Direction: Northeast; North
Planet: Jupiter
Date: June 21 (Summer Solstice); Autumn
Metal: Titanium
Qlipha: Ghagiel (Uranus)
Gematria: 119; 441
Country: Africa
Season: Autumn
Subordinates: Tarchimache; Fleurety
Crystals: Moldavite, Dendritic Opal, Obsidian, Smoky Quartz
Element: Air, Earth, Earthy Part of Air
Color: Muted Dark Red, Black, Grey, Brown, Silver and Blues, Yellow
Incense: Frankincense, Sweet Tobacco, Myrrh, Oud
Intoxicant: Alcohol
Plant: Tobacco, False Unicorn Root
Rank : King, Governor, Sub-Prince, Dark Lord, Prince, Supreme Chieftain, Lord of Lords, Chief of Ghagiel, Lord of the Eastern Tower of Khaos


The true meaning of the names Beelzebub, Baelzebuth, Baal Muian, and Baal adh’Dhubaab is “Lord of Everything which Flies”, a moniker referring to his dominion over aircraft and metereology, which also attributes him to corpses. Baelzebuth was venerated as a solar deity in Paganism under the name Baal Zebul or “Lord of the Celestial Plane,” and he is called the “Lord of Chaos” in Qabalah. He is knowledgable concerning biology and it is his office to incite innovation. He is apt for rites of banishing, execration, healing, cleansing, and death magick.

Baelzebuth is known as Beel de-Bobo (Lord of Slander) and Nihilifer (Emptiness-Bearer), the second of which refers to his destruction of the ego (the witch’s fallacious understanding of her identity). He is a great defender with mastery over wards, circle-casting, and shields. According to the Testament of Solomon, Baelzebuth is a psycopompic agent of spirit-manifestation and a patron of Demonolatry.

Beelzebuth rules over indulgence, ambition, authority, the rise and downfall of men of stature, bravery, knowledge, sodomy, power, aeonic progression, prosperity, luck, murder, bellicosity, war, self-assurance, magick, and money. He can impart wisdom and insight to the witch and help her find her soulmate.

The Priestesses of Satan and Suns wrote that Baelzebuth “can assist with business as well and has an incredibly logical and organized mind when it comes to business and marketing and can help one to organize their lives and streamline their thoughts to create organized and efficient business plans that are easy to implement and execute.  He is very skilled in the realm of business and has a great deal of understanding of the mindset and the skills that are involved in running and building a successful business.”

Mark Allan Smith asserted that Belial was the same entity as Baelzebuth. While Smith is, from what I’ve seen, thoroughly trustworthy, I scoffed at the idea until my demons told me he was correct, and I saw the same thing asserted in ToAF literature. I have put no information about Belial in this article, nor is there any information about Baelzebuth in my article about Belial. This is for the sake of persons who do not agree that Baelzebuth = Belial so they can still benefit from my article as much as possible. I have no intention to even speculate about Bael, Belphagore, etc. and their relationship to Baelzebuth. I highly doubt I or anyone reading this will ever find the whole truth on the matter. Mysteries like this are why people come up with bullshit about spirituality being subjective, demons being your own consciousness, all demons being interchangeable, etc. That type of pseudo-intellectual shit convinces them that they understand something that most of us really won’t get a grip on until we’re dead.

Belial is attributed to Ghagiel in literature which predates Smith’s.

For a list of magickal chants to Beelzebuth, follow the hyperlink below:

Sources: The Black Raven, The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage Book II, Grimorium Verum, Greater Key of Solomon Book II, The Black Grimoire of Satan, The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic, The Way of Ahriman, Liber Azerate, Gematria and the Tanakh,

-V.K. “Mister Violation” Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


3 thoughts on “Baelzebuth

  1. A certain fellow posted this to Facebook, and I will re-present it here:
    “Beelzebub ”Lord of Insects”, ”Lord Of Flies”, ”Lord Of All That Flies”. Beelzebub, a demon whose mouth the first fly came out of. As every human organ (chakra) has specific magical functions. So does every insect and it would be good for any 1 getting into magic to study animal totems although as so many other magical books the information on the destructive aspects each animal has seems to be left out. Letting any insects crawl on you over time in magic starts to give you powers of those insects. Visualizing yourself being a swarm of deadly flies or wasps, bees. You being an infinite number of venomous centipedes attacking your enemies. Preferebly after an explanation to Beelzebub letting the spiders crawl on you increases your powers of divination, as spiders are the weavers of destiny. You being a swarm of spiders sending your enemies into traps, as spiders do weave webs. Or just sticking your enemies objects into webs. Best after an explanation to Beelzebub, since as the winds, the insects are his. Even eating flies at times, spiders, visualizing yourself being a tornado made out of flies or something of that nature will increase the destructive effects of your curses. Although the same thing can happen in your dwelling as well, your enemies will get stung by insects, have an infestation in their own buildings. Over all though eating flies, spiders, what ever insects at times will make you be more in harmony with Beelzebub. Letting a centipede or whatever bug walk on your palm. Letting a spider walk on your Runes, Tarot Cards, what ever your magical supplies are. Even if an insect bites you, as unpleasent as it may be. The insect is giving you some of its power. Wether it be a wasp, a spider, or a seemingly insignificant insect, they all add strength to your magic being a deadly manifestation of diseases to your enemies. You might even hear of your enemy being stung by an insect. Beelzebub appearing in astral in a fly form, a simple human form as some one you know, even at times appearing as half male / half female, what ever form, will eat any imperfections, bad habits in you, while simultaneously having the bees, bugs, and beetles have a buffet inside your enemies. Flies having a feast in your enemies. As it is with crystals, incorporating insects into the infernal rituals adds power to the explosions created. Spiders in corners being guardians to your ritual area. With the blessings of Beelzebub letting the insects know what you want to transpire and putting the insects back into the environment can be very helpful. Even letting the insects out in your enemies area can be good as well. Beelzebub has armies of insects with spies and assassins everywhere. Battalions of bees, bugs, and beetles.”

    After I shared the Facebook status, the original poster elaborated in the comments, saying “To me in some ways the terrains of different demons overlap one another. I personally relate wind to Beelzebub, but I mean he as other demons, can cause lightning storms, rain, so in my opinion it is ok to think he has knowledge of fire since lightning is a form of fire. I think they prefer certain elements, yet they have knowledge of other elements as well. Although a person should not have fears during rituals, any fears, excitements, what ever emotions released can be fuel for the ritual. The insect energy is a catalyst for that.”

    Cort Williams wrote: “119: The number of Beelzebub, ruling archdaemon of the Qliphah Ghagiel. 119=1+1+9=11. 11, the number of the Qliphoth. 9, the number of the nine angles of the trapezoid.119 also bears a certain resemblance to the mighty number 218. 119*14=1666, the year of Sabbatai Sevi’s apostasy and the Great Fire of London.1190 is the number of the Seirim, the goatish daimonic retinue of Azazel. 119*16=1904, the year of Crowley’s reception of Liber Al Vel Legis and beginning of the Aeon of Horus in Thelemic lore.”

    Pope Robert Fraize wrote “I always thought of him as a sort of death since flies eat the dead”, before musing “My son is really good with insects– he catches wasps by hand. I don’t understand it.”

    Another bloke commented:

    “I have encountered B before and initially felt threatened by it. More recently it has come to provide a strange sort of Magick. Based on specific characters, colors, and spirits often of an animal nature, it has appeared in difficult to describe manner. A voice yesterday clearly pronounced the name Beelzebuth. He is said to rule over parts of Russia. He is known as Bol D’Bodo, the Lord Prince, and master of calumny (slander). He has a number of inferior spirits under his command which could be useful to the Operator. Crowley reportedly summoned B to attack Mathers during their Magickal battle, and the latter was later pronounced dead. Demons will sometimes appear in dreams and visions, not always friendly or useful. I am interested in further stories or information about magickal experiences of this type and what has proved efficacious. Blessings”

    One fellow wrote “I often embraced flies walking on me. I did s spell once with Beelzebub for a storm and got loads of flies. Seven months later, I got my storm.” This fellow went on to relate that he has had a couple different types of blugs rest or crawl upon him and verified the original post by the insight born of this experience.

    Another fellow claimed that Baelzebuth is known to manifest at times as female as well, to which claim the original poster responded ” I am sure Beelzebub can shapeshift into a femenent form if so chooses. Or have femenent features during his appearances. I usually refer to Beelzebub as a male demon that causes storms inside or outside humans. To create, destroy what ever the reason may be.” The original poster then remarked ” Beelzebub can shapeshift back and forth from male to female forms. Beelzebub, has his own tactics he uses from insects to storms. From gentle breezes to deadly tornadoes.”


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