Lilith (+ Arachnid Lilith and Taninsam)

Lilith is considered a sinistral theomorphic manifestation of muliebrity and sexuality. In her fiery and dark aspect, she presides over the mysteries of menstruation. She is considered to be a sinistral Mother Earth and Judao-Mysticism associates her with the North (Hebrew: Tzaphon), the direction of evil, and hence calls her Tzaphoni (the Northern One). Her esoteric aspect of the poisonous serpent Taninsam is the female counterpart to Satanas-Leviathan. Taninsama is the Lilith the Crone and female Leviathan called Chaosifer who corresponds to the primordial plane of Tehom. Her venom breaks down the ego of the celebrant and has been equated in the Anti-Cosmic literature to Prometheus’s Fire and the Black Flame of Ahriman.

The Hebrew name Lilith is translated variously as “Night Hag,” “Night Creature,” “Night Spectre,” and “Screech owl.” She is linked to the atavism of the owl, which animal often connotes liminality, evil, death or the dead, desolation, and dark wisdom. Modern followers often refer to her as Ama Lilith, where Ama means “Mother”  yet has a darksome connotation in Hebrew, and she shares the name Abnukta or “She of the Night” with Eisheth Zennunim.

Arachnid Lilith (called Akkawbishia Lilith and Arachnidia Lilith) personifies the most baleful aspects of the sphere of Gamaliel. She is the queen of snares and death and she is the matron of those who are hanged and lynched, whose shades might find their way into her myriads. Despite the common modern misconception that witches were burned, they were really and truly hung (heretics were burned). The celebrant of Lilith may find it useful to asphyxiate himself with an implement, such as a belt, in rituals to Akkawbishia Lilith.

To Arachnid Lilith are imputed vampyrism, nightmare work, and the practice of shapeshifting. Her emissaries are called the Zachalilim and they are said to hunt men for their vital fluids. Arachnid Lilith is a matron of rope/knot magick and spells which serve to bind the target.

The imagery of a child hanging dead from a noose made from his umbilical cord has great significance to Arachnid Lilith, signifying death as a precursor to rebirth. A black magickian who I had been guiding for months via internet told me one day that he was almost strangled with his umbilical cord during his birth. His skin was black, but he survived. Arachnid Lilith knows how to send a message.

I stumbled across the Hebrew word ’akkabiyah meaning “spider” in Gematria and the Tanakh by Brian Pivik, wherein the word was valued at 107. The Hebrew word zaq, which translates both as “chain” and “flaming arrow,” also values to 107. Other Hebrew words with this value are ‘aqqow (wild goat), beytsah (egg), zonim (to go astray), ma’ows (refuse/trash), qowa (to vomit up, spew out, disgorge), and ba’alah (mistress, female owner, sorceress, necromancer).

There are four demons who are considered to be guardian angels matrons of prostitution: Na’amah/Nahema, Iggereth, Eisheth Zennunim, and Lilith. Nehema is written to be either the daughter of sister of Lilith, and Iggereth is often called “Orgath bath Mahalath” or “Agrat bat Mahlat”—meaning “Agrat daughter of Mahlat.” While Hebrew mythology purported that Aggereth and Mahalath were the opponents of Lilith, it is my finding that there is no conflict between them, although I am unsure of whether one occurred in the past.

Lilith is often depicted with red garments or hair. The color red was a staple in American prostitution in: if a lady wore that in public, people would assume she was a prostitution—and they were usually right.

Some believe that Lilith was the first wife of Adam within the Garden of Eden, and that Yahweh created her from filth so Adam would not have to live alone. Adam, considering himself the man of the Garden expected submission and obedience from Lilith in accordance with the relationship dynamics endorsed in Abrahamic belief. Lilith did not consider herself Adam’s inferior and thus refused to indulge his faggotry.

She learned the secret name of Jehovah and used it to escape from the confines of the Garden. When Adam discovered her absence, he begged his deity to go fetch him his property, whereupon three angels were charged with the containment of Lilith. Faced against three potential opponents, Lilith dawns a guise of girlish, naïve submissiveness and bargains her way out of arrest.

Hebrew lore also identifies Lilith as being the serpent/nachash who persuaded Eve to eat the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, which allows her to make decisions based upon ethics instead of merely upon obedience to Jehovah. This is why Nightbringer refers to her as Lilith-Nachash in “Lantern of Eden’s Night.”

I doubt the historical veracity of these myths and I am right to do so. The concept of facticity is a relatively new innovation—ancient literature was not meant to record facts, it was meant to record truth.

If a Hebrew writer wanted it recorded that Yeshua was a truly kind individual, he would write that Yeshua once gave his own garments to a naked man out of compassion. This story, which did not factually happen, illustrates the truth that Yeshua is generous and compassionate.

Now, think back to the story of Sodom and Gomorra. Yahweh and Abraham were discussing the reputation that those cities had for abject profligation—but these were just rumors. Yahweh did not know for sure that the cities were as depraved as they were described as being. Abraham convinces Yahweh not to slaughter the population of the cities if there is at least one good man amongst their number.

Yahweh dispatches two angels to the city, wherein they find a friendly man named Lot who invites them into his house. Men from amongst the city surround Lot’s house and demand that Lot release the angels to the crowd so they might get their sex on. Lot protests and tells the crowd that he has two virgin daughters and asks the crowd to rape them instead. The crowd declines.

Now, do you think a father would offer his daughters up for sexual abuse to save a pair of outwardly undistinguished strangers? Probably not. This story and the non-facts within it illustrate that the men of Sodom and Gomorrah were so perverse that they wanted to fuck their fellow man, even in preference to the kind of partner which Abrahamic belief illustrates as most desirable: a young virgin female.

Lilith has been identified with the serpent (Hebrew: necesh) that seduced Eve to eat of the forbidden tree, another non-fact which further illustrates the truth that Mother Lilith abides by the Faustian-Promethean Ethos of the Adversary and rejects the slave mentality of Abraham. This is the rationale behind Nightbringer’s song , which depicts “Lilith-Necesh.”

Sexual workings can be used to enter into alternate states of consciousness, but the celebrant must have control over her sexuality before she can make use of such techniques reliably. Lilith is useful in the pursuit of discipline and it is she who usually introduces the witch to the aspects of her sexuality which she has repressed, denied, or simply not discovered.

There is an infamous satirical take on the dispute called the Alphabet of Ben-Sira which re-imagines Lilith’s refusal to submit to Adam as a quarrel over sex positions. In this narrative, Yahweh created Lilith to satiate Adam so he would break his habit of wildebeest sodomy. When Lilith implores Adam to let her ride him, Adam is horrified by Lilith’s sexual perversion. Lilith later soars into the air and out of the Garden, which never would have happened if Adam hadn’t insisted on the use of “Yahweh” as a safe word. Seriously, that guy was hella repressed. Several magickians have made honest-to-god attempts to interpret this text as if it were any other scripture.

Lilith often represents the most wild aspects of Mother Earth, drawing on her mythological debut as a Sumerian storm goddess to exert control over natural disasters. The art of psychic vampyrism is attributed to her, and she presides over temple/sacred prostitution. She is considered a guardian of LGBTQ+ rights and can help the witch discover, unrepress, or accept her sexuality.

Lilith has an esoteric aspect/manifestation by the name of Taninsam [Venomous Serpent] which is also referred to as Leviathan and Chaosifer. This aspect is equivalent to Satan’s manifestation as Tanin/Leviathan/Theli, and Hebrew apocrypha purports that there were two Leviathans in combat against Yehowah before the Cosmos were formed. The most destructive aspect of Lilith is known as Layilil.


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