Compendium of Magickal Chants to Lilith

Above: Magickally Charged Representation of Lilith for Meditation Journeys by GAR

This is a secret name of Lilith which calls upon the Abyssal Aspect of Her to touch the adept. Source: The Red Book of Appin

Ave Domina Lilith
“Hail Lady Lilith!” Source: VK

Agios o Lilith Regina Gamaliel
“Numinous is Queen Lilith of Gamaliel” Source: VK

Lilith ah-tweh-thur-ROW
I found this being used as a magickal chant, referred to as the “secret sound,” in an invocation of Lilith online. While I usually capitalize everything, I reproduced this chant as I found it. The ritual script specified eleven repetitions of this phrase. Source: Unknown

Lilith ah-twell-uh-CON
Just like above, but from a different site. Also an invocation. Also chanted eleven times. Source: Unknown

Agios Tzaphoni Ama Lilith Layilil
Praises Lilith by her various names. Source: VK

Chant to call upon Layilil, Lilith’s most destructive aspect. Source: Temple of the Black Light

Ama Lilith, Liftoach Kliffoth
“Mother Lilith, Open (the way to) the Infernal Plane.” Calls upon Lilith to presence infernal energy. Source: Unknown

Ama Lilith Layil Rimog Lilith
Chant to call upon Lilith. Source: Lilith: Goddess of Sitra Ahra

Da Mihi Bibere, Lilith
“Grant me a drink, Lilith.” Used in rites to Lilith which involve drinking from a chalice. Source: Book of Belial

Ahi Hay Lilith
Source: Lilith – Goddess of Sitra Ahra

Layilil Lilitu Abnukta Ama Lilith Chaosifer Tzaphoni
Various names and titles of Lilith. Source: VK

Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach
Lilith’s Traditional Enn or Calling Chant

Lilit Reginam Aeternum Noctis
“Lilit Queen of Eternal Night.” Source: Lilith: Goddess of Sitra Ahra

The formula for the summoning of Lilith. Source: The Red Book of Appin

Ama Lilith + Tzaphoni + Lilitu + Yallathor + Torrigal + Akkathor + NINE-THOR-UH-GAUL + AYE-TOUR-UH-GOTH + Yakkorraggawl + Lattorraggoth + Lilith
This name formula, channeled for my upcoming grimoire, consists of eleven names, several of which are channeled. I spelled some of the secret names, approved for public release, such that they would be pronounced right the way an uneducated hillbilly would sound them out. Others were broken down into their syllables, with syllables which equate to know English words (“Uh” counts as a word) being presented as that word spelled entirely capitalized letters. This formula is too powerful for beginners, so I’ve enchanted the formula such that whosoever recites it will only tap into as much of its power as they can handle. Should the celebrant experience waverings of confidence (paranoia, doubt, etc.) of the severity which could fuck up the working being performed, this formula is enchanted such that the intent will manifest purely. Source: V.K.

15128984_1717363398582341_6174464307912520139_oAbove: Magickal Sigil Which Can Call on Either Taninsam or the Normal Aspect of Mother Lilith; Designed by John Putigano


Above: Original Sigil of Taninsam (Lilith’s leviathanic aspect)
Taninsam is one of the Raviasamin, i.e., one of the four leviathans alongside the well-known aspect of the Devil called Leviathan, the Watcher and demon called Rahab, and the Blind Serpent Taninniver. Akhathil and Nagithor are names for Taninsam which were revealed to me. Voviana is an invented magickal name which can be used to call on any of the four Raviasamin.

Ave Lilith, Chaosifer Et Venemus Draconem!

“Hail Lilith, the Chaos-Bearer and Poisonous Dragon.” Used to start rites calling on Taninsam. Source: V.K.

Adoro Te, Deitas Et Draco, Meticulosa Nagithor
“I Adore You, Goddess and Dragon, Fearsome Nagithor!” Source: V.K.

Agios Es, Ama Lilith-Akhathil
“Numinous Art Thou, Mother Lilith-Akhathil!” Source: V.K.

Io Voviana
“Io” means “Hail.” Source: V.K.

Taninsama Lilith Nachasheloah, Liftoach Shaari ha-Sitra Ahra
“(Names of Taninsam), Open the Gate to the Infernal Plane!” Source: Clavicula Nox Edition IV

Ama Leviathan, Tzefa Ha-Gadhol, Taninsam, Lilith-Nachash
Magickal chant composed of invented magickal monikers for Taninsam. Source: V.K.

Agios Ischyros Taninsam
“Numinous and Mighty is Taninsam!” Source: VK

Veniat Ad Me, Regina Chaosifer
“Come Into Me, Chaos-Bearing Queen!” Source: VK

Taninsam Nagithor Voviana Akhathil
Magickal Chant Composed of Four Names for Taninsam. Source: VK

Io Lilitu-Nagithor
“Hail Lilitu-Nagithor!” Source: VK

Arachnid Lilith

Above: Original Sigil of Arachnid Lilith

Arachnidia Lilith + Akkabiyah ha-Gadhol + Regina Chaosifer + Sheikinah ha-Gamalielim + Shemamithilil + Akkawbishia Lilith + Zachalayla + Liftoach Kliffot
A formula composed of names, titles, and words of power and purposed towards the evocation of Arachnid Lilith. Source: V.K.

Baruch Ha-Laghator Ha-Akkabiyah
“Blessed is Laghator the Spider!”
Laghator is a revealed name for Arachnid Lilith. Source: V.K.

Laghator Liftoach Acharayim– Io Tzaphoni-Ama Lilith-Arigol
“Laghator Open the Backwards Tree- Hail Tzaphoni-Ama Lilith-Arigol!”
Laghator and Arigol are revealed names for Arachnid Lilith. Tzaphoni [Northerner/Northern One] is a name for Lilith, and the word Ama [Dark Mother] is a traditional moniker for the Saturnian Qlipha. The title “Ama Lilith” refers to the fact that Lilith’s true throne is in Satariel (Saturn/Lucifuge Rofocale). Source: V.K.

Aken Yesh Tzaphoni Ha-Akkabiyah Bamaquwm Ha-Zeh
“Surely, Tzaphoni the Spider is Present in This Place!”
Source: V.K.

Qodesh La-Ama Lilith-Arigol
“Holy to Ama Lilith-Arigol!”
Source: V.K.

Io Akkawbishia Lilith
“Hail Arachnid Lilith!” Source: VK

Salve Arachnidia Lilith
“Hail Arachnid Lilith!” Source: VK

Arachnidia Shemamithilil Akkawbishia Zachalayla
Source: Temple of the Black Light

Adey Ama Zachalayla Vocar Avage Akkawbishia Lilith
An enn designed for the calling of Arachnid Lilith. Source: V.K.

Veni Akkawbishia Lilith
“Come Arachnid Lilith!” Source: VK

Lilith’s Wolf Aspect

This is a Revealed Name for Lilith’s Wolf Aspect. It May Be Used for Magick and Worship, But Also in Reference to Her Wolf Aspect Outside of Magickal Work and Worship. The i is Pronounced Like the i in Igloo and the san Should Be Pronounced Such that it Rhymes with Gone.

Naezondural + Palzindraea + Hozdaeanthal + Zizdalin + Malzsorgon
These are Channeled Names of Lilith’s Wolf Aspect for Use Only in Worship and Magick. The i’s are Pronounced like the i in Igloo.

Zaezor Konda Azaea Malzorgon Aztharal Azdae
Channeled Chant to Evoke Lilith’s Wolf Aspect

Aznaean Orzaeda Palzoral Azdaeal
Channeled Chant to Invoke Lilith’s Wolf Aspect

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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  1. Blessed be Lilith,
    I hace searched for a Lilith chant in the ancient tongue. I wouldve like to thank you for this site of infinito knowlege…. Hail Lilith


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