Chants for Goetic Sorcery

Samobelu + Asasbeba + Adlina + Taloel + Citamo + Lfalraliam + Nkzefu + Rodaeg + Tzemethah + Bubgethy + Orlmothlek
The Elevenfold formula of Chavajoth’s Concealed Manifestations. To be vibrated one by one. Source: The Book of Sitra Ahra

Sol Nigro Sol Nox Sol Nax
Used in rituals calling on Thagirion. Source: Dragon Rouge

Belial Badad, Lepaca Kliffoth, Belial Badad, Lepaca Sitra Ahra
Mantra calling upon Belial and calling the demon Lepaca to presence infernal energy. Source: Tree of Shadows

Sorath Liftoach Kliffot!
“Sorath, Open up the Infernal Plane!” Source: Temple of the Black Light

Tohu Tehom Theli Than Leviathan Tanin’iver Taninsam
Calls upon Leviathan, who is also known as Theli or Than, the dragon of the primordial abyss, which abyss is called Tohu or Tehom. As Leviathan is the draconic aspect of Satan, Taninsam is the draconic aspect of Lilith. Tanin’iver is the serpent of Gamaliel who brings about the unification of the two Leviathans (Theli and Taninsam). Used to direct the dragon of death or presence Qliphothic energy to create a sacred space. Source: Liber Azerate

Ari Refu Mata Dragon
Mantra for calling on Behemoth. Source: Tree of Shadows

Sum Harba de Ashmedai Malka
In English, “I am the Sword of King Asmoday.” ‘The Sword of King Asmoday’ is a title for Asmoday’s son, variously called Alfpunias, Alefpene’ash, and Gurigur. This is used in invocations of him. Source: VK

Vovin, Vovin, Lepaca Vovin, Leviatán, Tanin’iver, Liftoach Kliffoth
This mantra serves to call upon Tanin’iver and Lepaca to help you summon Leviathan, presencing infernal energy in the process. Vovin is the Enochian word for “Dragon.” Source: Daemon Barzai

Liftoach Pandemonium
In English, “Open the Infernal Plane.” Presences infernal energy to raise sacred space. This chant was made specifically for consensual summoning. If it is vibrated in proximity of any tools set for the coercion of demons, these tools will become useless or weaker depending on how powerful they are. Source: VK

Qliphothic summoning chant of Qayin. Source: Liber Falxifer

Temphioth Xere Sam-Aur Chashakh
Calls upon Temphioth to empower and eternize a raised sacred space. Can also be used, if teh witch intends it, to prevent a sacred space from enveloping a larger territory over time. To be chanted nine times. Source: VK

Zammazo Emoth Zaraqaen Baaltzelmoth
Qliphothic calling formula of Qayin. Source: Liber Falxifer

In English, “Luluwa, Daughter and Priestess of the Left Hand.” Used to call on Luluwa/Qalmana. Source: VK

Qalmana Meleketh ha-Gulgatha va-Nogah
In English, “Qalmana Queen of Gulgatha and Venus.” Used to call on Qalmana/Luluwa. Source: V.K.

Zammazo Emoth Zaraqaen Baalbaalatzelmoth!
The Qliphothic calling formula of Anamlaqayin. Source: Liber Falxifer II

Zammazo Emoth Zaraqaen Liluwa Baalatzelmoth
Qliphothic calling chant of Qalmana/Luluwa. Source: Liber Falxifer II

Nibes Va Ester Nemett Scammon Tzetalaron
Sehenech Nutar Zabeltu Tsatshatr Ezarabah
Vatrish Xala Xala Ea Storr Nebis
This chant calls upon Na’amah. Source: Tree of Shadows

Magoa Paymon Egym Amaymon
The names of the four demonic kings of the world, chanted or vibrated to open the four gates at the corner of the earth to the demonic realm(s), bringing about the presencing of demonic infernal energies for the creation of sacred space. Source: Liber Azerate

Flavros, Hauras, Flereous – Venire Ducis Haures
Three names of Flereous followed by “Come Duke Haures!” Source: VK

Chants to Open the Qliphothic Spheres from the Book of Sitra Ahra
Liftoah Shaari ha-Thaumiel B’Shem ha-Satan va-Molock
Liftoach Shaari ha-Aogiel B’Shem ha-Beelzebub
Liftoach Shaari ha-Satariel B’Shem ha-Lucifuge Rofocale
Liftoach Shaari ha-Gash Khalah B’Shem ha-Astaroth
Liftoach Shaari ha-Golochab B’Shem ha-Asmoday
Liftoach Shaari ha-Thagirion B’Shem ha-Belfegor
Liftoach Shaari ha-Oreb Zaraq B’Shem ha-Baaltzelmoth
Liftoach Shaari ha-Samael B’Shem ha-Adramelek
Liftoach Shaari ha-Gamaliel B’Shem ha-Gamaliel
Liftoach Shaari ha-Nahemoth B’Shem ha-Na-Ama-Hema

Chants to Open the Seven Hells from the Book of Sitra Ahra
Lucifuge Rofocale, Baal Zebub, Molok va-Ha Satan, Liftoach Shaari ha-Sheol ha-Tehom!
Astaroth-Nachash-Yabal-Liftoach Shaari ha-Abaddon!
Esh-Moday-Melek, Liftoach Shaari ha-Tit ha-Yon!
Baal-Belfegor, Liftoach Shaari ha-Bar Shachath!
Baalbaalath-Anamlaqayin, Liftoach Shaari ha-Tzelmoth!
Adramelek ha-Sam-El-Acher Liftoach Shaarimoth!
Ama Lilith Savta va-Naamah-Nahema, Liftoach Shaari ha-Gehinnom!



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