, for example, Joseph of Arimathea. Many people knew about the historical character since the first request of this name in Google.

    “lol, de-anonymisation!!!” ))


      1. Labyrinthos Mythologicus ™

        Our Labyrinthos Mythologicus is (a) “a modern and an amoral version of a technique often historically employed, world-wide among diverse cultures and traditions both esoteric and otherwise, to test and select candidates,” and (b) a mischievous, japing, and sly, part of our sinister dialectic. (c)

        The principle is simple: the more talk about it and the more rumors go = the better for the tradition (as in the case of Fulcanelli, for example).

        Create a legend about yourself: all the “gods” started with this. (c)

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  3. “I came not to bring peace, but to bring a useful indicators”, Gospel of Jesvs Queen-dex.

    Anathema! Maranatha! 83!


  4. Not sure how WS’s comment was able to appear on my article when she’s blocked. She’s already left mroe than 70 comments on my website, and I have revoked her right to continue to do so because (A) she falsified her identity and (B) she is known to be a disingenuous propagandist. Her obsession with me on a personal level is a large part of what I’m referring to when I refer to the desperate damage control some Niners have embarked upon because of me. I don’t think she believes a word she says, and I’m not the only one who has made that observation. She’s no different from Kelly Anne Conway– she’s a pundit in every way. No other black magickal group has people who act like this.


  5. No offense V.K., but her comment seemed valid and cogent. Desperate damage control? A single comment with a calm, composed, innocuous response in a clear manner doesn’t warrant your oblique relay-attack. And no, I’m not her (nor do I know much of anything about her). But there’s more structural integrity in that kind of ingnoble ipseity than in your flippant exhibitionism. (Clearly said integrity has held up well – look at the audience you’ve gathered on these grounds.) If you have no desire for an open discourse, then why post these topics publicly? It would seem that you are simply begging your own question.

    A censored discourse does not liberate an obscene soliloquy. Some of us enjoy the fun, but if you’re not interested in a serious response, I’d say these loquacious escapades will remain a source of mild insight and entertainment for the befuddled and confused. Gadamer-gossip without the hermeneutic. Hysteric histrionics, I would call it.

    The ONA rarely needs to do damage control. Believe it or not, you are doing a pretty good job of this already. Carry on if you wish, Vindex-soldier! Every strategy needs a tactic, and you’re hyperpoles serve to both misdirect and free up valuable resources. I don’t think anyone was content to watch others manipulated like cattle, given that we now have yet another learned chicanery-shepard at the helm (you).

    If this is the extent of your ability to intimate deeply, I must admit that I am surprised and disappointed. Clearly there is more to learn, and I don’t think it will be found peculating at the bottom of a book, or in this kind of petty arguing.

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      Believe me, I can tell you’re not her.

      I know three of WS’s other pseudonyms. If you are not familiar enough with her conduct to know to mistrust her whenever she talks, that’s on you. I didn’t read her response– I stopped doing that with her a long time ago. She’s left 70-80 long-ass multi-paragraph comments on my website. When I first blocked her, she started commenting with a second account because she didn’t understand that I knew who she was.

      You talk about an open discourse– are you aware that WS does not allow comments on any of her websites and blogs? Can you name anyone besides her I’ve ever prohibited from commenting on my blog, ever?

      Her responses made so little sense to me at first. I thought there was something wrong with her– some kind of learning disability. But I found out she was disingenuous– a known propagandist behind a new pseudonym.

      TL:DR; if you don’t know not to trust her, that’s your problem.

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      1. I came here to leave a little jab at WS- too bad she’s vanished! You know my opinion on anonymous bloggers refusing to show their credentials.

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    2. And yes, if a Niner who is a documented propagandist leaves over 70 comments on my blog and writes more than 12 articles about me on multiple websites, including an article posted to two websites on Christmas day with four citations and zero typos, that’s damage control. Especially if she sometimes falsifies her identity in doing so. This is not normal behavior.

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  6. Nevertheless, judging from what she said in her responses – both on that blog post and elsewhere – I do not think there is anything to warrant the baton-braying that has been levied against her. It seems that most of the exchange, like so many others, has arisen from a confluence of ulterior tensions and hostilities, snowballing into misdirection, miscommunication, and simple misunderstandings that only vex and embitter all involved, inflaming a fading fire, buried in one subterfuge after another.

    If a motivated jurisprudence consummated its intent with dishonesty, this would be exhausting. Unfortunately, honesty has little to do with it. Regardless of whether one remains anonymous, engages in pseudonymous inter-course, or attempts to maintain some transparency in their identity, there is an estrangement in this medium of communication that cannot be overcome. I may know who you are, what you look like, your name, and where you live. But until I grace your eyes with the intimacy of a son or daughter of the morning, only then am I able greet you as an enemy or friend and lower the consternation of my brow in joyous exaltation! Estrangement begets the inauthentic, regardless of intent, and honesty in this medium can only conceal so much.

    There is a perversity here, one that conditions a certain psychological response and erects an impasse that can only be antagonized. The more I engage, regardless of how honest I may believe myself to be, regardless of how obdurate I am in my resolve, festering this decretum of validation only breeds alienation, one that is usually shaped in two primary directions: voyeurism and exhibitionism. It should not be encouraged. I would say that these are not only abnormal, but can pollute larger collectives when working together in a transformative process, specifically at the levels of the unconscious. There is nothing more mundane than estrangement.

    On this note, when one examines the writing of the ONA for many years in isolation; when one attempts to evaluate what is said; and when one’s valuation of what is said is grounded in the virility and vitality of its application, it is strange that the regal pith of this magnificent python is somehow surrogated and undermined by a familiarity with who said this or that, rather than what they said; by the infantilizing infatuation of who one associates with and their associations. These associations of associations are second-cousin to conversations-that-are-not-a-conversation. These can be engaged in until the end days. I, however, despite my brief lapse from solitude, will continue the only thing that matters: ONA work. And it is work, significant work, real work. Music does not write itself. Nor does ontology.

    The ONA is a powerful system, one that works and is beautiful. But until one emaciates themselves from these influences, or at least makes a significant effort to do so, to live ascetically and purely, there are few things more arrogant than critiquing the world around them as Magian or mundane. Many critique the mundane as if they weren’t intertwined in abnegation. This is often evidenced by the resistance apparent in their reactions, by a lack of humility, and by a claim to some unique vantage point. Without said emaciation, or a significant attempt to do so, there is not only no view from nowhere; there isn’t even a view, and this alone, on my view, is mundane.

    This is my third response on a blog. Ever. I do not have a facebook, I do not have a blog, I do not engage in social media. Such exchanges are a toxic waste of time and energy, and are more pernicious than we realize. They are unhealthy, and this is a perversity that is not befitting of adults. They affect the ONA writ-large through a substratum of various levels of the unconscious, particularly when working together directly. If we do not start redirecting this poisoned trough into a constructive, creative aqueduct – through artistic and serious academic enterprises, for example – our triumph will have no standard to stand on.

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    1. Ugh, look.

      (1) D.M. Hutchins and V.K. Jehannum hate each other’s guts. and Anna Czereda disagrees with Hutchins and Jehannum on quite a lot. So if Hutchins, Czereda, and Jehannum all agree on a matter, it MIGHT just be important.

      (2) Hutchins, Czereda, and Jehannum all agree that WyrdSister is an untrustworthy propagandist.

      (3.1) Unlike you, Hutchins, Czereda, and Jehannum have all interacted with with Wyrdsister at length.

      (3.2) Unlike you Hutchins, Czereda, and Jehannum can each list other pseudonyms Wyrdsister has employed.

      (3.3) Unlike you, Hutchins, Czereda, and Jehannum consider Wyrdsister an untrustworthy propagandist.


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    2. I read this comment with great interest. Social media works against the hermetic resonance of the ONA. Blogging, FB,… it all demands precious time. I discovered the ONA’s work via short messages in the early days of the internet. Now everything is available and there are various opinions flying around. You refer to your ONA work: music for instance. I am quite interested but of course I respect your preference for solitude. My artwork is a solitary endeavor as well and most worthwhile for there lies the power of the Sinister Tradition. The small cracks in the overall homogenous System. Anyway, if you are interested I am open for private discourse on hermetic matters, art and the like.

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  7. “As I follow the ethos established by the Infernal Divine, I felt the need to lead the way for my brothers in the Western Black Lodge” HMM infernal mandates taking talking points from Aquino?? Interesting that your enamoured with magian occultism particularly Frankist Sabbateanism and ((Western Black Lodges)) . Yet you now claim to wish to “lead” those who are opposed to the ((Ethos)) you have been promoting.


    1. I’m not trying to lead the ONA– I’m calling them (OG’s) out on their shit.

      Second, I purported that most of the Western Black Lodge (Demonolaters, Luciferians, Draconians, Theistic Satanists, etc) follow the ethos established by the Infernal Divine, to lesser or greater extents respectively. Ergo my claim to follow this ethos as well is hardly comparable to the Infernal Mandate.


  8. “I’m not trying to lead the ONA– I’m calling them (OG’s) out on their shit.” yet ” I felt the need to lead the way for my brothers in the Western Black Lodge, regardless of their opposition to me. ” And 6 months ago someone made a insightful comment to which you responded “” I don’t think you get to leave the O9A. Everyone I know who has “left” never seems to go far from it.”
    OH WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT” . Your like the guy who goes to a steakhouse and tries to convince everyone that the meat is really soy. Then when it is proven to be beef you protest outside


    1. Apologies for accidentally unapproving this comment last night. Wifi issues at my new place prevented me from getting that fixed until now.

      Anyways, when I referred to leading the way in the article, I was referring to my revelation of another hidden truth regarding the 7FW. I did not mean to imply that I was leading the ONA in a sense comparable to Hutchins or Satanis (herp derp hail the nine-angled order).

      I would argue that revealing hidden truths and agendas behind the ONA takes me pretty far from the ONA, but that may be disputed at will. Again, I’ve denounced White Nationalism, called the ONA a movement, defended numerology, and upheld demon worship. Tell me I’m not far enough from the ONA.

      In the future, please refrain from deliberately undercooking your coworker Ryan Anschauung’s beef to give him food-poisoning. That’s a party foul 🙂


        1. Also, who has been pouring all this green liquid on my soy?

          Er, beef. My bad.

          But you gotta find out who’s seasoning my shit to oblivion and tell him to stop. Did y’all hire Venger Satanis again??


  9. Absent Vindications: Monotony Is Monotonous

    As there is no outlet currently for this to be received by the many, I have opted for a final audience with the few. Medially annexed between proclivity and dispensation, it is my hope that something here will betide the tides as both important and heard.

    Monotony is monotonous. Though this is not to be understood as a tautology, it is worth noting that a tautology turned vicious, like a vicious hermeneutic, can introduce strange breakdowns in breeds of meaning.

    These can and do carry weight. In their apodictic trajectory, striving to transpire with salience and simplicity from the ornery and the ordinary, they acquaint absence with emptiness. These can do harm to language. But these are strange kinds of absence and emptiness. Though vacant and unseen, they see every thing, and one can intimate this adequately. The phrase “conspicuous in their absence” comes to mind, although it forks at the incline of this allusion.

    They corrode whatever they interact with as rotten distillation, begetting life and ruination. These larger manifolds reveal something ostensible indirectly; and yet, their cornification, their tuberosity, and the directedness of their influence could make a demagogue blush. There is a superficiality and a continuing violence. The dynamic is also more complex. It does, however, hint at something outstanding.

    These truculent firebrands have a thickness and a density, and they leave behind significations of meaning. As enchiridions of mortified breath, these signposts can obscure and reveal, conceal and deter, redirect as misdirection, and often fall over. As turnabouts of overturning, they can revert to antipodes. Swathed and restored, they may commutate as altered, remove their transposition, or dethrone the son of God; and sometimes with the wrong sign.

    Submerged and enveloped, occasionally surfacing as a blink over the horizon, we may find them peeking through unclean interiors of meaning. In that falling, in the untruth that falls in me, nothing is revealing, and what is undone, what is unborn, escapes the decanting of pomposity. This emergent authenticity extends the fabric of its tenacity to every thing.

    These manifolds of majestic absence make their appearance known in ways too obvious to recognize. They make themselves known as vindicated absence. This is the other fork to “conspicuous in their absence,” revealing, together, like juxtaposed acrobats, a unity truly diabolical.

    This is Vindex.

    As the wounder and the wounded, the morrow’d and the bloodied, it is Castor incarnate, the implicate decanter, the apodictic absence. As monolithic bleeding, as the carried wound, as the protean sublime, it is the depth that does not sink, endangered by drowning. It is resplendent Polydeuces. Bound and sworn—as am I, and as are you—the castigation of this coupling is unrivaled. Apophasis is Cataphasis. Monotony is Monotonous. In the symbiosis of infinite night, in the drought of the indivisible, in the puncture of all pretense and truth, as Invictus and eternal, they are Vindex. Few will understand this mystery. Fewer still will understand it deeply.


  10. One final comment. I want to clarify something before this potentially escalates, so as to prevent any confusion in meaning. This is with respect to Hutchins’ usage of the term “apodicticity.” I am a graduate student at a reputable university, with a specialization in Husserlian and Heideggerian phenomenological temporality. I have spent nine years studying philosophy with notable scholars on these and other subjects. As bizarre as it is to have to point this out—and this will be my last appearance—I want to make it clear that my use of the term “apodictic” was not purloined from Hutchins, nor was it inspired. Whether one believes this or not, I was not aware that he had used this term until a little earlier today; and despite my colorful epithet, I take plagiarism and the misappropriation of sources very seriously. I use apodictic strictly in the Husserlian sense, where it is common terminology, and is contrasted with apophantic knowledge. I emphasize this mainly to avoid conflation, as his usage is different from mine.

    In medias res,
    Pigeon Pilfer

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  11. Im from russia and i like youre blog. i even translate couple of youre posts on russian and i know some people thet invoved into ONA, i had interest in it too. Newer read youre coments, but now i deside to take a look. and i see some people taking drugs, siting near ther monitors talking some stuff, thet no bode would be interested in, and thinking thet they are sinister and honoroble. thet is realy disapointing.
    and by the way thx. for the post, it gave me some idea aboute reletions betwin Bakunin and Vindex Imperium. from russia with accent.

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