Amiahzatan is the patron demon of tobacco, and he is venerated in the 218 Current’s Qayinite tradition. Any cigarette which is being smoked for a spiritual purpose can be empowered via his auspices. He can enchant cigarettes for all manner of internal and external sorcery. These enchantments are wonderful for all manner of chakra work.

Amiahzatan can increase the witch’s strength of heart along with the traits of adventurousness, daring, and assertiveness. He presides over demise, danger, death, war, and love. He rules initiation and culmination. He can empower spells, rituals, sacred space, enchanted objects, and magickal tools.

I’ve seen Amiahzatan only a couple of times. The first, I saw him in the distance, exhaling smoke near a stop sign, as myself and two fellow Satanists were returning from an impromptu ritual wherein I called upon him. Later that night I saw him running circles around the three of us as we smoked cigarettes empower through his auspices, and I got a decent look at him. He wore a black cloak with the hood drawn over his face, and black boots were visible beneath it. He wore a simplistic, golden face mask, but only darkness loomed behind the eye holes. On another occasion, he sat in my car riding shotgun, with parts of his facemask glowing orange like the lit end of a cigarette as embers flew off of it and into the wind. It was beautiful.

According to Liber Falxifer, the text wherein he is discussed, Amiahzatan hates addicts and will attack those addicted to smokes should they call upon him. Based on my experience and that of two persons known to me, I would dispute this claim and accuse the person making it of projecting his extreme hatred for addicts onto the Infernal Divine. The authorities of the 218 Current have claimed that Satan hates addicts, which is equally false. Amiahzatan has told me that he would never harm one devoted to the veneration of and magickal working with the Infernal Divine.

Above: Original Sigil of Amiahzatan

I enchant every pack of cigarettes I smoke for some manner of psychic or magickal refinement. It’s traditional to “pack” a new box of cigarettes—i.e. to thump it on your thigh a number of times to get the contents of the cigarettes properly dispersed through those cigarettes. Stoner culture has all manner of “lucky numbers” for thumping, so perhaps a witch should thump hers eleven times (11 being the number of all things magickal and all things demonic/infernal). I’ll provide a list of chants to Amiahzatan for use in cigarette consecration. I know the number four is sacred to Amiahzatan, so I tend to recite his chants four times each.

Magickal Chants

Io Amiahzatan
“Hail Amiahzatan”

Aperiatur Terra, Et Germinet Amiahzatan
“Open the Earth, and Bring Forth Amiahzatan”

Laudate Aethereus Amiahzatan
“Praise the Immortal Amiahzatan”

Adveni Divinus Spiritus– Voco Te Amiahzatan
“Come, Eternal Spirit– I Call to Amiahzatan”

Agios o Amiahzatan
“Numinous is Amiahzatan”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

14 thoughts on “Amiahzatan

    1. I have only been able to find information about him in a primarily Qliphothic grimoire entitled Liber Falxifer, and since he is related to the Black Earth and the Black Sun, I am inclined to say he’s a Qliphothic archdemon.

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      1. Well qliphoth is some kind of a mash up, isn’t it? Some demons/pagan gods eneded up in the ranks of goetia, some others in the ranks of the eleven, and so on. Anyway I tried to summon it yesterday and He felt really like an Exu 🙂 Nekalahs are a bit more… inhuman 🙂

        Yeah I know you hate when I see the same tribe of spirits behind almost every entity 🙂


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    1. Adderall lowers dopamine release, temporarily muffling, ever so slightly, the psychic senses of the operator. I still like using it regardless– my psychic senses are still sufficient, especially if I raise a sacred space.


  1. I’ve been under the assumption that any synthetic mood altering drug will only inhibit the Sorcerer’s ability to contact spirits or “tune” ones mind to the theta-gamma sync.


    1. The experience of my coven and I is that your suppositions are untrue. I have also corresponded with other Hebdomadrists as well as a Shamanistic Buddhist and found your suppositions contradicted further. As always, only do what feels right for you.


  2. In ritual I feel I can either “get really receptive” and silence my mind to receive gnosis.

    Or I’m actively sitting up the infernal energies. Chanting, impressing, but not hearing that entity I’m calling.

    Both of these modes feel worlds apart, and neither one in the same, nor close enough to shift naturally from calling to receiving.


  3. I find prescription drugs do not help when it comes to Dreams, which is one way spirits communicate. Prescription drugs tend to block them from happening, like a strong filter. When they have not been taken, the dreams come back in full force. I write this because I read in these comments, that someone was asking about the effects of prescription drugs. This would be the only negative outcome I have found, as for mystical experiences, drescription drugs have heightened my awareness and consciousness on other levels.


  4. Interesting. Haven’t heard before that Amiahzatan working with those outside current 182. Because he tends to ignore those requests when he is asked to do something not associated to Qayin, and those outside current 182 seldom work with Qayin.

    I call upon Amiahzatan before before smoking, so that he can wake up the black in green of cannabis and mingle to become a new demon momentarily. Then I ask the demon to enter me and clear blockages and other internal locks and raise my kundalini and open my internal gates to the spiritual plane. Or charge sigils by blowing the smoke on the it.


    1. “The name of Amiahzatan is a current-specific one and denotes a spirit of the Current 182 and is not a universal one generally attached to the Tobacco.

      If you don’t follow tradition you will not have access to its spirits, and if you access the spirit you only do so by the way of following traditional guidelines upholding ruling pacts, which is the only means through which you can reach such oath-bound spirit that manifest themselves to those that work with the tobacco within current 2182.”



  5. There aren’t many things I can say with certainty, but I can confirm that Satan does not hate addicts.

    If the Infernal Divine hated addicts, they would have left me to wither away, rather than reaching out to me and showing me a path to something better. And that “something better” wasn’t a 13-step path to sobriety.


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