Words of Power for LHP Magick

The name of the rune Sowilo can be vibrated to bring manifest its properties through sound. Sowilo is useful for meditation on any chakra.

Pronounced “ak-ARE-AS-tuh”  (syllables which sound like known English words in caps). In English, “My astral double assumes a mighty form, for the black dragon is within me.” Causes the astral double to shapeshift into a dragon.
Source: the Bible of the Adversary

In English, “Light of/from the Netherworld.” Calls on demonic energy to empower the chakras of the spinal cord, as well as the subpersonal and transpersonal chakras should the witch have opened them. Very powerful and not for beginners.
Source: V.K.

Secret name of Satan’s wrathful manifestation as the Lord of the Scarlet Pillar
Source: Zeit23Geist/ Nargargole Shlod

Satan’s secret name for magickal healing
Source: The Little Black Book of Satanic Healing

Pronounced “az-ksee-re-NEW-IS.” Presences dark energy within the astral double to strengthen or heal it.
Source: the Bible of the Adversary

signifies the power of the Black Flme and the act of initiation
Source: Michael W. Ford


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