The Conjuration of Belial’s Hordes

{This ritual calls forth the Sons of Darkness, being the spirits which serve Belial Mortifer known also as Meterbuchus, which spirits are deathly and destructive in aptitude. This ritual can be used to exterminate a spirit or group of spirits who haunts a given location as well as any spirits which have been dispatched to bedevil the witch}

Agios Belias Rex Bohu (x11) [Numinous (is) King Belias of Emptiness]
Filii Tenebrarum Triumphantes (x11) [Arise Triumphant Sons of Darkness]

I call forth the Sons of Darkness who operate as the emissaries of Belial, the Death-Bearing Lord Over This World who resides within the Sulphurous Sphere of Planet Saturn. The Mortiferous and Malevolent Legions of Beliar saturate the astral plane in the bloodshed stains of those spirits which seek to oppose the Black Lodge and Havayoth.

Hail now unto the Sons of Darkness who crusade throughout the Cosmos in violence and predation under the dictates of Beliar.

Beliar, Belu, Belial (x6) (names of Belial)

(specify the targets whom you wish the Sons of Darkness to pursue and whether you want them maimed, killed, or simply banished)

Mortifer Draconis Meterbuchus (x8) (names of Belial)

Ra Sha Belial (x8) (Koetting’s chant of Belial)

Descend now, Sanguinary Legions! Manifest unto this planet and sow my intentions in blood!

Agilleath Tiddehmos Tlyfos Belial (x11) (chant calling Belial’s hordes)


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