Rite to Lilith and Hecate

{This ritual presences Qliphothic energy and calls the four elements in the names of Lilith and Hecate. The witch is required to imbibe some beverage at a certain point of the ritual, whether it’s from a consecrated chalice or a can of soda. The rite serves to increase the celebrant’s psychic powers and magickal abilities}

Melus De Quo Magma! Ave Agia! Ave Lilu Lilitu!
[Reality Emanates from the Demonic! Hail Agia/Hecate! Hail Lilith]

Ama Lilith Liftoach Kliffot!
[Mother Lilith, Open the Infernal Plane]

By the almighty Agia-Hekate, I call forth the four elements unto my place of ritual! Anana Hecate Ayer! Hekate Gonogin, Liftoach Kliffoth!

I call forth the element of water from the west! Hekate Nogar, Liftoach Kliffoth!
I call upon fire from the southernmost point! Hekate Buriol, Liftoach Kliffoth!
I call upon air from the direction of east! Hekate Romerac, Liftoach Kliffoth!
I call forth earth from the direction of North! Hekate Debam, Liftoach Kliffoth!

Io Hekate Io Ho! Ahi Hay Lilith!

Melus De Quo Magma (x11)

I call now upon Lilith and Mother Hecate as the Beloved Matrons of the Dark Arts and Queens of Alchemy and Vampyrism! Saturate my personhood with my power and might so that I might ascend as a powerful witch and work my will in the hours of night!

Layilil Lilitu Abnukta Ama Lilith Chaosifer Tzaphoni (x6) (names of Lilith)

Aperiatur Stella, Et Germinet Agia (x3) [Open the Sky, and Bring Forth Lilith]

Ama Lilith Layil Rimog Lilith! Eko Eko Hekate!

Mother Lilith, Mother Hecate, empower the contents of this for my spiritual nourishment to empower my psychic faculties.

Veni Hekate! Da Mihi Bibere, Lilith! [Come Hekate! Give Me a Drink, Lilith]

(drink beverage)

I call upon Lilith and Hekate to empower me for the sake of the Craft and the accomplishment of my personal destiny! Strengthen my soul so that I may ascend!

Anana Hekate Ayer (x3)

Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach (x6)

Agios o Lilith Regina Gamaliel! Salve Pandeina Antania Hekate!
[Divine is Queen Lilith of Gamaliel! Hail Hekate of the Underworld Feared By All]

Porro Triumphator In Inferno Sunt! [Hell Shall be Victorious]

As I have spoken, so let it be done!


One thought on “Rite to Lilith and Hecate

  1. Chant sources: Book of Belial by Asha’Shedim; The Complete Book of Demonolatry by S. Conolly, Lilith: Goddess of Sitra Ahra by Black Tower Publishing; Temple of the Black Light; Temple of the Ascending Flame

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