Magickal Chants for Demon Magick

Carabia, Demonosophia, Decarabia
Names of Decarabia ordered into a chant for rituals calling upon him. Source: V.K.

Word of power vibrated to presence infernal/demonic energy for the creation of a sacred space. Source: Dragon Rouge

Itzrel Itzrel Azazel
Chant for calling upon Azazel. Source: The Book of Azazel

Agios ischyros Ka-In Arotrios
In English, “Numinous and mighty is Qayin the Ploughman.” Used to call on Qayin. Source: V.K.

Agios es, Belladomina Tezrian
In English, “Numinous art thou, Mother Tezrian of War.” Numinous is a synonym for ‘divine’ with Paganistic connotations. Source: V.K.

Xon, Binan Ath, Xul, Ga Wath Am
Only appropriate for experienced practitioners, preferably within a sacred space. This chant is harsh and powerful, so the practitioner had best be in the confines of a sacred space. Strengthens the witch’s character and spiritual faculties. May be trance-inducing; not for beginners. The X’s are pronounced like Z’s. Raphael and Michael helped me compose it. Source: V.K.

Acteus Magelsius Ormenus Lycas Nicon Mimon
The names of six demonic regents, chanted to facilitate the presencing of demonic-infernal energy for the creation of a sacred space. Source: Liber Azerate

Qayin, Tubal-Qayin, Camio
Used to call forth the three manifestations of Qayin. Source: V.K.

Pronounced “yaw-TWO-KEY-SAW-LAW.” In English, “By my confidence in magick, may darkness become flesh.” Used to empower any rite. Source: The Bible of the Adversary

Palas Aron Ozinomas
Baske Bano Tudan Donas
Geheamel Cla Orlay
Berec Hé Pantaras Tay
This formula, which is to be vibrated, is associated with the number 1,300. It is apt for any rite which calls on infernal forces, faciliating the manifestation of demons in the astral and physical plane. Source: Liber Azerate

Eisheth Koheneth ha-Arsiel
In English, “Eisheth, High Priestess of the Black Sun.” Used to call on Eisheth Zenunnim. Source: V.K.

Lucifer, Asturel, Liftoach Kliffot
Liftoach Kliffot means “Open the Infernal Plane.” Asturel is both a name for Lucifer as well as an unrelated entity. Calls upon Lucifer and presences infernal energy for the creation of sacred space. Source: Daemon Barzi

Melus de Quo Magma
In English, “Reality Emanates from the Demonic.” Used for any rituals to the demonic. Source: The Complete Book of Demonolatry

Aperiatur Dudael, et germinet Azazel
In English, “Open the desert, and bring forth Azazel.” Used to call on Azazel. Source: V.K.

Pronounced “YOU-SHOE-AN-ARE-ost-ah.” In English, “Of that darkness of yearning which is antithetical to the Sun.” In used black magickal rituals. Source: The Bible of the Adversary

Bagabi Lacha Bachabe
Lamac Cahi Achababe
Karrelyos Lamac Lamec Bachalyas
Cabahagy Sabalyos Baryolos
Lagoz Atha Cabyolas
Samahac Et Famyolas
Used in rituals which call upon Satan. Source: Liber Azerate


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