I knew a LaVeyan Satanist who enchanted cigarettes with magickal intent before lighting them. He told me it was like candle magick at first. One of the many advantages of cigarettes is that one of the substances contained within it stimulates the third eye. They have a calming effect, and time passes quicker when one is on them (hence the popularity of smoke breaks on long shifts).

However, there is another advantage to the use of cigarettes—it’s the presence of Nicotinic agonists within them. An agonist is best described as a “substance amplifier.” When I smoke after taking my prescription meds, I find that they “kick in” quicker, last longer, and work stronger. I’ve read that drugs like LSD interact with cigarettes similarly, so it would be sensible for someone who is restricted to a very small amount of it to smoke a few.

Offerings of tobacco via cigarette are common in Afrocarribean magick (Kindoki, Brujeria, Cult of SLM, etc.). Demonolater and Paranormal investigator T.B. Scott is known to burn cigarettes like incense to demons, and I personally do the same. The Satanist who teaches me necromancy often leaves unlit cigarettes before the gravestones of those he wishes to commune with, and will smoke a cigarette before a gravestone to allow the ghost within it to experience the cigarette through him.

However, tobacco offerings may not be applicable to every divinity one wishes to work with. When E.A. Koetting would summon the Secret Chiefs after a smoke (which smoking had no spiritual intent behind it), the Chief would ask why he had lit such a “foul incense.”

Sometimes a witch will smoke a cigarette or cigar and exhale the smoke onto a sigil or statuette of a deity as an offering to the divinity and an empowerment of the sigil or statuette.

But the single greatest advantage of tobacco is its demon, Amiazhatan.

Amiahzatan is the patron demon of tobacco, and he is venerated in the 218 Current’s Qayinite tradition. We feel that he is best attributed, astrotheologically speaking, to the Black Sun (Thagirion). Any cigarette which is being smoked for a spiritual purpose can be empowered via his auspices. He can enchant cigarettes for all manner of internal and external sorcery. These enchantments are wonderful for all manner of chakra work.

Amiahzatan can increase the witch’s strength of heart along with the traits of adventurousness, daring, and assertiveness. He presides over demise, danger, death, war, and love. He rules initiation and culmination. He can empower spells, rituals, sacred space, enchanted objects, and magickal tools.

I’ve seen Amiahzatan only a couple of times. The first, I saw him in the distance, exhaling smoke near a stop sign, as myself and two fellow Satanists were returning from an impromptu ritual wherein I called upon him. Later that night I saw him running circles around the three of us as we smoked cigarettes empower through his auspices, and I got a decent look at him. He wore a black cloak with the hood drawn over his face, and black boots were visible beneath it. He wore a simplistic, golden face mask, but only darkness loomed behind the eye holes. On another occasion, he sat in my car riding shotgun, with parts of his facemask glowing orange like the lit end of a cigarette as embers flew off of it and into the wind. It was beautiful.

It’s said that Amiahzatan hates casual smokers, but I have found no truth in this at all. We have concluded that it’s addiction he disdains, and I’ve speculated that whoever channeled the prior misconception merely had a very addiction-prone personality. I’ve allowed hardcore tobacco addicts to smoke cigarettes with Amiahzatan’s blessing as well: no negative consequences have transpired because of it. He has told me that he would never harm one truly oriented on Satanism or Demonolatry, so perhaps Anti-Cosmic Satanists are held to a different standard (which might not necessarily be a good thing). Seek your own gnosis and guidance though!

Above: Original Sigil of Amiahzatan

Austin Blackstone has been developing a good relationship despite being a hardcore nicotine fiend. He described Amiahzatan as a “blackish brownish tribal dude” adorned in a necklace of bone and pouring smoke from his body.

I enchant every pack of cigarettes I smoke for some manner of psychic or magickal refinement. It’s traditional to “pack” a new box of cigarettes—i.e. to thump it on your thigh a number of times to get the contents of the cigarettes properly dispersed through those cigarettes. Stoner culture has all manner of “lucky numbers” for thumping, so perhaps a witch should thump hers eleven times (11 being the number of all things magickal and all things demonic/infernal). I’ll provide a list of chants to Amiahzatan for use in cigarette consecration. I know the number four is sacred to Amiahzatan, so I tend to recite his chants four times each.

Magickal Chants

Io Amiahzatan
“Hail Amiahzatan”

Aperiatur Terra, Et Germinet Amiahzatan
“Open the Earth, and Bring Forth Amiahzatan”

Ahtasha Bahym Koa Amiahzatan
Magickal Chant to Amiahzatan (Source: Liber Falxifer)

Salve Amiahzatan
“Hail Amiahzatan” (Source: Liber Falxifer)

Laudate Aethereus Amiahzatan
“Praise the Immortal Amiahzatan”

Adveni Divinus Spiritus– Voco Te Amiahzatan
“Come, Eternal Spirit– I Call to Amiahzatan”

Agios o Amiahzatan
“Numinous is Amiahzatan”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


9 thoughts on “Amiahzatan

    1. I have only been able to find information about him in a primarily Qliphothic grimoire entitled Liber Falxifer, and since he is related to the Black Earth and the Black Sun, I am inclined to say he’s a Qliphothic archdemon.


      1. Well qliphoth is some kind of a mash up, isn’t it? Some demons/pagan gods eneded up in the ranks of goetia, some others in the ranks of the eleven, and so on. Anyway I tried to summon it yesterday and He felt really like an Exu 🙂 Nekalahs are a bit more… inhuman 🙂

        Yeah I know you hate when I see the same tribe of spirits behind almost every entity 🙂


        Liked by 1 person

    1. Adderall lowers dopamine release, temporarily muffling, ever so slightly, the psychic senses of the operator. I still like using it regardless– my psychic senses are still sufficient, especially if I raise a sacred space.


  1. I’ve been under the assumption that any synthetic mood altering drug will only inhibit the Sorcerer’s ability to contact spirits or “tune” ones mind to the theta-gamma sync.


    1. The experience of my coven and I is that your suppositions are untrue. I have also corresponded with other Hebdomadrists as well as a Shamanistic Buddhist and found your suppositions contradicted further. As always, only do what feels right for you.


  2. In ritual I feel I can either “get really receptive” and silence my mind to receive gnosis.

    Or I’m actively sitting up the infernal energies. Chanting, impressing, but not hearing that entity I’m calling.

    Both of these modes feel worlds apart, and neither one in the same, nor close enough to shift naturally from calling to receiving.


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