Compendium of Magickal Chants to Lilith

Above: Magickally Charged Representation of Lilith for Meditation Journeys by GAR

Ave Domina Lilith
“Hail Lady Lilith!” Source: VK

Agios o Lilith Regina Gamaliel
“Numinous is Queen Lilith of Gamaliel” Source: VK

Ama Lilith + Tzaphoni + Lilitu + Yallathor + Torrigal + Akkathor + NINE-THOR-UH-GAUL + AYE-TOUR-UH-GOTH + Yakkorraggawl + Lattorraggoth + Lilith
This name formula, channeled for my upcoming grimoire, consists of eleven names, several of which are channeled. I spelled some of the secret names, approved for public release, such that they would be pronounced right the way an uneducated hillbilly would sound them out. Others were broken down into their syllables, with syllables which equate to know English words (“Uh” counts as a word) being presented as that word spelled entirely capitalized letters. This formula is too powerful for beginners, so I’ve enchanted the formula such that whosoever recites it will only tap into as much of its power as they can handle. Should the celebrant experience waverings of confidence (paranoia, doubt, etc.) of the severity which could fuck up the working being performed, this formula is enchanted such that the intent will manifest purely. Source: V.K.

Adoro Te, Deitas Et Draco, Meticulosa Nagithor
“I Adore You, Goddess and Dragon, Fearsome Nagithor!” Calls Lilith’s dragon aspect.

Agios Es, Ama Lilith-Akhathil
“Numinous Art Thou, Mother Lilith-Akhathil!” Calls Lilith’s dragon aspect.

Io Lilitu-Nagithor
“Hail Lilitu-Nagithor!” Chant to Lilith’s dragon aspect.

This is a Revealed Name for Lilith’s Wolf Aspect. It May Be Used for Magick and Worship, But Also in Reference to Her Wolf Aspect Outside of Magickal Work and Worship. The i is Pronounced Like the i in Igloo and the san Should Be Pronounced Such that it Rhymes with Gone.

Naezondural + Palzindraea + Hozdaeanthal + Zizdalin + Malzsorgon
These are Channeled Names of Lilith’s Wolf Aspect for Use Only in Worship and Magick. The i’s are Pronounced like the i in Igloo.

Zaezor Konda Azaea Malzorgon Aztharal Azdae
Channeled Chant to Evoke Lilith’s Wolf Aspect

Aznaean Orzaeda Palzoral Azdaeal
Channeled Chant to Invoke Lilith’s Wolf Aspect

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


6 thoughts on “Compendium of Magickal Chants to Lilith

  1. Blessed be Lilith,
    I hace searched for a Lilith chant in the ancient tongue. I wouldve like to thank you for this site of infinito knowlege…. Hail Lilith


  2. Info on LILITH


    Lilith is an infernal Patroness of Prostitution, alongside:




    Qulilitu or (Qukukutu/ Qukukatu)

    Lilith is Said to have Authority over
    ‘Naamah’ ‘Aggereth’, and ‘Machaloth’.

    Lilith is an Acausal Theomorphic Goddess of Vampyres and Ceremonial Fornication. The Matron of unorthodox sexuality, atavism, darkness, and seduction.

    Lilith is often considered a progenitor of most demons and
    ‘Lilin’ (succubi and/or incubi) and The nature of a succubus is the harmony of seduction and destruction.
    People are usually quick to Define/label Entities like ‘Lilith’ by their sexualities, or some ‘Feminine Icon’ But I A-sure you There’s a Hell of a lot more to this being and her character than any mortal can fathom or live long enough to know, or comprehend.

    From Fun Nostalgic Times with ‘ADAM’ ‘Eve’ To The, Rulering of Multiple Spheres, She’s an Infernal Mother For Many ‘Lilin’, and Demons alike.

    Lilith Is A supporter of the ‘LGBTQ’ Community and Strives to End Racism, Misogynism, and Hopefully Misandry.

    Lilith is Saturnian, Sathariel it’s zodiac Capricorn.

    Tend to have a fondness for Weapons, War, Combat, Secrecy, The Hidden.

    Capricorn’s are very talkative, humorous, and at times serious, but always, always, worthwhile. They’re Very Gole Oriented, They like Authority, and strive for it, so much so At times’s the immature Capricorn may have a Superiority complex.

    They Tend to have A nice bone structure, mainly the joints.
    Capricorn’s or Saturnian beings Like ‘The Hat Man’ Thrive in Secrecy & The Shadow’s, Secrets of Sex, Love, and the Unspoken, Primal Desires of Carnage & war, Things we keep in our Shadows So much so.

    Saturnian beings Tend to Have A lot Of Mystery, Roomers, lies, Unverified info, Misconceptions, And even Imposter Spirits, Surrounding them. to keep away the unworthy, & unready and preserve secrecy.

    Despite all my Research, And the info given in this Article, I Still feel like I Don’t Know Them or Lilith at all.

    These beings Value Secrecy, at times it’s for the best, some Things stay in The Shadow’s
    Hidden, Unspoken, Unknown.
    (let’s be honest the truth hurts.)


    Her Hebrew name consists of the Hebrew characters



    Lilith, Lilit, Lilitu, Rrasastora, Lilith-Laylee, Lili-Layliala, Ardat-Lili, Kiskil-Lillake, Lilith Savta, Lilith-Ulemta

    other names/ titles
    Ama Lilith + Tzaphoni + Lilitu + Yallathor + Torrigal + Akkathor + NINE-THOR-UH-GAUL + AYE-TOUR-UH-GOTH + Yakkorraggawl + Lattorraggoth + Lilith

    Aspect’s of Lilith

    Lilith’s Spider Aspect
    This form is connected to ‘Sepheranz’ A Spider-Goddess
    its name is ‘Mylprasara’ or ‘Arcane’
    (TOTBL) Name is ‘Akkawabishia Lilith’s)
    Temple of the blacklight = (TOTBL)

    Lilith’s wolf Aspect

    Name ‘Nizsandor’

    other names are

    Naezondural + Palzindraea + Hozdaeanthal + Zizdalin + Malzsorgon

    Lilith’s Owl Aspect

    Lilith’s Dragon Aspect
    Name ‘AKHATHIL’

    Lilith’s Leviathan Aspact Recorded By
    (TOTBL) ‘Taninsam’
    TOTBL (Temple of the blacklight)

    Lilith’s male Aspect

    Lilith’s has a ‘Cheetah’ and ‘Bull’ Aspect
    (The name given to the most destructive aspect of Lilith is Layilil)
    (not to be mistaken with Layilil, or laylah, completely different being’s)

    Gematria = 480
    her sacred numbers are 3, 6,
    Binah is the third emanation of Lilith,

    Lilith has authority and rule in both
    The Realm of GAMALIEL, and Sathariel.
    Sathariel is also ruled by ‘Lucifuge Rofocale’
    GAMALIEL also ruled by ‘Mammon’
    (Lilith’s true throne is in Sathariel.)

    Primary Astrological Attributions of Lilith
    An Asteroid named after her “1181 Lilith”
    ‘The Black Moon’, & ‘The dark moon’,
    Her Lesser attributions are
    Earth, the Moon, Saturn, Gamiliel/Binih

    ‘Lilin’ (succubi and/or incubi)
    ‘Naamah’, ‘Aggereth’, ‘Machaloth’.
    ‘Borg’ a Demonic marquise under Lilith, and ‘Zephar’.

    Lilith’s daughter’s
    ‘Qalilitu’ and ‘Qalmana’ and ‘Na’amah’

    Grandson of Lilith


    ‘Irdu-Lili’, aka ‘Samael black’, ‘SATAN’, ‘Adam’
    (Adam Belial & Adam Kadmon), ‘Asmodeu’s’, ‘Moloch’.

    Son & Maybe Consorts
    ‘Tubal-Cain’ ‘Ornias’/Nergal’

    Notable Disciple’s
    Luluwa, Qalmana.
    (Adams Wife) Eve aka Khavah, Chavah, Havah, Haya, Haiya, Chaya, kaya, Haim.

    Note’s from Other Article’s

    In myth

    Lilitu/Lilith– is the female counterpart of ‘Dagon’
    remembered as one of the Dark Gods from their last manifestation on Earth.’

    ‘There’s a Kabbalistic Myth that Lilith is locked in an eternal struggle with Machaloth and Aggereth for no apparent reason

    “The Queen of the Watchers ‘Darket’ Is said to
    ‘flow from the same river as Lilith'”

    On Marbas Article
    Lilith is listed as Inferior: to Marbas (He outranked, Her!)

    ON Nergal’s Article
    States “The husband of Ereshkigal and by his union with her was Lilith said to be born”

    On Zephar Article
    (Goetia 16) Zephar, Zephar; Separ is Listed as Lilith’s familiar.
    (Liliths scared Number is 6, so for him to be the 16th Goetia is, pretty cool)

    Here’s A Channeled Call to Lilith I found Useful.



    1. Update More info
      Lilith Also Has a Shadow Aspect.

      The Composite Deity Aspect
      Composed : of ‘Satan’ + ‘Lilith’
      Her Name is ‘Sahnrizz’

      There are many more unknown Aspects.

      Next to ‘Lucifer’ ‘Lilith’ May Be The Next Most Popular Demon
      There Are Many, Manny Articles of Demoness that do not fail to compare said Demoness to Lilith.
      Or Ablest mention Her Name.


  3. Wow amazing.. that representation is so real and correct. Why shes not consort of Lucifer I think she doesn’t want to be “in the dark in the light” or “in the light in the dark” either/or or both she maybe doesn’t know either… Reason irrelevant.


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