There is No Vindex

Vindex and his Prophecy

For your convenience and my own, I’m going to flesh out the ONA’s concept of Vindex by quoting adherents to the mythos.

“Vindex is the name given to the person who, by practical deeds, brings into-
being a new way of life and who confronts, and who defeats, through force of arms, those forces which represent the dishonour and the impersonal tyranny so manifest in the modern world, especially in what it is convenient to call “the West”. The main opponent of Vindex – both on the practical level and in terms of ethos – is the Magian.

…The essence of the new way of life that Vindex heralds and implements (the Vindex ethos) is: (1) the way of tribes and clans in place of the abstraction of the modern nation-State; and (2) the way, the law, of personal honour in place of the abstract laws made by governments.” -David Myatt

“Vindex, it is prophesised, will be an individual who will bring into being and presence new archetypes which are appropriate to the new Aeon. Vindex replaces the old law of the old Aeon with our new law of personal honour. It is this Vindex character who will, according to prophecy, lead an exoteric war against the Magian forces and re-establish a numinous balance to the Earth, thus setting the Aeon back upon it’s natural course and ushering in this new Aeon in a manifest manner.” -Drakon Covenant

“Another elaboration on the system and imagery of the ONA appears in the Tales of Sinister Influence, a collection of short stories illustrating the aeonic methodology of the Tempel. One set of stories concerns the infiltration of an ISKCON-style Gaudiya Vaishnava sect by Satanic vampires in order to effect the incarnation of the leader the ONA calls Vindex, who becomes a living nexion of acausal power who will challenge and destroy the Magian society. Vindex, in this story, is identified with Kalki, the last avatar of Vishnu, who in Indian cosmology is supposed to appear at the end of the degraded Iron Age and restore dharma by destroying its decadent, casteless rulers. Neo-Nazi ideologue Savitri Devi Mukherji similarly identified Kalki with a possible successor to Hitler who would combine the latter’s devotion to Aryandom with the ruthlessness of a Himmler
or a Genghis Khan, a new Alexander who would restore civilization. Yet Vindex also figures into the Temple’s sinister subversion of Christian Identity, with the racialist ‘Aryan Christ’ being treated as a warrior-god and an instance of the Vindex archetype.” -George Sieg, as quoted in False Prophet Edition III

“In brief, Vindex restores to the modern world the fundamental principle of true, natural justice: the personal justice based on the rule of personal honour, which thus gives to the individual a genuine freedom.” -David Myatt

“Vindex is the one who will bring about the transition of humanity to homo galacticus and the transition of human society to a Galactic Imperium. While Vindex has exoterically been described as an Antichrist, he/she is esoterically considered to Kalki, the apocalyptic avatar of Vishnu. This draws upon the cyclic or Aeonic view of history created by Savitri Devi, who believed that Hitler was a spiritually influenced man who prepared the way for Kalki/Vindex. The name Vindex means ‘avenger,’ and he/she will be the avenger not of National Socialist Germany, but of the strength, honour, and conquering spirit which made it exemplary.” -Interview with V.K. Jehannum, 127 Year of Fayen

“The pathway between Saturn and the Sun [which is attributed to Vindex], is the path of the man who acts as a real initiate, which forces open the door into the highly esteemed Sinister Place. For some, the fiery essences of this pathway are more difficult to understand. It is the pathway on which the initiate’s emotional heat (Sun) and sinister feeling manifest themselves, where the great sacrifice is consummated on this path of no return. While hatred is the sinister’s man inherent faculty at present, it is also the manifestation of the energy of the Dark God Vindex, as “opfer” intelligently focussed as part of the development of sinister consciousness is brought to its consummation.” -Hagur

Gnosis by Seance

The entire reason I began to work with the Nekalah, being the Dark Gods of the ONA, was that the spirits which were guiding my coven recommended their use.

I remember feeling led to ask an Aztec spirit, which spirit served Huitzilopochtili, Tlazolteotl, and Tezcatlipoca, being a friend to the Left Hand Path, what his relationship to Atazoth was. He answered with one word, speaking through the lips of the medium he had possessed: “Birth.”

When I asked Niantiel, a Qliphothic archdemon, about Noctulius, Niantiel had recommended the deity highly. One of Hecate’s archdaimones had guided me in how I should go about working with the ONA’s representation of Baphomet, being the earth’s planetary spirit.

And now, I wanted to ask about Vindex– the ONA’s harbinger of Aeonic Progression. The so-called Antichrist. After raising a sacred space with Qliphothic energy and summoning Niantiel to assume possession of one of the coven’s mediums, I began asking questions.

“What can you tell me about Vindex?” I asked.

“Well,” Niantiel said through the vessel’s lips, “he killed himself.”

I blinked. What?

“Uh, did he attain immortality in death?” I asked. It was a reasonable question– so many great magickians had attained immortality in death throughout the ages.

“NO!” Niantiel shouted in rage. “That’s just fucking propaganda!”

The Truth Behind Vindex

I found an article about a historical figure identical to the non-existent Anti-Christ the ONA’s been huffing and puffing about. According to historians, Gaius Julius Vindex “was powerful in body and of shrewd intelligence, was skilled in warfare and full of daring for any great enterprise; and he had a passionate love of freedom and a vast ambition” (Cassius Dio, 63.22.1-2).

Compare this to the ONA, which writes that Vindex “was powerful in body and of shrewd intelligence, was skilled in warfare and full of daring for any great enterprise; and he had a passionate love of freedom and a vast ambition.” Remarkable.

Gaius Julius Vindex who had led an armed rebellion against the state like Vindex was meant to– specifically, against the reign of one Nero Kaiser, the so-called Beast of Revelations.

Nero. Most Christians, in their illiteracy, take the Book of Revelations to be an apocalypse prophecy. It’s not. It is a metaphorical representation of a great calamity which befell the author’s society. The name Nero Kaiser can be transliterated into Hebrew into only two ways, one of which has a value in Gematria of 666 and the other of 616, these being the two numbers of the Beast in Revelations. This use of Gematria to encode the name of a monarch is not the only one of its kind in the Bible– Nebuchadnezzar was another such instance.

Sure enough, Gaius took his own life after his rebellion failed. By choosing a figure who was relevant to the pseudo-apocalyptic character of Revelations, Myatt was giving us a clear clue as to what he was doing: lying. And of course, the Order of the Nine Angles fell for it.

The first time I brought this up was in an essay called Anti-Cosmic Satanism & the O9A: Observations, Contrasts Criticisms: “The Order of the Nine Angles exoterically describes Vindex as a human insurrectionist who will bring about the upheaval of our Jew-soiled Aeon and government. However, this insurrectionist is just a metaphor– an allegorical myth which sensationalizes their plan for a gradual and voluntary political transition. This transition will beget the Imperium– the Vindexian Dhar ul-Falcifer from which humanity will explore the stars.”

Unaware of what I was getting at, a couple long-time Niners commended me for my “fresh new take on the ONA.” However, since the following excerpt first appeared in an essay published in 114 Year of Fayen entitled Aeonic Notes IX, it’s pretty clear my interpretation and my gnosis were correct.

“The Imperium which Vindex will create will be different from previous Empires because it will be a conscious creation: the result of a reasoned, honourable, civilized, approach: that is, it will be based upon honour, and will be the result of the esoteric understanding we have achieved over hundreds, indeed thousands, of years.

This means it will not impose itself by force of arms upon others.  Rather, it means it will be composed of thinking warriors who uphold honour and who prefer combat to dishonourable modern war. In particular, it means a federation of countries, or nations, who co-operate together in the pursuit of a numinous goal: not an Empire in the old sense of domination and conquest and occupation.”

The Purpose of the Vindex Lie

Here follow three quotes from the Order of the Nine Angles which will delineate the purpose behind this fabrication.

“For us, our Mythos of the Dark Gods and of Vindex is very important. Because they have the ability to captivate our emotions and minds thus attuning us to the lawless, feral, and carefree nature and quality the Dark Gods represent in nature and symbolically.” -WSA352 121 Year of Fayen

“It should be understood that it is the mythos of Vindex which is or which can be
the practical genesis of The Galactic Imperium, as it is the mythos of Vindex
which possesses the dark sorcery (the magick – exoteric, Internal and Aeonic)
necessary to defeat the Magian and that untermensch species.” -AoB 122 Year of Fayen

“Understood esoterically, The Vindex Mythos is also Acausal Sorcery. That is, the original (non-esoteric) form has been and is being used in an esoteric manner to provoke Change in an evolutionary way, creating thus a new sinisterly-numinous causal form, new archetypes; and which manufactured esoteric form, and which archetypes, may not be perceived or understood as esoteric by many or most of those who are influenced, inspired, and/or changed by the mythos in its non-esoteric (and original) form.” -AoB 122 Year of Fayen

This methodology is identical to that employed by the Cult of Cthulhu founded by Venger As’Nas Satanas in their pursuit of a Lovecraftian apocalypse: just pretend what you’re saying about your gods uprooting society is true, and if you pretend hard enough, you can, by chaos magick, bring it into reality.

However, Cthulhu has a bit of a head start on Vindex. After all, the Church of Satan was working with Cthulhu before the ONA existed, and don’t forget the Simon Necronomicon. Plus, significance and real-ness was attributed to Cthulhu in earnest by Aleister Crowley and Kenneth Grant. If you really think Vindex is coming back, you cannot maintain this position (unless you are an earnest Vaishnavite) without conceding the reality that Cthulhu is an equally viable reality, and that he will most likely win.

Think about all the magickians working with Cthulhu. Become a Living God. The Herald of the Dawn. The Temple of the Ascending Flame. The Esoteric Order of Dagon. All the random Chaotes. And keep in mind, the people who started Lovecraftian magick did so out of earnest belief Cthulhu existed. The Cult of Cthulhu actually made a pretty big splash back in the day. Sin Jones, Nargargole Shlod, and D.M. Hutchins were all involved. Even Cort Williams and I were both intrigued by it at the time. He’s not some jape like the ONA’s “avenger.”

And the sweetest part of it all is that most of the people summoning Cthulhu are from the non-ONA parts of the Left Hand Path, and various authorities have proven beyond any real relevant doubt that the gate-walking rituals of the Simon Necronomicon were Qliphothic in nature.

That’s right. Cthulhu fucks with Chavajoth. Cthulhu is going to kick Vindex’s sorry, suicidal ass, and there’s nothing the ONA can do about it.

Update: this section was a joke. Some of you guys are fucking idiots. So, to be clear, Cthulhu probably has no relationship with the Qliphoth whatsoever. Secondly, he is not going to fight Vindex. Vindex does not exist.

I am now going to explain the joke in very different terms. The first punchline is that the entities which appear to practitioners of Lovecraftian magick are significantly more powerful and popular than Vindex ever could be. The second punchline is that the idea that Cthulhu is Qliphothic was posited by Kenneth Grant, the person whose literature about Azathoth and Aza(nigin) was plagiarized for O9A literature. It’s like a double joke. The second punchline is hidden and extra savage and Niners are too stupid to get it.



In 2016, one of the ONA’s founding members posted an article claiming that David Myatt is dead, of which I was notified by all the mournful posts adoring my Facebook wall. Of course I assumed the Facebook statuses rung true at first, but the second I realized that Kerry Scott was the Niner who had broken the news, I wrote an essay entitled If You Want Me to Believe that Myatt is Dead, You’ll Have to Show Me a Body. Once I had pointed out the obvious, a series of other writers came forward to take up my position. When Myatt resurfaced to say that he was alive, Scott admitted that had lied, explaining that she was performing an experiment to see how many ONA members would credulously believe something ridiculous just because one of their authority figures said it– and it was most of them.

The ONA talks about “dark empathy” allows them to look into people’s hearts and how their “personal judgment” has been refined through a life of pathei-mathos, but both the Myatt Death Hoax and the Fake Avenger Hoax have proven this to be a big lie, because despite these imaginary powers, the ONA is as gullible as ever.

-V.K. Jehannum, 128 Year of Fhtagn


41 thoughts on “There is No Vindex

  1. How many adderalls did it take you to arrive at this profound historical insight, V. K.? An archetype established from a historical figure into μυθος is somehow invalidated on the grounds that its origins were not made transparent? I suppose you think the fictive is fictional too? I could just as easily claim that your expatiation, inverted, filches the same mythic narrative on account of the opacity of your intentions. Cyber-bullying on Facebook? Let it go. Grow up. Move on. You have a substantial corpus of insight from other traditions, which is impressive. If you don’t want anything to do with the ONA, then stop putting your fickle-nickle in its logos-machine. Your other posts are much more insightful. A cursory understanding of narrative theory at the graduate level undermines your childish rebuttal. For someone as eloquent and well-read as you are, you sure waste a lot of time and energy sucking the ONA’s dick. I couldn’t care less either way; it’s just obnoxious to hear you railing on a group that you left on seemingly cordial grounds.

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    1. Lol. A lot of my readers and friends are members of the ONA or strongly influenced by it, and they enjoy my discourses on this subject.

      My leaving the ONA was hardly cordial, I was betrayed in a pretty upsetting way, and I think it showed at the time. It certainly wasn’t the ONA’s harassment of my friends and associates via social media that set me off like that.

      You’ve confused my departure from the ONA as a whole with my expulsion from a certain nexion. To be clear, it was my separation with Drakon Covenant which was “cordial” (and which was months prior).

      Regarding the invalidity of the “dark sorcery” of Vindex, it’s a little silly to reproduce the archetype of a failed insurrectionist and suicide, and it is contradictory to rally individuals to Aeonic endeavor on one hand and manipulate them like cattle on the other.

      I really don’t expect anyone who follows my writings to read my corpus in its entirety. That’s why I meticulously sort all my articles into categories. I knew that many and probably most of my writers would find my essays on the ONA intriguing. Just skip over them.

      On the bright side, at least for now, I really don’t have much more to say about the ONA.

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      1. You were not betrayed at all. You were politely asked to leave the Drakon Covenant because it has a distinct rule regarding orthodoxy and you willingly broke with that. You were told that there was no animosity and were free to work with it’s system from then. Please don’t start making up myths to justify your dishonorable behaviour VK.

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        1. “You were not betrayed at all. You were politely asked to leave the Drakon Covenant because it has a distinct rule regarding orthodoxy and you willingly broke with that.”

          You seem to have trouble following the events I’m delineating, so let me help you out. My being dismissed from DC has nothing whatsoever to do with my claims that I was betrayed. DC’s dismissal of my person was, indeed, animosity-free and cordial.

          Since you are having such difficulty, perhaps I should provide a timeline for you.

          -Drakon Covenant dismissed V.K. Jehannum on good terms.
          -Within a couple months, V.K. Jehannum quits the Lilin Society on bad terms, which incident is unrelated to the prior.
          -About three months after leaving the Lilin Society, V.K. Jehannum leaves and denounces the ONA as a whole, for reasons unrelated to the prior to occurrences, claiming the existence of some egregious betrayal that served as a “last straw” moment.

          You have no room to make baseless claims about my being a liar when you are not even capable of following the incredibly simple and straightforward claims I’ve made about my history.

          To be clear, your inability to follow events which are public knowledge and simultaneous willingness to speculate (with certainty) about events which are not public knowledge.


          1. You haven’t outlined this betrayal at all though- again you’ve just said ‘I was betrayed’. By whom? How? And how is this a mark of character for all Sinister kin? Don’t answer that, your typical allusions and half answers are not here for me to pick and drag out ad nauseam I’m afraid.

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            1. “You haven’t outlined this betrayal at all though- again you’ve just said ‘I was betrayed’.”
              I believe I’ve made it clear that I won’t be discussing it.

              “And how is this a mark of character for all Sinister kin?”
              It would not be, if it were an isolated event. However, when you take it into context of the ONA’s constant in-fighting and the other publicly known accounts recapitulated in the “I Am Leaving the ONA” article, a pattern begins to emerge. Especially if you take into account the DC op’s faggotry, the fuckery from the head of what is now called the ToC, as well as, if you like, D.M. Hutchins’s entire career.

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        2. I’ve never heard a Facebook comment debate get referred to as a “debacle,” and I’m a little surprised that you’re aware of said argument. From the mental picture I’ve painted of your personality, I’m surprised anyone would bring something so un-stimulating as my social media clusterfucks to your attention.

          I’m also a little unclear as to how my little wordpress rants constitute dishonorable behavior. Always thought they would be seen as “dickish” and “unsightly” at worst, insightful at best, and uninteresting and irrelevant to most. Or are you referring to something else?

          Do you wanna hear a story, just for funsies? I want to see how you’ll respond. You’ll likely think I’m lying and see this as further evidence of my perceived “dishonor,” but I suppose someone wiser will read these comments and understand that I’m telling the truth.

          A member of Drakon Covenant tried to use LSD to trick my apprentice into “finding Krishna”– I imagine you know enough to identify the operative I’m referring to, or at least to be able to find out should you care to (not that I imagine you’d care to). This operative even tried to convince said apprentice that I would lead him to an early grave. That is to say, he tried to convince a fellow on LSD that his life was in danger in order to turn him against me. Crazy, right?

          Once my apprentice conferred all this to me, we concluded that he was trying to “steal my apprentice” for his Vaishnavist-7FW tradition and turn him against me. Naturally, we told the operative we never wanted to see him again. About a month later, he posts an article about how much of a dick I am (largely gibberish, I’m afraid) that he asked another ex-friend of mine for permission to reproduce. You’ll find that article here:

          I’ve actually heard from this operative twice since this article was posted. The first time, he was asking me to take him for a beer run, presumably because he doesn’t have a car and was just really desperate for booze. The second time I heard from him was in person– a chance encounter. He approached my group of friends to ask for marijuana (which is not what we were smoking). When I saw him walking over, I promised myself I wouldn’t bring up the article or otherwise be a dick to him– but of course, I found myself doing both.

          Now, neither the article penned by the ex-friend of mine from the “Temple of Chavajoth” (who asked me, nearly begging, to start a Qliphothic lodge with him, prior to breaking off contact for unspecified reasons) nor my friend from DC’s manipulations are the reason I left the ONA. They’re not “the betrayal” you keep saying doesn’t exist. In fact, these incidents I’m recounting all happened months after I announced my departure from the ONA.

          There are far more stories of this nature which have led to my contempt for the ONA– I’m just providing a couple examples. I’m hoping this story, which occurred AFTER my aforementioned “last straw moment,” can make all my effusions more “understandable” for you Niners who struggle to understand why I hold Niners in such low regard. But then again, it seems that precious few of those involved with the ONA are capable of following the claims I make, so maybe it’s a lost cause.

          Sorry to pen so many paragraphs in response to a simple comment.


          1. You fell out with one person who was (admittedly) not very nice to you. Granted that was an unfair move, but maybe you had pushed him to that point? I’ve seen you act in ways that grinds on people that you are seemingly unaware of. Also- It’s almost as if Satanists are not nice people or something…

            The issue I think was your framing it as ‘IM LEAVING GUYS’- the ONA isn’t something you leave, as you never joined (in this case, progressed beyond the level most neophytes are at, thus being unable to make a substantial claim to it); it also- perhaps unintentionally- came across as an attention seeking thing, especially when you used ‘ex-ONA’ as a descriptive moniker for yourself.
            Yes, ONA adherents have a fucked up morality to outsiders, but they do have one, and it holds various virtues above others.

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            1. “You fell out with one person who was (admittedly) not very nice to you. Granted that was an unfair move, but maybe you had pushed him to that point? I’ve seen you act in ways that grinds on people that you are seemingly unaware of.”
              Ah yes, I had a bit of an epiphany shortly after my Qliphothic sphereworking though Mercury when I became aware of what you’re talking about. At the time, the DC op was one of the people I asked whether I had crossed him in that manner– he told me I hadn’t, except for one occasion of posting information he wanted hidden to my blog, whereupon I removed the article.

              ” Also- It’s almost as if Satanists are not nice people or something…”
              The ONA is the only faction of the Western Black Lodge (I know I know the ONA is only PARTIALLY LHP) which exhibits the same level of infighting as the New York otherkin community.

              “Yes, ONA adherents have a fucked up morality to outsiders, but they do have one, and it holds various virtues above others.”
              Niners are just as pernicious to insiders as they are to outsiders– or at least nearly as pernicious, as demonstrated in the “I’m Leaving the ONA” article. I wouldn’t say that the problem behind the backstab blues is morality, but rather chronic emotional instability. The problem here, IMO, is instability, which inevitably leads to failed relationships & alliances. Immoral people can maintain lasting friendships with one another– I would know. That Niners are pursuing various long-term agendas should allow them to play nice with one another, but it doesn’t.


            2. Also, in regards to your quote: “You fell out with one person who was (admittedly) not very nice to you. Granted that was an unfair move, but maybe you had pushed him to that point? I’ve seen you act in ways that grinds on people that you are seemingly unaware of.”

              So you think that the DC operative’s attempt to use LSD to convert my apprentice to Hinduism was an explosion of pent-up rage? Is that often how pent-up rage detonates?

              Using LSD to create an impression of the significance of Hindu divinity, being the clear application of the brainwashing tactics promulgated by the Tempel ov Blood, hardly sounds like an explosion of rage, especially when occurring when the operative and I were on good terms (after all, I gave him free LSD in this scenario). This interpretation really doesn’t make any sense at all. Are you grasping for straws? If so, why would you feel the need to do that?


            3. Okay, there’s so much wrong with your response that it warrants just one more comment: I told you about a trusted friend attempting to use drug-induced mind-programming to turn my apprentice against me and convert him to Hinduism, and you, for reasons inconceivable, felt the need to spin the story into some “revenge of the nerds” type tales.

              You read about a Niner using LSD to put a fellow at fear for his life, and you’re speculating about how it could have been mostly my fault.

              I was wondering about why the ONA had come to the conclusion that I was dishonest, dishonorable, or untrustworthy, but I can put the matter to rest now: you’re clearly inclined to imagine up blatant absurdities just to justify demonizing me.


  2. Sure, Vindex was defeated but his rebellion paved the way for other rebellions and subsequently the downfall of Nero. The establishment of the new order demands sacrifice. The blood of the living makes a good fertilizer for the seeds of the new says Anton Long. Now compare it to this old Christian saying; The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church, and you have it all figured out. Vindex is simply an opfer, whose sacrifice will set in motion the transition from the old order to the new one. It is written in the MSS that the lives of individuals aren’t important, only what can become of their lives or deaths is what matters.

    Cool article. I didn’t know that Vindex was a historical figure. I enjoy reading your ONA essays. You’re quite erudite so don’t pay attention to detractors.

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  3. Vindex may not be a precise person, but whenever Science will discover the existence of the Nekalahs and They will teach Humanity about the ways the Omniverse works, chaos will crush religions and nations. Somebody will surf this wave, and this revolutionary force will surely have a leader. Such a person should fit in the Vindex role well enough I think.

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    1. you’re right, its tremendous in my opinion – no one really responds and when they do it turns into personal attacks and name calling….. its easy to be bothered behind an alias


  4. If the basis of your argument is a voice in your head told you so, you’re going to have to try harder.

    Vindex is a latin word meaning Avenger- thus it was bound to have been used in Roman times. The fact you’re fixating this much on the words rather than the essence of that which the words represent shows your lack of insight on the matter

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    1. Really never understood the stigma the ONA seems to hold for gnosis and channeling. These things are the mark of a competent psychic, why would the ONA have an aversion to it?

      Oh wait, I think I know why.

      Snarky humor aside, I wasn’t the medium, so it’s hardly a voice in /my/ head. It was a voice in the head of somebody with no familiarity with the Vindex mythos. Truly remarkable how reliable demons are.

      But of course, that’s not my argument. It’s no part of my argument– it’s an interesting anecdote that brought me to discover the arguments I made.

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  5. P.S. You keep assuming the rag tag bunch of members on facebook who are drawn to the Sinister represent the ONA:

    “-An experiment to see how many ONA members would credulously believe something ridiculous just because one of their authority figures said it– and it was most of them.”

    This is very lazy. None of them should be regarded as members unless they have demonstrated they have been advancing along the 7FW, having made it at least to the stage of External Adept.

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    1. No, I don’t. You seem to be assuming that I don’t know whether the people I was referring to were practicing the ONA. Unsurprisingly enough, your assumption is wrong.

      And of course, the primary reason I claim “most” Niners believed the hoax is that Scott said they did in her confession post. The fact that what she had observed matched what I had observed hardly seemed coincidental.


      1. An anonymous blogger on the internet said something so it must be true. I see.

        The point is you claimed someone you know channeled a demon who said Vindex is some – Roman? I believe a certain lady via social media demonstrated that said Roman individual appears on the first Google page when one searches ‘Vindex’- thus, which is more believable? Also, a similairty of names means nothing (difficult to grasp for those enamoured with Magian magick which attaches by it’s own admission a particular reverence and power for names). Thus it’s liable people will believe the latter and assume you embellished the former as per your flamboyant character!

        I mean, it’s an interesting anecdote yes; your delivery however and arrogant posturing elsewhere is the reason serious adherents look at you with contempt (qv. your ‘I’m the reason you know who Vindex is!’ debacle- and which is quite untrue, given Vindex is far above and beyond such limitations and like all Dark Pathways is up to the individual to come to understand and intuit).

        You are going to meet a lot of resistance if you come into a tradition as an outsider and start telling everyone they’re wrong or their progenitors are dishonest (a narrative you’re quite focused on). Please don’t go the way of Darryl or Kris/THEM.

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        1. I see you haven’t addressed the fact that the ONA’s most-recapitulated quote about Vindex lines up exactly with a prominent historian’s quote about Vindex. The name match is rather incidental by comparison– the quote is obviously the linchpin of the identification.


          1. I didn’t answer because the matter is simply a mundane apprehension for several reasons:

            1. GJV was one of several individuals who tried to overthrow Nero, not the sole individual
            2. Such political machinations were common for the time
            3. It could be argued his name was given in recognition of this of rebellion
            4. The word Vindex is just a useful signifier pertaining to an Acausal essence. Again, we do not ascribe magickal importance to names, perhaps only doing so in the initiate stages as per symbolism and it’s usefulness up to a point.

            When Vindex arrives/is born/whatever, you think his/her parents are going to call him/her (or it may be something else entirely) ‘Vindex’? The matter is much more difficult than simple intellectualisation can answer I’m afraid my friend.


            1. So I asked you what you thought the significance of Myatt quoting a historical description of GJV, and you responded by saying that the answer is beyond intellectualisation. You previously wrote:

              “The point is you claimed someone you know channeled a demon who said Vindex is some – Roman? I believe a certain lady via social media demonstrated that said Roman individual appears on the first Google page when one searches ‘Vindex’- thus, which is more believable? Also, a similairty of names means nothing.”

              Did you consider the question of Myatt quoting Dio beyond intellectualisation when you wrote that paragraph? If so, why did you not simply state that the query was beyond intellectualisation before attempting to intellectually debunk my assertions? Or did the matter only become beyond intellectualisation after you realized there was clear evidence in my favor?

              It seems most likely that the matter is not beyond intellectualisation. Otherwise, Myatt would not have given us a clear hint that there was a discernible hidden truth by quoting Cassius Dio. Also, what do you make of Aeonic Notes IX? There is orthodox ONA literature (114 yfayen) which debunks the insurrection myth– you appear to consider this irrelevant?


  6. (this is an update unrelated to all ongoing threads)

    Lianna just posted an article making the following claims regarding Vindex:

    “As a political and spiritual expression of the Western Faustian ethos, there is not – contrary to what some have assumed or believe – anything esoteric or occult in Myatt’s Vindex mythos.”

    (context: Lianna frequently reads my articles and responds to them indirectly, ever so cautious to avoid mentioning me by name)

    See, the reason this quote is interesting, is because Lianna is the person who leaked the identification of Vindex with Kalki. How odd for her to backpeddle on her assertions just to discredit me. And people wonder why I claim to be making such an impact on the ONA’s public relations.


  7. There is such a technique: binding associations. A lot of fragments from different sources are taken, which directly or indirectly affect the theme, to create an image of something average of all the components and parallels with other teachings and concepts, that is, in the main image there were many hints at once for several characters with similarities (one ethos) on an archetypal level. This is how difficult the compiled images are-something like the (conventional) “egregor”, which acts as a hub and repeater of a new (renewed / revived / cleared from distortions of ethos), in which everyone can find certain hooks – including something of his own – this is like a tulku (when it comes to Kalki, I would rather refer to Miguel Serrano, because he described this concept in more detail and qualitatively in some of his works, despite the abundance of pseudo-historical there). Simply put, Vindex is a collection of common archetypal images that contain aspects of different myths, legends, and the like. This, for example, even Frederick Barbarossa, asleep according to legend, but awaiting his awakening. This is even in some way Cthulhu, if we use indirect parallels with Lovecraft. This is what should be embodied and manifested, what is “asleep” so far. This Spirit, striving for alchemical realization, is the manifestation of the Acausal in the Causal, the coming of the Aeon. In the Gnostic texts it is said that Sophia will one day dress in blood-purple clothes and cut off the head of the archon – does this image remind you of someone? Her husband (pair, syzygy) is a fiery Christ, as well as Kristos of esoteric Hitlerism (according to Miguel Serrano), this is Vidar of German-Scandinavian mythology, who is the Avenger for Wotan, this is Horus, who avenges for Osiris. This is both Saoshyant and Mahdi (but one must understand that this has been greatly distorted). This is the point of concentration of the Black Sun (Hidden Sun), whose circumference is nowhere, and the center is everywhere. It is the subject of Chaos, the invasion of the Other. When the collective “I” forms the Sincrite, then the awakened will dissolve the Causal chains, and the current Eon will qualitatively transform the Coming. The emergence is inevitable.


    The presence of certain parallels with other teachings and concepts does not exactly imply that these motifs were directly borrowed.

    This applies to any parallels between the concept of the ONA and others. The whole Western tradition somehow has a syncretic origin and has parallels with Hermeticism and the Greco-Egyptian syncretic teachings of the first centuries of the new era.

    I once started with the study of Gnostic, hermetic, alchemical and Neoplatonic sources – then I got the book “Naos” (from guy, who lives in Bologna) and “Liber Azerate” – a huge number of parallels in all this struck me in the eye. It was before semi-official sites of the ONA appeared before I started translating other texts of ONA into my language. Later, these parallels were confirmed (I emphasize that these are parallels, and not direct borrowings, because many people come to some thoughts come in synchronicity).

    (Sorry for my bad english*)


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