Asmodeus (Goetia #32)

Names: Asmodeus, Chashmodai, Achemedai, Asmoday, Asmodius, Sidonay, Ashmadia, Asinodius, etc.
Color: Yellow; Black; Crimson; Blue
Planet: Sun; Jupiter; Neptune
Animal: Spider, Whale
Date: Jan 30-Feb 8; Aug 13-17; Aug 28-Sep 1
Element: Air; Water; Fire
D/N: Diurnal
Qlipha: Golachab
Zodiac: Virgo 5-9; Leo 20-24; Aquarius 10-20
Gematria: 122; 235; 362; 369; 552
Metal: Gold; Copper turned Blue
Tarot: 6 of Swords; 8 of Pentacles/Disks
Legions: 72
Rank: King
Superior: Amaymon
Path: 28 (Aquarius/Tzaddi)
Direction: East; South
Affiliations: Mint (the plant), Saffron, Cinnamon, Orange, Dragon’s Blood, Grains of Paradise, Olive Oil, Wormwood, Sandalwood, Spikenard, Deerstongue, Agrimony

Asmodeus Eyes of the StormAbove: Eyes of the Storm by G.A. Rosenberg (Pathworking Artwork)

Aeshma originated in Zoroastrian lore as the Daeva or Div (Ahrimanic Spirit) of the Bloodied Mace who was given authority over seven great methods of causing destruction (he no longer serves Ahriman). In Qabalah, he is known as Asmodeus, the Fiend of the Wounding Spear, the son of either Tubal-Qayin or Ashamdon/Shamdon with Na’amah (who he married). This makes him the grandson of Lilith, as my coven gnosis is that Na’mah is Lilith’s daughter, not sister. Asmodeus works closely with Amdukius, Amaymon, Astaroth and Magot. He is under Amaymon and he is the father of the archdemon known as Alfpunias, Alefpene’ash, or Gurigur. Asmodeus rules the realm of Golachab in the Qliphoth’s left collumn, which realm is attributed to Mars, and is said to be the residence of the most wrathful and powerful succubi. He appears throughout Abrahamic demonology as a spirit of lust, lechery, luxury, and gambling.

Above: Asmodeus as Depicted by Rosenberg for an Altarpiece or Pathworking

Asmodeus rules over the physical aspects of life, violence, lust, prosperity, luck, knowledge, power, revenge, love, warriorhood, and aggression. It is his office to guide the witch in the detection of folly and it is said that his realm of the Qliphoth is home to the most baleful and powerful of succubi. He can impart teachings regarding mathematics, astrology, geomancy, astronomy, and geometry, and he can tutor the witch in any handicraft. One text succinctly states that he presides over “intelligence and skill.”


Old grimoires purport that Asmodeus can make the witch invincible, and newer interpretations state that this is carried out through the augmentation of the witch’s strength of will. The first time I summoned Asmodeus was under the direction of an archdaimon of Hecate which guided most of my coven’s decisions. When I asked what I should request of Asmoday, the strigoi said “Strength of any kind.” He also makes the witch invisible, confers the ability to read minds, discovers and guards treasure, and presides over many domains of pleasure, and ends any kind of relationship.

He can impart mental acuity and physical strength to the witch and he rules the office of judges. He is often depicted riding a dragon, sometimes he carries a lance instead of a spear, not that I have ever seen spirits casually carrying astral weaponry when they appear to witches. The use of sex magick techniques such as karezza are most appropriate for workings with Asmodeus.

Some have advised their fellow Demonolaters to avoid working with Asmoday because of the wealth of information which is available about him. Their rationale is that since there is so much different information about Asmodeus that the witch will not know what exactly she is summoning: his character is hard to pin down. But the reality is that all demons are as multi-faceted as Asmodeus, Lilith, and Satan—the reason that there is so much information about those three spirits is that these entities have taken more prominent roles in human affairs. All of the Azerate have esoteric aspects and secret names which must be kept secret from the public—the few we know are only a fraction of what we will learn, and only a fraction of what you can learn.

I have a list of magickal chants to Asmodeus:


V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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